Christmas Day shooting leaves one dead & three injured in Echo Park *

Shooting scene on Innes Avenue

Baxter St. & Echo Park Ave.

One man was killed and three other persons were injured today following a Christmas morning shooting on Innes Avenue near Sunset Boulevard on the eastern edge of  Echo Park.  The fatality, described as a young male Latino, was found about a mile away next to a small white car in an Elysian Heights alley off  Baxter Street near Echo Park Avenue, police said. The car fits the description of the vehicle that was seen driving away following the shooting that took place before noon on Innes Avenue, said Lt. Shannon Paulson with the LAPD Central Division.  No guns had been found at the scene in what is might possibly be a gang-related shooting, she said at about 2 p.m.

The three other victims were transported from Innes Avenue for medical treatment. On Innes, which rises steeply from Sunset Boulevard, four women in handcuffs were driven off in police squad cars after being detained in front of the Chinese Christian Chanto Church. The shooting in the 1200 block of Innes took place only two days after gunfire was reported on the same street. Apparently no one was injured during that incident.

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The area along Sunset Boulevard on the eastern edge of Echo Park and Angeleno Heights has been the scene of several major crimes in recent months. In June, down the street from today’s shooting, one man was shot dead and another wounded during the robbery of The Higher Path marijuana store on Sunset Boulevard at Innes.  On December 6, Sunset Boulevard was blocked off for several hours as police searched for a man in Angeleno Heights believed to be involved in a shooting. Last week, on Thursday, Dec. 16, two people were wounded during a car-to-car shooting on Sunset Boulevard near Marion Street.

Police are still trying to piece together what happened during today’s shooting and are working under the assumption that the dead man found in the Elysian Heights alley was shot on Innes. Earlier today, Lt Wes Buhrmester with the LAPD Rampart Division said that apparently a shooting victim from Innes was transported in a private vehicle to the location in Elysian Heights, where onlookers gathered as numerous squad cars and ambulances blocked the street.

The deceased was found in the same Elysian Heights alley where 15-year-old Michael Lezay was shot to death in July, 2007.

* Update @ 6:30 p.m.: Echo Park Patch reports the victim was 18-year-old Caesar Frank Guerrero of Bell Gardens. Innes Avenue north of Sunset Boulevard and Baxter Street west of Echo Park Avenue remained blocked off as police investigate today’s shooting.

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* This story has been rewritten and updated with new information.


  1. OMG I feel like we are under siege!

  2. The shooting occurred at approx 11:42am. I heard a battery of shots, about 8, followed by 2 and 2, with possibly more after that. Some of the later noise sounded like fireworks. A chopper was circling within five minutes and the first LAPD squad car I saw was 10 minutes after the initial gunfire. Shortly after that, the floodgates of police, fire and ambulance converged.

  3. What the hell is going on??? For years this area has been improving and now we have taken 10 steps back. What is the LAPD doing??? This to much in just two weeks….

  4. Can we get an injunction on these Baxter idiots already.

  5. So I’m wondering if they caught all the shooters. Does anyone know? Wild wild west in EastSide of town. It just really suckz that our Raza doesnt realize that turf wars are useless for when the victims & shooters meet up in prison the southside law will make them break bread with eachother regardless of their losses on the streets. F^$% Gangs…. they’re tired & old!!!!!!!!!!! Coming from a real OG.

  6. “…one of the victims was transported in a private vehicle to a location in Elysian Heights on Baxter Street west of Echo Park Avenue” Well of course he was. Unbelievable. Leave it to those EXP morons to go shooting the place up on Christmas. Everybody knows the house/houses where they are, it’s beyond me why the cops don’t just have a permanent stake-out in front of the elementary school.

  7. From some of the early news reports it seems EXP was out to do damage to some other gang, but lost the battle. I’m not sure how old the victim was, but I am hearing he was young. Blame the parents who raise their children to become gang members, and have the nerve to deny it.

  8. man that is some sad stuff. I feel for the family that is left to deal with this. I wandered by right after it happened and I was shaken. gangster or not, guy was just a kid and it’s sad.

  9. @same old story

    Are you saying all gang members are raised by their parents to specifically be gang members?

  10. No not all gang members are raised by their parents to specifically be gang members? but it is not uncommon…and most young Hispanic youth are not gang members in this area.

    Will the LAPD be charging the victims friends who were riding in the car with him with murder also besides the other shooters?

  11. I’ve lived on the Innes street for many years. The 4-plex property next to the American-Chinese Church has always been a place where gang identified youth either live or gather. I’ve seen them wave guns as cars have driven by. The property has always been a neighborhood nuisance. This outbreak of wild violence fueled by their live style, drugs, and diminished parental responsibility has been waiting to happen. Luckily the innocent weren’t hurt or killed this time. Many good hard working people, some trying to raise families live on this street. How about getting an injunction on this property, or having it torn down. They have done this in other city area’s with great success.

  12. These gangs have been weaved into the EP fabric since the 40’s. Just because you move into the neighborhood, doesn’t mean the gangs disappear. You people are transplants to what you think is a “cool” hood. The mexican gangs have ruled those streets for years. I lived in EP for 8 years. The gunshots and graffitti are two things I had to get used too. I was fine with it. Respect the history of the area you gentrify. Your $$$$ and a new coat of paint on your overpriced bungalow don’t matter to the gangs

  13. Whatever, LuCretia Larry, wise man of EP

    Obviously, its part of the fabric, but Ive never been “fine” with it.

    What a joke.

  14. Lucretia Larry, you’re way off base. I live a block from where all this has gone down and I can tell you that Latino families are as upset about it as the “transplants,” as you put it. Right nearby a 9 year old girl helping her mother in the kitchen was shot and killed by a stray bullet three years ago. The Latinos who live in the building where the shooters were gathered had to live with a neighbor whose son was a gangster and no one was happy about it. Everyone was immensely relieved when those people finally moved. By everyone I mean latinos, long term residents. Not gentrifiers. What makes you think it’s only gentrifiers who want violence to go away? A racist assertion, really, to presume that the hardworking latino families of angelino heights and echo park want any less for their children than safe streets without violence and murder. The idea that only white people with money want safety is your own strange fantasy.

