Will video catch the Silver Lake egg tossers?

The Silver Lake egg tossers struck again last week, with reports of property getting egged on Dillon Street, Tesla Avenue and Silver Lake Boulevard  A police alert last month failed scare off the egg throwers but perhaps a surveillance camera will do the trick. A Silver Lake resident whose own home has been egged 10 times since the summer used a digital camera to record eggs being tossed at a home from a white, four-door Lexus RX-300, which fits the description given of  the suspected egg tossers  in an incident last month. The license plate number could not be made out in the video but it has been sent into the LAPD, according to the Silver Lake resident.  The same man along with other neighbors tired of cleaning egg goo off their windows and walls are now looking at sharing the cost of buying a more powerful surveillance camera.

The Silver Lake man concedes being egged is not the “worst thing that could be happening. But it has now been going on for five months, and someone’s idea of a joke is no longer funny:

“When I first got egged back in July it was like “Well, someone was out having a bit of fun.”  I cleaned up the mess and didn’t give it another thought.  But nine additional times since then?   What a waste of food and gas.  This person usually hits our area between midnight and one am, so a white Lexus driving around the reservoir or in the hills at that time shouldn’t be too hard to notice.  Someone out there must know that these guys are out driving around that late at night.”

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  1. a lexus? they must be tossing organic eggs.

  2. Drive-by eggings, plaguing L.A….

  3. That’s what happens when kids are spoiled their whole lives by their parents and given expensive cars when they turn 16. They have no respect for anything and no direction in life.

  4. In L.A. throwing eggs is called Assault With A Deadly Weapon.
    If you are poor and Hispanic then you go to Juvenile Hall for 3 months.
    End of story.

  5. That’s what I call hard-boiled reporting.

  6. That would be a white, four-door L’egg-sus.

  7. These people have got to stop poaching on other people’s property.

  8. Do you think that all of the attention being given on this board is just egging them on?

  9. Looks like the local high school added a new eggstra-curricular activity


  11. I’m sure the cops are scrambling to address this problem as we speak.

  12. LA yoke-ls have no skillet deterring huevandals. Authorities should make sure these bad eggs fry for their crimes, but it won’t be over-easy

  13. I can report 3 incidents of eggs being thrown at the front of my house near Descanso and Micheltorena in the month of October. The last incident on November 12 hit a large picture window. I’ve reported this by mail to Ofcr Polehonki.

  14. The kids seem to have egg-cellent aim.

  15. Ok, these puns have become a bit egg-cessive.

  16. Whoever keeps doing this has serious huevos.

  17. If you do spot them, don’t shoot til you see the whites of their eyes.

  18. Only in LA, kids driving around in egg-travagant cars vandalizing other peoples homes. I’m about to boil over in anger…

  19. How bout when they get caught the community they egged, eggs em back. They should take away there car and raffle it off to one of the victims. It’s the signs of the times and its only going to get worse, opps I know, no one wants to hear it.

  20. Richard H. + EchoParkLady: You two are not eggs-empt from making bad puns. Get with the program or get scrambled.

  21. You are not alone; we have been egged at least 10 times in the last four months here on Panorama Terrace, one night as many as 4 eggs were thrown at out large (and apparently attractive target) front living room window. My wife was in the front living room on one occasion, and saw the tail end of a “white car” as it left the area.
    One morning after being egged, I drove around and found 5 other home that had been egged from On Panorama Terrace from Silver Lea Terrace, and on Fernwood down to Griffith Park Blvd. It seems to happen most on Wednesday nights, when all the scavengers are out looking through our trash cans. The night we were hit with 4 eggs; that morning I had confronted 2 males in a small red pick-up truck, stealing the neighbors 5 gallon water bottles they had left out for pick up.

  22. Hey Dennis – this is your conscience speaking. This thread is eggsclusively for egg-related puns. If you need eggsamples of what is eggseptable, please look above.

  23. Be aware, the oologists are tossing eggs again. I got hit somewhere between 1:30 and 5 today (Fri, Dec 10).

  24. Dear richard h – you are not eggscused from making puns.

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