Pedestrian injured in Sunset Junction traffic accident

Silver Lake shoppers came to the assistance of a woman who was struck by a car as she crossed  Sunset Boulevard at  Hyperion Avenue on Monday afternoon, according to a witness.  “I turned when I heard [the accident]  and saw her in the air,” aid Franklin Hills resident Dianne Hitzel, who was shopping with her three-month-old son when the accident took place at about 2:30 p.m. “She was very injured and was not speaking or moving. Despite the rain, there were plenty of holiday shoppers who came to her aid immediately.”

The vehicle that struck her stopped at the scene, and an ambulance arrived soon after to transport the woman, Hitzel said.  The Eastsider is checking with fire and police officials to get more details and the woman’s condition.

“Even though it was highly traumatic to have witnessed such a horrible event, it was comforting to watch as strangers from stores and other cars came running to do the right thing,” Hitzel said.


  1. I’m amused by her comment that despite the rain, people helped right away. Only in LA would water coming from the sky be a consideration when deciding whether or not to help someone who’s just got run over.

  2. @bridgentunnel haha! i read it that way too at first and nearly died of laughter. however I think what she meant to imply is that there were lots of people shopping in spite of the rain. oh what a sad little left out comma can do to poor Dianne Hitzel’s reputation.

  3. I wonder if she was J walking. I live near there and am constantly vigilant for pedestrians and Two wheelers who think that the laws don’t apply to them and that they are tuffer than steel.

  4. Real nice, JQ. Perhaps we should take those pesky pedestrians off the street entirely so you’re free to blow through neighborhoods doing 60 mph unhindered?

  5. Jaywalking is jaywalking. Cross a street illegally when a car is bearing down on you and sometimes bad s*@t happens. I’m sure your Prius would never hurt a fly – oh wait! Your Prius makes no noise and is therefore very dangerous to pedestrians who can’t hear it coming. Generalization is awesome fun!

  6. To JQ Public I give the immortally skeptical words of Walter Neff to Phyllis Dietrichson in Double Indemnity: “I wonder if you wonder.”

  7. @ JQ: Note the crosswalk in the intersection. Though there’s no mention in the article if she was in it when struck.

    Long-time Silver Lakers will recall that about 10 yrs ago a traffic signal was installed at this crosswalk because someone was run over and killed by a van. (Based purely on memory, someone feel free to fact-check.)

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