  15. Does it seem to anyone else that there is an increase in violence during school breaks? It seems worse during the summer months and holidays, and it also seems most of these sad stories involve young people. I wonder if this would change if our communities had more to offer young people outside of school as a form of prevention.

  16. LuCretia Larry your ignorance and cynicism are quite the combo!
    Fact: the first gangs in Los Angeles were like youth clubs and did not resemble the violent, nihilistic groups of today. It wasn’t until the 1970s, with the influx of guns, that gangs all over Los Angeles changed for the much, much worse. As to the history of Echo Park, there is more to this great neighborhood than gangs and gunfire, as you can discover by checking out the Echo Park Historical Society: http://www.historicechopark.org/index.html. The great Los Angeles historian Norman Klein has an entire chapter about the Temple-Beaudry area in his book “The History of Forgetting.” There (and elsewhere), you can read how Echo Park was settled in the 1800s; how it had a large Jewish-Russian population in the teens; and how immigrants from central Mexico moved in during the 1930s. You can also read about the area’s rich bohemian history (you know, what are reflexively called “hipsters” today). In fact, Klein compares the area to New York City’s Lower East Side in terms of its ethnic, race and class mix. He writes of Echo Park that in the 1920s: “Much of the bookselling world, the film world, many visual artists, even many radical labor activists, shared the park with the Mexican and Jewish residents, and also with a few black families living just south of the lake, and various emigres after the shock of World War I (Poles, Lithuanians).” In fact, the movie industry was originally located in the area known as Edendale. After the 101 cut through the park in the 1950s, businesses started to close up and times got tougher. But the neighborhood mix remained, despite the changes. The bottom line is that violent gangs are only one, limited and (obviously) toxic part of Echo Park and its history. Violent gangs didn’t create this neighborhood, and they certainly don’t define this neighborhood. To “get used” to gangs, graffiti and gunfire is to surrender.

  17. Tyrone this is for you. You mention a little girl die 3 years ago, study the facts. First of all it was dec 21 2006 thats 4 years ago and how was the suspect a gangster if he is not in the LAPD gang file. I know the suspect and for your information he was released after 72 hours for no evidence. You forgot to mention that wonder why and you should go to school to learn how to make observations. Just cause he’s hispanic does’nt mean he’s a gang member that shows what LuCretia Larry was talking about. You guy’s judge with ignorance with malice. If he’s hispanic then you guys label them as gangsters and another thing the suspect was evicted illegally by the city. Did you know that the city is being sue by that right now? Who do you mention happy? The property next door was sold 8 months after the suspect moved out. Maybe they missed him and the tenants who lived next door moved too like Shang, Gary and others. Tyrone you should study the law system everyone is innocent until proven guilty, the suspect you mention has a clean record ignorant! If you dont like the people or gangsters around here then you should go back were you came from because they been here before you and are not going anywhere.

  18. Old School: oh, four years, not three, yeah, that changes everything…except it doesn’t. It doesn’t the change the point at all. which you misread: the point was that the people who lived in the building the shooters were collected in front of were not happy about it. I know them. And the suspect, by the way, did not live there. The kid who knew them all lived there. Now he’s gone. I don’t know if that kid was in the gang file or not. I am not concerned with gang files. I can tell you a stray bullet killed an innocent child, and that before that incident, there were others, and that the people who live in the building are mostly latino, and didn’t, as opposed to what Lucretia Larry argues, “get used to it.” How many years ago it happened, and official gang files, and the fact that that suspect was released, are not the point. I could care less about that suspect–i actually did not mention him. The girl is dead and my point is that Latinos, also, were upset about it. It isn’t a white fantasy to be worried about stray bullets. It’s a concern for all people with small children who live in this neighborhood. You in fact should maybe consider, if not school itself (it’s probably way too late for you), learning how to read for meaning. You respond as if there was some personal attack on you, when in fact, I was merely pointing out something rather obvious and universal, which is that not all latinos want gangs in the neighborhood, even long-term latino residents.

  19. just want to add, old school, because you seem challenged by nuance, and hung up on some irrelevance about whether or not some friend of yours is officially in a gang file, this, from the LA Times:
    “Before the shooting, LAPD officials had identified the apartment where the shooting took place as a gathering point for gang associates.”

  20. I hope all the violent offenders are run out. If that’s gentrification – bring it! Gentrifiers included, echo park is a multicultural neighborhood and people bent on violence hold no claim. These gangs have been the shame of the neighborhood for many years not the fabric.

  21. my 2 cents… I’m what I guess some would call “transplants”… I’m a white person who bought a home in EP… My wife and I did so cause we like the hood, want to contribute. We pay a LOT of taxes for our “bungalow”. Unlike any renter. I am sick and tired of the gang banger life style… To say get used to the graff and drive bye is to say I give up. I live in a house that was built in 1921, their was no gangs then. Just artists. If you want to look at the true history of EP it was the first Hollywood, first films were shot here. This is the true history. Not the made up glory of gang bangers who offer nothing. I’m a “transplant” with a loaded gun… I’m done with the banger and ask other “transplants” to join… The banger time of Ep is DONE.

  22. You think you can say Echo Park and Gang banging is over..I hope you have thousands of bullets and nuts the size of grapefruits cuz you aint ever gonna take out EXP punk

  23. I think we’re all unbelievably saddened that this happened to someone from Echo Park. His family cried just like any family would.

  24. old school. just because the district attorney did not file on a suspect, does not mean he did not do it. the police are aware of suspects walking the streets who have murdered people, but they need enough evidence to convict. and the d.a. will not file unless they feel they can win the case.

