News & Notes from Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Glassell Park & Silver Lake

Mural in the making, Echo Park-Silver Lake | Photo by Jesse Saucedo

  • Silver Lake burglary suspect arrested. Eastside 911
  • Call in that pothole. Daily News
  • Public invited to shape instructional plans for new Glassell Park high school. Council District 13
  • If you thought last week’s rains were bad, you probably don’t remember the flood of 1938. Echo Park Patch
  • Occidental College students help New Orleans rebuilding efforts as part of their “Disaster Politics” class. Oxy News
  • Statewide affordable housing developer with projects in Echo Park faces fraud charges. L.A. Times
  • Happening Today:  Edendale library used book sale;  LACMA Art class in Cypress Park. Save the Date


  1. Jose,
    The Echo Park Patch link leads to Mr Garcetti. I hope my paranoia isn’t warranted!

  2. @ Noel. Sorry about the mixed link. It’s fixed now.

  3. That guy on the ladder should be charged with vandalism and more more importantly making bad art polluting our visual landscape

  4. around the corner from the chickens

    @silverlaker what is your issue with the mural? Every chance you get, you comment. We get it, you don’t like it. Would you prefer a blank wall that gets repeatedly tagged? And really, how can you go wrong with chickens and cats?

  5. Advancing years, and the loss of memory, can prove to be most embarassing.
    Jesus, I’m most appologetic.

  6. Thanks this guy is not at the eastside, because I will be on the site, and police and city inspector to bring this guy down. Did the neighbors were advise about this mural,? did he follow all the city permits? because at the eastside its more dificult to do murals they have to look for new areas. KEEP THE MURALS OUT OF THE EASTSIDE
    we have many. I do prefer call many times to the city to cover the tag

  7. around the corner from the chickens

    @cd14 I can’t say whether or not he had a permit but he wasn’t exactly hiding what he was doing. Besides, it’s not a new mural. He’s covering his own old one he already had there. Further, its news to me that neighbors have to be advised about murals. But if he did I would have happily given my consent. I call the city all the time to have tags painted over. I welcome an area that won’t get as many tags as murals tend not to be tagged as often.

  8. I have to agree with SilverLaker. Bad art is bad art and should not be tolerated to pollute our visual landscape. If I had to see that mural everyday I would have to tag it myself.

  9. around the corner from the chickens

    OK artgirl aka silverlaker I guess we should defer to you in what qualifies as “art”. Please enlighten me regarding your definition of bad art since you are the expert. Pardon me for thinking that chickens were cute. I should know better.

  10. I find that most people who rant specifically against “bad art” have a very myopic and adamant perspective on what “good art” is.

    Given a choice between Caché’s colorful cluckers and chickens like silverlaker/artgirl (who it seems would never zip their polluting hateful pieholes and actually DO something to beat back the blight), it’s a nobrainer: I’ll ALWAYS take Caché.

  11. i am 100% against tagging, except in these cases, when this is clearly art. i love these murals and i wish we had more in LA. the guy is clearly talented. i just hate when gang taggers scrawl their bs over these murals.

  12. There are other muralists besides the guy who does the urban chickens, give someone else a shot!! This guys work is on almost every wall!

  13. Seriously? It’s free art! How could anyone be upset over this? I see this mural as a public service. While it’s not necessarily my “style” I really like that it is there to brighten up a rather grim stretch of Sunset, and hopefully to inspire kids in the neighborhood to take up art not gangs.

    It takes a lot of skill to paint like that. Thanks Cache.

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