Finally. Some movement on cleaning up the Echo Park-Silver Lake landslide

The small landslide that has blocked a Sunset Boulevard sidewalk since last February appears to be finally on the way to being cleaned up.  The office of Councilman Eric Garcetti last week requested that the city spend $37,000 to stabilize a hillside on the north side of  Sunset Boulevard near Coronado Street and clean up the debris that has forced pedestrians to walk into the street or trek over a pile of dirt and rocks on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake.  Many residents had been perplexed as to why the city could not have just cleaned up the sidewalk as engineers conducted field studies and then held several meetings to come up with a solution. Meanwhile, pedestrians were advised to stay away from the crumbling slide as city workers kept replacing barricades and yellow caution tape around the dirt.

Once Garcetti’s  motion is passed by the full City Council, the Board of Public Works would have the funds  to take out a large tree stump at the top of the cliff above the slide, remove lose rocks from cracks in hillside and dispose of a  “pile of debris and clean area free of dirt and dust.” Of course, with the winter rains on their way,  it may not be very long before the same stretch of sidewalk is buried under rocks and dirt.


  1. About time, for sure, but I think The Eastsider is due at least some small credit for getting action on this.

  2. yay! I with Mr. R – thanks Eastsider!

  3. An Elderly Gentleman

    Thank you Eastsider. As an elderly gentleman who frequently must walk this way I appreciate that you cleaned up the dirt.

  4. Yes! Thank you Eastsider for staying on this story.

  5. Ditto. This eyesore has gone on long enough.

  6. I do agree that the Eastsider deserves credit for taking the reporting lead on this story, but what about the resident who initiated the email to Councilman Garcetti’s office prodding for this forgotten mess to finally be shored up? Props to you as well, Mr. Gordon Harris.

  7. Eh, it wasn’t that big a deal really, and I’ve lived in Echo Park for much of my life, having seen similar landslides. Eyesore is a bit much to say. And forced to walk in the street. Yes. Because it is SO hard to just walk around it. Go eastsider, but 37k when the city is broke and forcing it’s city employees to retire early or laying them off is far more important than a pile of dirt. I would rather see a few people get a paycheck than this be dealt with. Granted the cliff face needs to be retrofitted, but so does the one across the street or one a couple blocks over. It isn’t cheap and there will be overages that the city just can’t afford. But sure, get this eyesore out of the way…..

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