  25. Guess what, Yup I do… Many rounds of buck and slug shot with Bull size balls for your little puppy wanta be man size banger balls… Be happy to show ya. Punk.

  26. oh and BTW, all emails are logged, so I hope you are an active banger with a history… Now all we have to do is send you IP to the LAPD… Bang you’re busted… HAhhahhah

  27. To all bangers, I’m your worst nightmare… A redneck who know how to hunt varmint… I ain’t what your used to, I don’t run… I’m the next breed who will take you out… Roadhouse style biiatchhhheee…

  28. It seems like there are a lot of dumb folks in Echo Park. I can’t wait to watch cck defend the neighborhood with his large gun and balls! So much big talk for anonymous posting!

    Also cck, where do you think my rent money goes? Do you think my landlord takes all of my rent money for the year, and then when tax time comes he pays said taxes from some other fund? Are you more entitled to peace because you’re a home owner? What’s wrong with you?

  29. eastsider, why are you publishing cck’s comments but you won’t publish my husband’s comments that this kid who died is no love lost? CCK – get a life, you sound like a loser and you probably are a loser which is why you need to throw your small size around and intimidate people who are better than you. Jesus – do the right thing and publish this comment and stop encouraging these loser gangbangers from having a voice. GET A LIFE AND A JOB AND STOP FEEDING OFF OF SOCIETY.

  30. @ Nancy. I will delete messages for a variety of reasons, including too much profanity, personal attacks, calls for voilence and being off topic.

  31. from echo park to northern ireland

    gang members are human and mostly children and victims of this society as much as the sometimes innocent people they shoot,we should all be encouraging education and community enrichment and cultural understanding before this gets completely out of control.

  32. how many of you have it so wrong, … I am a peace loving person who loves his his hood… I have been jumped cause I’m white AKA a “transplants”.. Yet just on Christmas day I was just one person feeding the hungry and with out home… Yet I gave the the child with out toy??? I have had my nose broken with a 10 K bill cause ‘m a white male in EP… Yet I still help to improve where I live, I feed the ones who have no food… Shame one you who stand for the thugs that take life… Shame on you who speaks for the gangsters… Look at your self and see who you are… I want to help. you just excuse… I have a life, job and own a fing home… deal…

  33. Cck, you sound like a gang banger with a red neck and a home built in 1921..

  34. goodbye thread……

  35. The comments here (with the exception of the very articulate Tyrone) are a pretty clear example of why gangs like EXP and Osiris Boys have stronghold in Echo Park. Everyone is so busy proving that they have EP cred. Like how long you’ve turned a blind eye to crime is some sort of badge of honor? We are living in a community where people are shooting each other in broad daylight on a regular basis & you idiots are debating who knows the most about being “real echo park.”

    While you guys are posturing, me and my hipster friends are turning crappy buildings into art spaces and renting on gang filled streets and calling the cops to help curtail violence. We are eating at the restaurants and drinking at the bars that make a comuninity a community. We’re walking our dogs in the park and calling in graffiti to Parks Services. We are shopping at The Farmers Market.

    So keep yammering. All us skinny-jeaned people can get a lot done while you guys are busy talking about the Real EP.

  36. Enough. Gang members are a waste of air. The sooner that all of Echo Park’s gang members join their friends in the Inland Empire (or cemetery), the better.

  37. Everyone talks about how important it is to educate our youngsters, but this has got to be some of the worst spelling and grammar I’ve seen. Besides, these comments have gone way off topic. Why would anyone want to bait those EXP fools into some sort of macho dick swinging contest? It looks like they’re killing themselves off anyway, too stupid to put the guns away and too drunk and bored to do anything else.

  38. You bit**..keep a eye on your own kids before they end up like your stupid ass

  39. Beth. Puhleeze !

    There are many before you who have called the cops to “curtail violence ” ;and if nothing has been done its our fault and were turning a blind eye ?

    There are mannnnny before you who have turned places into “art spaces ” rented in “crappy buildings ” walked their dogs in the park and hung out at the bars and restaurants and even went to the Studio 1 theatre when it was still open !
    That’s what Echo Park has always been about .

    Bottom line is EVERYONE wants peace in the neighborhood.
    Stop carrying around being a hipster as YOUR badge of courage .
    Saying you are the pied piper of the “scene” in Echo Park, Is just as played out as
    Being a cholo ! Get over yourself , but keep on calling in the graffiti , thanks .

  40. Im a long time resident of ep …ive known guys on both sides of this turf war between exp and obs its so sad that this has been happening since the early 90s …if any of the gangmembers read this comment please stop this needless violence….

  41. I’m not worried about my kids, they’re not learning to read and write with cans of spray paint and someone’s retaining wall. Oh, and it’s “keep AN eye on your own kids”

  42. Are spray cans what gang bangers use to teach there children a.b.c’s or does that apply to Mexican parents with bad grammar?

  43. I’m a “native” white boy..who lived in the hood near Baster St since the 60’s. I grew up in the gang culture of EXP when it was hot and heavy right around Elysian Heights school in the early, mid 70’s, with the veteranos and their classic 50’s lowriders lined up on Ewing St. They coined me “mr cool”…cause I tried to get along, was a peace maker, and didn’t want to get picked on..lol My point here is, let’s be a light in
    the darkness. Let’s walk in their shoes for a while, by grieving with those parents who are
    hurting, and by building bridges of reconciliation with theses young EXP gangsters who are worth more then their guns.

  44. Baxter St that is..lol

  45. Someone should update this news article. We would all appreciate further insight on innes ave shootout

  46. I agree with a lot of what Coolwheto is saying–people who are taking this poor kid’s death as an opportunity to decry “those people” and “their problems” should be ashamed of themselves. Making this an us vs. them situation only perpetuates alienation and hostility on all sides. By choosing to live here, we are ALL a part of this community–and that means that (like it or not) our neighbors’ problems are our problems; their grief should be our grief, too. Instead of suggesting “an injunction” or patting yourself on the back for shopping at the farmer’s market, try taking a second to think about how Cesar’s family feels (I guarantee you won’t feel nearly as smug after that).

