Police capture shooting suspect in Angeleno Heights *

Photo by Robert Labonte

A man believed to have been involved in an afternoon shooting today was apprehended in Angeleno Heights following a three-hour-long manhunt that left residents locked in their homes as an LAPD helicopter buzzed overhead and heavily armed officers searched streets and homes.

The suspect was captured with the assistance of the LAPD’s K9 Unit at about 4:30 p.m. hiding between homes near Kensington Road and Marion Avenue, according to Sgt. Joel Miller of the Rampart Division. The suspect was captured without any shots being fired; photos of man being lead away by police were posted on Facebook.

The incident began at about 1:30 p.m. when a shooting was reported south of the 101 Freeway at Temple Street and Edgeware Road. Witnesses directed police officers to a vehicle parked a few blocks away in a driveway near Kensington and Marion. The suspect fled on foot when police arrived, Miller said. It’s not clear if anyone was hit during the shooting at Temple and Edgeware, which was most likely gang related, Miller said.

Many Angeleno Heights residents posted comments and photos of the incident on their Facebook pages as they were advised to stay in their homes. Said one woman who posted a comment on The Eastsider’s Facebook page:

“They knocked on my door and told us to stay inside. I guess we are in the middle of the perimeter. Lots of undercover cars here, too- creepy way to spend a Monday.”

* This story has been updated and rewritten since its original posting.


  1. Here is the scoop Angelino Heights friends:
    Man shot someone on Edgeware/Temple- drove a getaway truck and parked it in a driveway on Marion/Kensington- Cops were called, suspect ran… they have widened the perimeter.. the Helicopter has him in site- they have widened the perimeter now- Bellevue is completely roped off at Edg…eware and Sunset, Marion and Sunset, Kensington and Sunset… I guess pretty much all of Angelino Heights is roped off… They are bringing in K-9 units and will be going in after him soon.
    Oops! Kensington doesn’t hit Sunset… but La Veta/ETC… I am on my porch now… cop cars are flying up the street and officers are running. I’ll let you know when I hear bullets. There are more cop cars arriving- I am hearing sirens. Flares are up and down Boylston and Boston and now a cop just roped off my house!
    Poor Bob’s Market is literally flanked by crime scene tape.
    I will keep you posted.

  2. Okay so now Marion is blocked at the fire station to Sunset. There must be about 20 officers on Marion and three dog units with heavily armed officers. Just saw one bite and hold dog go up W. Kensington. Overheard neighbors talking about a shooting on Saturday. Wonder if this has anything to do with Saturday. I can hear the dogs from my office. LAPD needs to have a Spanish speaking person at Edgeware as parents are trying to go home with their children.

  3. my fiance at home on e edgeware said swat teams have been up and down kensington. lock your doors.

  4. would be nice to have a description of who they are looking for.

  5. Select patrol has Kensington closed off at Douglas.

  6. They just sent another dog unit up W Kensington. This one is on a leash. More officers suiting up and walking with rifles out and helmets on. No description on suspect as of yet. I sure hope I can get my car out–it is parked within the perimeter.

  7. Wait, on W Kensington or E Kensington?

  8. This is honestly the only article I could find on what’s going on around here. No description of the shooter. Hope they get his ass. It’s crazy outside!

  9. Is/Was the elementary school locked down?


  11. people are saying West Kensington in the comments, but they surely must mean EAST Kensington. That’s where the cops and helicopters are…

  12. Out of where?

  13. Great job covering this. I appreciate being able to check your blog when these things go down.

  14. Helicopter stopped, man being brought down Kensington in hand cuffs. He as also in his underwear. All quiet on Edgeware now.

  15. Thank you, neighbors and Eastsider, for keeping us informed. Why is this not on the local news?!

  16. AngelenoHgtsCarlos

    Bellevue @ Kensington still closed off. News van was here for a while, but still nothing on the news.

  17. It is all gone now- all of the roads are open and order is restored.
    Quite an eventful day.

  18. Thanks for the coverage, I changed my schedule so not to get stuck in all of this, glad its over with no reports of more harm. This resource is priceless, like public radio worth subscribing too I say!!

