Birds take a break by the Silver Lake reservoirs *

Photo by Sandy Driscoll

Dog walkers and joggers are not the only ones circling the Silver Lake reservoirs. Silver Lake resident Sandy Driscoll snapped a shot of these  birds – they look like Canada geese – taking a stroll near a row of eucalyptus trees along West Silver Lake Drive.

Correction: A previous version of this post called these birds Canadian Geese. That’s wrong. The correct name is Canada geese. Thanks to readers for pointing that out.


  1. Beautiful photo!

  2. not to pick a bone but believe they are Canada geese.

  3. I live between the S.L. reservoir and the river and these geese will stop over for a week or two on their way south. The daytime hours they seem to spend at the river and then fly back over to the larger reservoir at night (guess it’s safer there….maybe they sleep in the middle of the reservoir???) I always look forward to their time spent here and their louds sqauwking in the morning and evenings. Egrets and ducks also go back and forth between the river and reservoir. Anyone near Rowena reservoir also see this?

  4. Pick that bone Darrell, I’m with you. Referring to Canada geese as “Canadian” geese is way to common and all to incorrect.

  5. @ DarrellKuni & Will Campbell. Pick away, please. I will correct that now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Lovely sight, to bad the residence on the Eastside of the Lake only get DUMP TRUCKS and more DUMP TRUCK AND DIRT moving around their side of the LAKE view.
    Thank you Eric, Ryan, Heather and the fine folks at the
    Committee To SAVE Their SIDE of the LAKE.

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