  47. Peaceout, Coolwheto and Becca – you all nailed it. I’d suggest to the hipster newbees that they form or participate in a car wash to raise funds for Caesar’s family. You might introduce yourselves to friends and family of Caesar and show a bit of compassion for their loss. Walk in THEIR shoes!

    Caesar is one of many youngsters who are victims of non-holistic school systems that ignore the need for complete community involvement: i.e. health, social work, tutors, specialized counselors, mentors, etc. etc. instead of the needed support, the emphasis now is to teach to tests and choose the most promising for charter schools, leaving the rest to rot in public schools that lack funding and insight for sorely needed holistic support systems.

  48. Everone is interested in living in a safe neighborhood. The differerence between the creative types of yesteryear, the brave visionaries that many called bohemian and the new breed, the aka hipster’s, Is that the bohemian were nonmaterialistic. They were living on the eastside before it was deamed cool. Hipster’s are seam to be materialistic, more interested in their upscale establishments that only manefested on the westside prior to their arrival


  50. BETH’S attitude defines EXACTLY what Echo Park should Not be, but what it is

    Because you hang out at the bars and call 911 from the safety of your couch does not make you a pivotal part of the community ! You don’t even mention volunteering at schools or cleaning up graffiti , but just “dialing it in “and hanging out at bars as your contribution to a community ! . Are you for real ?

    Just because you moved here to be cool does not mean that the people hispanic white , let’s not forget the large Vietnamese community and WHOMEVER has lived
    and raised kids in this wonderful neighborhood does not want a peaceful place to live ! And we don’t have to have art spaces or hang out at the bars to want it ! Get a grip !

  51. Eastsider – you’re a joke right? You print cck’s comments that he;s threatening to kill people but my husband says that this kid who died is one less thug on the street and you won’t print his comment? Who is paying you Jesus? You have weird standards if you think it’s ok to print someone’s comments who is threatening to kill people. Everyone should go to Echo Park Patch so they can see how real reporting is supposed to be done- including spell check and proper English grammar.

  52. NANCY

    Stick to the subject at hand and stop using this thread to try and get your husbands comments posted ! Yes , please move to whatever other blog will “spell check ” you and make getting your husbands comments posted your mission in life !
    There are other important things pressing , like folks wanting peace and quiet in the neighborhood . MOVE ON !

  53. LOL – i’m pretty sure you’re the eastsider commenting on my post – how creative. this is about you- jesus – having an agenda and not having a fair forum. i’ve tried to post comments in the past before – nothing crazy – and you refused to post them, even if i had relevant, factual info that would have informed the community. jesus is probably gang affiliated himself and therefore has his own ridiculous agenda as to what he considers “off topic” or not. how does “i’m gonna gang bang you with my grapefruit nuts” help the community? you said yourself you don’t post violent comments -um, that’s pretty fucking violent. all we said is that the kid who died – GOOD RIDDANCE! whatever, you’re standards are a joke and you’ll never be a real journalist because you can’t have fair convo’s on this site. GOOD RIDDANCE to you!

  54. @Nancy– “good riddance”? How dare you? While you’re accusing people of having some kind of god-complex, maybe you should re-examine your self-righteous, unjustified devaluing of a human life. This boy had a name (it was Caesar), a family, and the potential for a future (he was only 18 years old). Your senseless hate is just as damaging to the community as the hate that took a young man’s life.

  55. EP Native, the schools have huge endemic problems, but this that you say, to “choose the most promising for charter schools, leaving the rest to rot in public schools” is inaccurate. charter schools are by lottery. And the “choice” information forms for the magnets come in Spanish and in English and are given to all families with children enrolled in the LAUSD. Anyone can apply to a charter or a magnet, with the exception of the very few gifted magnets.
    And Centro Del Pueblo has wonderful afterschool programs. Don’t blame everything on the system. There are problems with the schools but some of this is deeper. Way deeper.
    Lastly, Caesar’s family does not live in Echo Park. Further proof that the kid was only up to no good being over here with his gangster friends. Why should I support his family, who failed the most basic thing, to keep on eye on their son? I know lots of families in echo park who are very poor, I mean very poor, and very hardworking, and because of the gangs, they don’t let their children out of their sight. There are lots and lots of latino families in EP who don’t have a single gangbanger in the entire family. This is because of good VALUES and hard work. Those are the people I support. I’m sorry this kid died but gangsters and their families are not the people to have carwashes for. The people to support are the ones who are working hard to keep their kids off of that track. They need our help. They are the future of echo park. And, in any case, of latinos, THEY are the majority. Gangsters are the minority. That’s the reason for all the tough talk on this thread. They are on their way out. People who threaten and say never and punk and et cetera are in a corner. Goodbye EXP. You are the minority and your latino breathen can’t stand you, even if they are too afraid to call the police on you.
    Lastly, injunctions work. The neighbors on Innes should try it.

  56. in addendum, I’d like to say that no one should be criticizing anyone else’s grammar or spelling in this forum. To do so is inappropriate, pedantic, and disrespectful. If you understood the gist of someone’s argument, respond to their argument, period.

  57. To dreamie from
    what you know goes to show you don’t know shi. I will be the first to say the Flores family and all of those that hang there drinking there 40’s and smoking there blunts, taging on walls are either part of the problem or part of the solution maybe if those cowards were productive members of society they wouldn’t have got shot at ! Not to say what happend there is cool … But it’s seems like they are your friends . I know the book well. And I say injunction…

    • I am part of the “FLORES FAMILY” i lived on INNES my whole life I can speak for my family and none of us are gang members yes my brother smokes weed so what he also had a 9-5 job and has the sweetest heart !! and we did not deserve what happen to us so please keep your negative comments to your self. please tell me how are we cowards?

  58. Tyrone you are a wise man … How can I help get this injunction process started! I will not fear those innes cowards or any others! I’d raither lose my life and make a difference than to sit back breathing doing nothing ..