  19. Thank you Eastsider for the minute by minute information! Big LA news was asleep on this one. Crazy stuff!

  20. Thanks for the updates—was on Kellam ave during this.

  21. Typical day in a classy neighborhood.
    This area of LA sucks and I feel sorry for the people who live here.

  22. I live on Marion and I was at home when all this happened in front of my house and they took they suspect away. The police told me it was related to the shooting at the corner of Marion and Sunset at 6 pm on Saturday night. They told me a was a retaliation attack.
    **** I AM FED UP WITH THIS B.S.***************
    WTF! Really. How many murders have to happen in our lovely “transitional” neighborhood before we actually get a little mad an do something about it?
    *** WHY DON’T WE HAVE POLICE VIDEO CAMERAS at Bob’s? At the firehouse? At the corner of Marion near the infamous El Chubasco?
    *** Where are the Police when you need them??? Some guy has been jumping over my fence and stealing stuff out of my yard everyday when I’m at work. I have video tape of it all. The police said they can’t do anything! It seems like we live in some remote third world country and we are just left to fend for ourselves… except for that my toddler can’t really fend for herself against a random flying bullet.

  23. can we all send council GOOD FOR NOTHING! the good news.

  24. I went to Betty Plasencia Elementary School, and lived on Marion Ave. during the height of the ’90s gang wars. My grandmother still lives in the area. Never during that time and heretofore did she (or I when I lived there) experience the shootings that occurred this past week. Thanks to twitter and modern technology, I was able to keep abreast with the situation, and call her to make sure she was safe.

    Just the other day, she was talking about how the neighborhood has changed for the better with the influx of artists/hipsters. There’s an area in the Rampart district, east of Temple, that we would never dare venture because of heavy gang activity. I suppose that’s still the case. I hope the entire area doesn’t revert to what it was before.

  25. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, Rampart Patrol Division


    If you like, send me an e-mail with information on how best to contact you and we’ll see what we can do regarding your theft, and overall community security. As I posted in another topic, all e-mails, phone calls, conversations or correspondences remain confidential unless agreed otherwise.

    (213) 484-3400

  26. Fed up with this BS…Yes, am not disagreeing but I’ll come down on positive

    — IMHO EP, Rampart District, Hoover-Virgil, etc. are in better shape than the 70s – 80s when things went from sketchy to deadly. (J-Flats, the old Japanese American neighborhood along Virgil at Clinton and Melrose, is still beset with homeless, graffitti and gang stuff. Sorry about that, it was one of the closest and homiest of all LA neighborhoods from the end of WW II to late 1970s.)

    Even MacArthur Pk/Pico-U are better today. That said, crime won’t ever completely disappear, sorry — it’s a big city, and we live in the middle of it. If I mention crime to some friends and relatives who live in, say, Camarillo or Mission Viejo or the weirdest, Coto de Caza, they reply, “Look where you live, you live in Echo Park.” I feel fairly damn good living where I do, feel safe enough considering.

    I grew up here, few can say this, sorry to say — LA has lost so many natives, hard sometimes to tell but the city had solid neighborhoods and folks who cared for their neighbors and what their homes and yards looked like back in the day. No sofas on the street.

    There was an LA pride natives shared that I dearly miss — folks like me who attended local schools, went to the public libraries, could give you precise directions around town and who fished EP lake as a boy. Me and pals made out with girlfriends parked in the streets around Elysian. I’ve seen and experienced and lived through the changes in LA evolution. There were tight communities of longtime residents from Eagle Rock to Huntington Park/So Gate to Hollywood to Crenshaw, you name it. We’ve lost so much of that old rootedness.

    From my perspective I think it’s safer in the central city than ever. I see single women walking in Downtown at night in short minis — what? On Main or LA street, double what? And could I have predicted EP would turn into Hipsterville? Limos and miniskirts in my ‘hood? no way.

