Will digital ads intrude on your downtown view?

Many hillside residents of Echo Park and Silver Lake enjoy views of the downtown skyline. But would that view be as enjoyable  if some of those skyscrapers starting flashing giant electronic ads?  Curbed L.A. reports that downtown Councilwoman Jan Perry is backing a developer’s effort to cover large portions of a  pair of proposed skyscrapers with  “LA Live-like LED signage.”  The renderings of the two planned skyscrapers – a 65-story and 45-story buildings – show that largest portions of the digital billboards would face south to L.A. Live and the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The north side of the towers, however, that could be visible from portions of Echo Park and Silver Lake would also be covered with electronic signage near the top of the skyscrapers as shown in the rendering above. Curbed has  more views of the towers – with and without signage,

The names of law firms and banks have appeared at the top of downtown high rises for decades. But the new generation of LED signs have the ability to present bright and blinking animated images. The city’s Planning Commission is scheduled to review the proposal on Dec. 16.

Rendering via Curbed L.A.


  1. My two problems with the proposal:

    1. Its at Fig and 7th, which is pretty close to the financial district and old bank district. Lets keep this crap at in the LA Live tourist-a-thon area and out of the classier parts of Downtown.

    2. Lets be realistic. They’re not going to be showing anything artistic on these screens. Its going to be ads, and judging by the ads at LA Live, we can expect things like Coke and Bud Light. Do you really want Bud Light ads so large that they’re visible from the Westside?

  2. It be kind of cool to have that bladerunner-esque LA. Up next, flying cars and open air noodle bars!

  3. I think somehow the city will survive.

  4. JF – I like bladerunner as much as the next person, and there seemed to be a lot of initial excitement over on Curbed when they broke the story for the same reason- thoughts of a razzle-dazzle, future looking downtown LA.

    But this is reality, not Bladerunner. So we’re not going to have tasteful asian-lady-snacking-on-dumplings adverts like in the film. We’re going to have everything we have now on billboards, except animated and 500′ high. Bud Light. Target. AdultCon. Malpractice law firms.The goddamn Shake Weight. All 500′ high. I have a problem with that.

  5. Hey let’s all remember that the world in Blade Runner was a dystopia, not something neato. Dazzle up high, shithole below.

  6. @NutsEdge – Even Bladerunner’s dysopia was kind of cool…they used the Bradbury Bldg for some of the grimier scenes after all. I’m thinking our future giant-LCD-dystopia will be less Bladerunner and more Idiocracy.

  7. Hell I’ve already seen the LCD blimps displaying ads aimlessly drifting around.

    ‘A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies…………………….’

  8. Pretty soon there will be a generation who has never have seen a star in the night sky.

  9. …or touched a rainbow, or hugged a unicorn!

  10. there goes the beautiful downtown skyline.

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