  59. Notyourtypical, you might first try calling the city’s nuisance abatement program: 310-575-8500
    Tell them about the christmas day incident and ask if there is a file on that address.
    Also call Rampart’s gang unit and find out what it would take to get an injunction:
    My own experience with all this was years ago and I know it took a lot of calls and persistence and that it was nuisance abatement, with Rampart’s testimonials, that worked. I got these numbers off the internet and can only hope they’re current. Good luck.

  60. If you know the family why dont you walk over to speak with them?you seem to be a computer chair hero.it just seems like tough talk from a person that is hiding behind a screen name…why dont you call out all those exp dst tst obs cys veteranos for brainwashing these kids to go fight?i hate violence just like everyone else….instead of saying you want to do it.why dont you just do it?

  61. Yay, let’s have a BBQ and talk peace.. Over a few drinks, we can all meet at the short stop or little joy which ever you prefer skinny.. How would that work out? violence is for fu$king cowards.. You have a better idea? I’m all eyes and ears.


  63. I agree with your comment skinny, please stop the violence … but should we sit and wait till they kill eachother off? and possibly lose inocent lives? I know the streets as well as you do. What do you think is going to come next,talks of peace while they sing kumbaya? Nope
    just more violence and drive-by’s with tupac in the tape deck playing “mutha fu$ka I hit um up!

  64. Gurule, I feel for your loss death is not the answer I’m praying just as much as anyone else Lord knows the wicked never rest, not even on Christmas day. My heart goes out to all those who have been a victim of gang violence…

  65. Gurule > I got new for ya bud he is not in heaven ! Try the other place!


  67. PoliticalLawstudent@Lacc

    @ ShadowPark I got one for you too Buddy why dont you save yourself some embaressment and stop acting like your Superior or Godlike. The only one who can judge is GOD ! You didnt know Cesar so shut your mouth. Im born and raised in the Echo Park area. I’ve lived here since I was 2 weeks old! I live up Echo Park avenue by Duane. I have to agree with everyone who is saying that these acts of violence are horrible and unfortunate! Because they are! Its so sad but you know what Echo Park is known and has allways been known for Gangs!!! Anyone who thinks that they are going to move over here and change things is wrong unfortunately. I am an Echo Park native and at first I thought that maybe this new gentrification that occured would or could benefit Echo Park in a way but honestly it has not! It really hasnt when this gentrification occured the hard working latino families were kicked out not gangmembers! Its an unfortunate situation but Its reality. If you have friends that moved over here and bought million doller houses and think Echo Park isnt about Gangs then your friends are wrong and the best advice I can give them to MOVE! LEAVE! If you dont like whats going or cant use to it you need to leave. Crime in Echo Park has decreased but homicides have not, will not unfortunately. There are more than 5 gangs in the surrounding Echo Park area alone! …


  69. I don’t know why some people hate to hear it, but violence begins at home.

  70. The kid was a gangmember looking for trouble..lets be honest about that…the motives all point to it being gang related…if people dont accept crime in theyre community I for one applaud them.i feel for the family…all these gangs are fighting over drug profits…most of these hipsters are drug addicts..lets be real about that to..just because you buy/rent a home or bungolow doesnt make you any better…


  72. i do not understand why so many young members risk their lives for something so unsignificant, what is it that one young soul is reaching for? it ain’t family that’s for sure; as we can see they are the only ones hurt in all off this. i myself learned a hard way that their is no such thing as a friend or a homeboy for that matter but just the meaning itself.

  73. If there is a heaven, I can guaranty that drive-by cholos don’t go there after their own meaningless deaths.

  74. oh god, is this a religious forum all of a sudden? god ain’t gonna help any of you cuz god don’t exist. wow, we live in modern times and still with the religion. @ becca- WHATEVER – this kid was trouble. he didn’t even live here anymore and came back looking for trouble and got what he got. again, good riddance – he would’ve grown up to cause more trouble and his parents did NOTHING ABOUT IT.
    and as for the spelling – i’m talking about the eastsider. as a “journalist”, he sure could use some English lessons.

  75. Nancy, your posts have plenty of errors, so please get off your high horse — and stop denigrating the host of this website because you’re angry he chose not to post your husband’s comments. (And while we’re at it, why don’t you just admit that you don’t have a husband? Wishful thinking is fine, but enough is enough.) You seem very angry, Nancy; how is your attitude any different from that of the gang members against whom you direct your hatred? I make no excuse for violent or thuggish behavior — from any ethnic group — but it seems to me that you, Nancy, aren’t all that different from the gangsters whom you impugn — or at least your angry rhetoric isn’t.

  76. One of the saddest days of a parent’s life is losing a child. To the family of this kid, even though I have never met you, I am deeply sorry for your loss and will include you in my prayers.

    Echo Park is GREAT for many reasons, but I especially like it because it feels like a quaint little neighborhood in the big city. How lucky we ALL are for living in such a “community”

    Let’s start acting like the community we are by, first and foremost, extending our condolenses to this poor family.

    I just keep thinking how Christmas, a joyous holiday, will now forever be a day of sorrow for them.

    Angry rants aside, think of how you would feel if you lost a child 🙁

  77. @James – thanks for the belly laugh. my husband and i love that we’re getting your attention. this isn’t just about TF’s post (yes, my husband has initials – can you believe it???), this is about the weird bias jesus has towards certain angles in a story. we’ve seen him around the hood and watch him from afar -and i have to say, we question his motives sometimes (remember when he pointed out that all the parking meters were broken – um , thanks eastsider!). whatever. i’ve spent too much time here. bottom line is this – jesus is biased and as a journalist, that is not the way to run a forum. and as for the kid, yes, i’m angry that these idiot gangbangers are trying to destroy the way of life for those of us who work hard and want a decent life. but the best part is that they’re losing the war, and barely hanging on. if you study gang culture, you know that EXP is considered a joke amongst the more serious gangs like v13. so, it’s a matter of time until EXP is phased out. and yes, the kid will not be missed – one less person carrying a gun and threatening people because they are lost. where were the parents? he was 18 – an ADULT. he made his own choices and suffered the consequences. and the fact that they let the other 3 people go mostly means they did nothing wrong, maybe self defense. so again, good riddance.

  78. Nancy I hope you dont have children because karma is mother…….you sound like you and youre husband are drug addicted junkies,theeastsiderla best source for local news…

  79. Whew, some folks need to calm down a bit. There are scary problems out there, but does it help to attack other people on a website? I’m not a parent, but I’d be really hesitant to criticize this kid’s parents. From what I’ve seen, controlling teenaged boys is not so easy.

  80. People should’nt judge others who cares if ur a gangmember every one is human We all make mistakes in life the only differant is some of us learn from our mistakes in life befor its to late sucks to those that continue making the same mistakes

  81. criticize the kid’s parents. education is not any sort of priority in these families.

  82. Nancy, are you aware that your statements regarding the EXP gang come off as a challenge of sorts? When you write “EXP is considered a joke amongst the more serious gangs …” you are basically inviting them to “step up their game” and get more violent. Anyway, if you feel that one gang is a joke compared to other gangs, what do you suppose will happen when the “joke” gang goes by the wayside? That’s right; a new, less “jokey” gang (to use your description) will move in and take over. Nature abhors a vacuum. Furthermore, it’s downright creepy and stalker-like to say that you have “seen (Jesus) around the hood” and “watch him from afar.” You (and your fake husband) sound a bit unstable and prone to drama — which, again, just confirms my suspicion that you have more in common (psychologically) with the gang members whom you impugn than you’re willing to admit — even to your schizophrenic self. 🙂

  83. Wow ,

    I think I am going to have a benefit car wash or bake sale or something to get Nancy some grammar lessons, and 10 anger management classes .
    I hope you find some inner peace Nancy , your attitude is really sad .

    You sound a bit odd and scary .

    None of us want gang members or murders, unrest or people with attitudes as scary as yours where we live .

    Seriously ? You sound like you need help .
    You sound no different from any of the violent thugs that roam the streets everywhere that have a common thread , a bad attitude and no perspective which equals a dangerous combination .

    Sad , real sad .

  84. Tyrone your the one that can’t translate your sentences nor arguments. How do you expect for a person to understand your so call intellegent speech. For example, “It doesn’t the change the point at all” -Tyron. Instead of calling yourself Tyron it should be Moron. “The Latinos who live in the building where the shooters were gathered had to live with a neighbor whose son was a gangster and no one was happy about it” -Tyron, looks like school is to late for you. I love the way you contradict yourself from saying, “the son of the people who lived in the building was a gangster.” Then you say, you dont know if he was a gangster. Another thing, that building was identified as a gathering point for gang associates. Yeah its true! However, it was in 1970 when it was identified. Don’t forgot to put that, you must be new in the community. It appeared in the book “History of forgetting” by Norman M Klein. Klein mention that famous building, you guys are all the same. You moved into an infested gang area and just like magic you want your enviorment like paradise. Thats like having a black man moving into a kkk community and wanting kkk members to start loving black people, for once think about common sence.

  85. Same Old Story read my comment all over again. I’m saying that the D.A committed a mistake by charging an innocent. They do make mistakes.

  86. This whole forum is really sad. The story, the comments, the commenters. Sad sad sad.

  87. Let’s close this thread.

  88. Hopefully there will be several arrest made, and long prison sentences made.

  89. No…this thread need not be frutile. There are enough sound, responsible and thinking residents to make a difference. Let’s start by grieving with the parents and relatives…write a card, give a hug. According to one of the reports, the father said: “THIS is where gang life leads you”, and mentioned “bumping heads” with his son about his gang life style. Sounds like he’s on the real. So, those of you who are near by..have you made any calls to the gang task force?, have you looked into whatever remedial gang programs there are…maybe even inviting one of these gang “thugs” over for
    dinner? Oh but of course, Jesus Christ would never do that…right. Let’s practice our faith…and those of you who claim simply to be “humanitarian”…put it to work!

  90. We speak the truth that many people are afraid to say. Again, no love lost on this kid. No love lost on the gangs -and for the record, we are sober. So if sober people sound crazy, then more power to us- our thinking is more clear and we are more empowered to speak our truths. This all goes back to jesus saying that he doesn’t publish”violent or off-topic coments” but then he published cck’s comments about shooting up the neighborhood. Stay classy jesus. Stay classy. This is why we are excited about the new site http://www.echoparkpatch.com. That’s reporting at its finest. jesus plays “god” by choosing which comments he posts or not and in the process, he has seriously destroyed his credibility. Happy new year to everyone and may Echo Park gentrify faster than ever next year!

  91. Get it a rest already nancy !
    No one cares about you or your echopark patch!
    there’s two things that I fear in life one of those is my children becoming heartless souls like you.
    But that will never be let’s just hope your children don’t end up like you.

  92. @notyourtypical – lol. whatever. go raise your kids and keep overpopulating our already overcrowded planet with your mini-me’s.

  93. truth is nancy you and youre imaginary husband need to be on youre lame echoparkpatch and not here…most decent people on here are looking for solutions for our communities problems…while you sit around getting drugged up and spew incoherent nonsense….that is all…

  94. @ Nancy. Actually, I do play God on this blog. As a result, you are now banished from the comments section – not because what you said but for just being annoying. Please, readers, don’t direct your animosity at Echo Park Patch. The Eastsider will be working with those folks. Nancy, feel free to post your comments about my work there.

  95. Tyrone – Thank you for your good response. You are absolutely correct about what schools have to offer. I neglected to point out the wonderful magnet schools, and that charter schools are by lottery. I feel EVERY school should be a magnet/charter – good education for all. Not just for a few lucky ones.
    Having been part of LAUSD for several decades as an insider, I’m very concerned that, in spite of all the good improvements, we still need (nationally) systems that treat the “whole” child as I’d pointed out in my comment. I’ve had years of experience working with gang kids and thoroughly know where they’re coming from. So-called “counselors” have little time for kids – they’re too busy doing administrative work such as scheduling, etc. Parent & community involvement has been a plus, but there’s a lot more that could be done.
    Perhaps funding by corporations with huge profits might be a source of funding specialized social workers, counselors, health clinics – all centered around the schools. But, then . . . I’m a dreamer.

    Thank you Jesus Sanchez for putting out an outstanding blog and demonstrating extreme patience with some of the readers/commenters.

  96. Sad story, especially on Christmas day. I was very bored to read all of these comments, so much bitterness on the blog 🙁 Hopefully Echo Park will strive to make a difference to keep things like this from happening again!

  97. Correction, NOT HAPPENING AGAIN.

  98. why is it the schools responsibility to teach kids that gangs and murder are bad? ITS THE PARENTS’ RESPONSIBILITY. AND IF THESE KIDS WANT TO BEHAVE LIKE ANIMALS then hold their owners (the parents) accountable. schools teach math and history, not values.

  99. Echo Park is the last stand west of the LA river for gangs and their overworked/enabling families before they get pushed out by higher rents (or sell themselves and buy a larger home east of Pomona.) By 2013 the gang problems will be east of the LA river.

    Next up is Boyle Heights – lots of downtown folks are now moving into BH.

  100. Agree — “…Thank you Jesus Sanchez for putting out an outstanding blog and demonstrating extreme patience with some of the readers/commenters.”

    Internet chat/discussion makes everyone a king or queen for the day. Freedom of speech can go far. Sometimes too far, nature of the beast. I would hope for the positive to come from the rancor.

    In today’s LA Times the front page discusses this issue. I encourage all to take a look, in print or online. Crime has dropped overall yet 1,338 dead by other human hands, IOW, homicide. We have certainly seen our unfortunate share in EP and nearby. Also nature of the urban beast. We do not live in Coto de Caza, my friends.

    Some who know me know I’m a native Angeleno. I went to public schools you drive past and give no mind to. I learned to fish at EP Lake. I love Los Angeles. 6th Street.

    Despite last week’s gang shooting it’s safer in EP than ever. I mourn the loss of personal space in town, on freeways, parking on residential streets, the explosion of used furniture on sidewalks, the idiotic tagging — I’m for putting slippery silicon paste on freeway signs, if you fall to your death so be it, homey — the loss of the LA neighborhood, because yes, we were once very proud to say to others, I’m from the Crenshaw area, East LA, around Silver Lake/Echo Park, in between, around Maltman, know it? We were proud of the schools we attended. We took care of them.

    I miss old Los Angeles. ‘Course I miss The Beatles too. Stay safe, much as you can. Call in gang clusters, trash, tagging, watch out for your neighbor. And have a Happy New Year.

  101. The gangs will always be here to some degree, don’t kid yourselves. The activity increases i’n the summer and decreases i’n the winter. I have seen it for the past 36 years here. Grafitti on the walls, hanging out drinking until 5-6 i’n the morning on the top of these darn stairs. Bottom line it’s always present i’n some way shape or form.

  102. @PoliticalLawstudent@Lacc
    Your right we should cede all power to the law of the street, I was wrong to think that we live in a civil society lets live like barbarians and thugs I can do much more easy than going though academia and getting a job.

  103. Rest In peace cee!

  104. The discord in the neighborhood is sad all around, and seems to have reached a fever pitch with everyone pointing fingers at another. Remember these words, and in the new year may there be more empathy and cooperative action to ease these tensions.

    “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

    -Abe Lincoln, 1st inaugural address

  105. First, The people that lived in that house on Innes were not “angels”. That being said, does that give another human the right to fire bullets at them?
    Second, there were three shooters in the white Honda and THEY dropped a gun in the midle of the street when they were dragging the dead shooter back to the car. The Police never mentioned this.
    Lastly, this is a situation of “self-defense”. How does a shooter walk up to a group of people unloading Christmas presents and get a “free pass” to shoot people? Had the guns the residents used to kill the shooter not had “questionable” origins, they would have never been taken into custody. Ceasar made bad choices that day and paid with his life. I think it could have been much worse and it proves to me the old saying “you never know who your dealing with”.

  106. TiredToo: You have a good point, how come the police never mention the suspects in the white car droped a gun in the middle of the street while carrying their dead shooter? Another thing, what ever happened to the 4 girls that were arrested in the park in front of the church minutes later after the shooting? Police said they had a gun in their possesion, that could have possibly been used at the shooting on Innes st.

  107. The people on innes st deserve wat they got like wat you said they weren’t angels and god punish them and that’s why there suferring in the hospital Cesar did was a great guy he did not loose a battle he was strong no one was a victim in this story they wanted to play the game so you got to accept the consequences

  108. concernd e.p resident

    What happend to the other 3 victums Eastsider?.are they ok?..it jus needs to be put out there because the public has a right to know

    • @ from concerned e.p. resident. A detective working on the case said Wednesday that the condition of the three other victims has improved but they are still recovering from their injuries.

  109. Thank you Eastsider for the updated info.The victims are recovering well thats good news indeed!

    I havent read anything on the suspects at large? I am under the impression no arrests have been made?

  110. @ virgo. No suspects in custody as of Wednesday.

  111. Bee: You must be from exp by the way you talk. Your actually saying that the people from Innes were not angels, Cesar was a good guy how? Cesar was the one that went over there looking for trouble and try to ruin someones christmas. God is going to punish him by taking his christmas. Since Cesar is no longer alive thats called loosing the battle, the other guys are still breathing and doing better.

  112. @Bee…sorry “Cesar” was not “strong” that day. I saw the entire thing go down. His “friends” might be saying that now but that day was a whole different matter. They stopped that car in the midle of the street and “Cesar” and the other two got out. One stayed at the trunk area and the driver walked with “Cesar”. After “Cesar” was done shooting, thats when the residents came out blasting and shot “Cesar”. The driver couldn’t drag him to the car alone because “Cesar” was dead where he fell down. What part of that was “strong”?

  113. concernd e.p resident

    Well the news has said that 1 victum was in critical condition and one was paralyzed..Eastsider does this mean they are ok now?

  114. So, the other matter that has not bee discussed much here is: was this a conflict between a few from EchoXPark and OBS, or another gang? Anyone know any of these details?

  115. R.I.P Crimes like I said he was strong. He won a battle if you read in between the lines you’ll see wat I mean and that’s rigth EXP baby let the lames burn

  116. The kid shot at a family, got himself shot i’n the process, let for dead by his ” homies” all this on Christmas day and some how he was strong?? I could think of plenty of other words to describe his actions that day but I will not. He is gone and I won’t be shedding any tears!!

  117. @Bee hahaha your a funny Person . by mr mecho get it


  119. Bee: Now your from exp at first, you never mention that. So your a ranker. “Welcome to the exp so called gang you see this alley on Baxter st this is where were gonna throw you like trash when we no longer need you we done it before in 1996 to “moreno” except they threw him on Scott st near ep ave.”-exp hahaha lol. The only thing crimes won is a trip to the other side.


  121. If i was a gangster i would kill my self. Get a job get a life.

  122. hahaha. obiously none of u knew cesar. he was a gangster he was a foo but he was a respectfull person and loyal too. he was no lame he ran up to a bunch of “pedestrians” and did what came natural to him. only few know what happen that day and that aint none of you. cesar won the battle because hes the one that had the balls to go do what most only talk about doing. you ppl need to stop and think about what you are saying. gangs are never goin to die, you are stupid if you think they are. talkin bad about a person like cesar only provse how scared you are. talkin bad about a dead person cowards. dont try to judge what you dont understand. u call a 18 year old a lame when he and two other friends went to an area packed with “pedestrians” got shot was carried into a car by the driver and his friend and everyone says they left him to die alone. the media says cesar frank guerrero is the bad man maybe he was but since when do “pedestrians” have guns. nobody inocent sufered that day but the families of the victims. the only lame was the coward that placed the gun in a girls purse. you ppl keep writting on the internet and hope that the things you say dont get the wrong ppl mad. because at the end of the day you talk smack and ppl in the street suffer. i got one last thing to say if u had done what cesar and his friends did what would you do if your friend died in your back seat? my best to the families

  123. Hunter became the hunted and died!

    @henry – what Cesar did that day was try and play “shoot em up” with guys who had one better aim and two bigger and better weapons. He paid with his life and any way you put it he LOST!!! He is no longer here, everyone else that Cesar shot is recovering in the hospital. They will live and go on with there lives.

    As for the punks he was with, his “homies” well they let him for dead alone to die in an alley. Some friends, anyway you look at the situation Cesar, EXP, his “homies” were the losers on Christmas day.

  124. Ok..because Obs is so bad..lol
    You don’t even know what’s sup lady!
    You know your gang aint nothing when a bunch of white people on this website don’t know who you are. 😀

  125. Henrry: Is like your mind dont understand. You said it yourself the news did’nt say everything. The Eastsider has provided a new story with more details. Cesar was a coward based on the fact that he and his friends out number the guys on Innes. It was’nt a fair fight 10 against 4 and they still lost. A couple of guys crept from behind the building and Cesar and two other guys came thru the front you did’nt know that. Henrry you must be new in L.A you called that balls only a few do that. This happens all the time around here your acting like if Cesar got into a battle with the LAPD that would be having balls. Learn from the guys on Innes even though their friends got shot they stood there till the end they even got arrested thats a friend. I’m gonna answer your question what would I have done? Common sense take him to the emergency room get back into the stolen car and leave to avoid trouble. Was that hard only to the dumb asses from exp. One last thing there was innocent people during the shooting.Kids playing women outside and an old man who got paralyzed a 47 year old grandfather.

  126. From what I understand according the reports, Cesar did not live in the Echo Park area, he is well was a resident from Bell Gardens or some other city quite far away from Echo Park. So he wasnt from Echo Park right? Im just confused. His body was FOUND in Echo Park but he didnt live in the area.
    Another thought! I bet a lot of posters that talk negative about gang violence are hippie/hipsters new to the Echo Park area. Hanging out in from of bars and coffe shops in large groups in the sidewalk, walking up the ave. drunk late at night being loud and disturbing the peace because most likely they party at the Gold room or short stop on weekdays. Yet they wanna judge and talk shit about the gang violence like if their shit dont stink…

  127. Cesar…aka “crimes” moved from the Bell gardens area, then got involved in the ExP gang.. the shoot out appears to be with the OBS gang (on the southern edge of Echo Park.)

  128. Sharon Garcia blahsuky

    Oh okay, thanks for the clarification, “coolwheto”. And to make another point about Pointing fingers to the gangsters for the crime and violence in Echo Park.. I believe I read that there was a shooting in front of the Echo; it was a mortocycle gang related dispute.. hmmm go figure…
    However it is sad nevertheless.. And you can never be safe, there is shootings in each area, you cant assume that only a certain type of person is carrying a gun, you cant assume that you can punk the white guy because he isnt going to do anything.. Everyone, everywhere is capable of pulling out a firearm on you or around you.
    The shooting is very sad and unfortuante just like the Arizona shooting that left 6 people dead including an innocent 9 year old girl with lots of aspiration and goals…The access of guns seems to be the real issure that we should focus on.

  129. R.I.P Cesar Im sorry I was not out here to say goodbye .Because I was busted but you will always be remembered no matter what people say I Love You Cesar Echo xPark you know it……..See you when I get there…

  130. Time to party rest in pist Crimes lame got caught up …..

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