    Sure, it isn’t all roses, we have car breakins on Sargent Court and Place, up off of Scott, up from EP Ave. But I hear few gun shots these days. Heard a lot when I moved to Sargent Pl. many years ago, nightly it seemed. Rare now. I see more PD and Sheriff’s units cruising than ever. We got fast response on a weirdo-coming-onto-property call recently, no complaints on LE response from my POV.

    After seeing the ghettos of Philly, Bed-Stuy, DC and Baltimore, the worst, we do okay out here. Our worst areas don’t compare to the above, unbelievable urban scenes, hard to believe it’s America.

    LA is a major city, and I know that where I live hosts many gangs, guns are everywhere and that crime is part of urban living. I don’t like it anymore than anyone else.

    I pay the price for where I live. I watch my back, lock my doors and am always careful on the streets. Overall I feel safer in 2010 than in previous decades, 1975 — 1995.

    Historical note for the nostalgic: growing up in old Los Angeles was beautifully safe and wonderful. It was a big small town.

    Go trick or treating anywhere, far as your legs could take you, w/o parents. Play all day till dark, run home for dinner. Ride a bus alone east on Temple from Silver Lake to EP lake to fish all day. Head into downtown to shop at May Co., Bullock’s or Robinson’s, no worries. Never saw a gun at Virgil or Belmont, never heard one, no one owned one. Worst crimes were stolen cars or burglaries.

    The vibe changed as the Sixties came to a close and crack came in to Westlake. Oldtimers fled, newcomers filled and overfilled the space left. Guns. I think we’re in better shape.

    Just my thoughts, your milage may vary.

  27. Omg Thats My Tio, I Saw This Photo On Facebook About in an hour ago and i was clearly shocked. I Dont Think He Would Do That Because Hes Not That Type Of Person. Im Sick And Tired Of How Cops Always Make Us Hispanics Look Bad, I Guess Its Just Racism.

  28. Man, the cops make us all look bad, Bernice.
    I am a native, too- the hipsters make the problem worse, because now we are fighting the war on two fronts… drunken Bro’s imported from the valley or Orange County starting brawls and attracting muggers and rapists… true story, check the blogs and news about the increase in muggings and rapes in the area around Little Joy and Short Stop.. the on-going gang wars fueled by a crap economy, rising rents and cost of living increases and a general feeling of being “pushed out”.
    It sucks.. it really does…and I don’t see it getting better, I think the influx of these out-of-town hipsters makes it worse in so many ways… as all of them that I see are snorting powders they buy from gang members. So more drugs in the neighborhoods, more crime, more gang wars, more disorderly conduct, more drunk driving accidents like the one that happened this Saturday….All this… AND our fish have herpes.

  29. “…the on-going gang wars fueled by a crap economy, rising rents and cost of living increases and a general feeling of being “pushed out”.”

    Sorry, have to disgree. Call a criminal a criminal, please.

    Gangs do today what they’ve always done in urban centers, commit crimes against people and property, push drugs, kill innocents for initiations and other gang members for territory.

  30. Hey, I’m a native too and I think that people shooting guns don’t need cops to make them look bad.

    Gang members get no sympathy from me and the sooner they’re arrested or gone, the better.

  31. this comment by ‘Darcie’ is so deluded it’s almost hilarious. almost.

    “the hipsters make the problem worse….attracting muggers and rapists… the on-going gang wars fueled by a crap economy, rising rents and cost of living increases and a general feeling of being “pushed out”.

    so women who go to the little joy are at fault for attracting rapists?
    And gangbangers feel pushed out, and that’s why they make hits? Even more amazing. None of those guys live in Angelino Hts. They’re diamond street mostly and over there they are not pushed out. They’re in control. the idea of blaming a lunatic hitman ditching his getaway vehicle and attracting swat teams on gentrification is…well, just incredible.


    Yo. I am tired of all this
    “pushed out” talk…stop making people who live and lived in Echo Park seem like victims who have no control of their lives, Darcie. Did you ever think that some people might have wanted to move? Away from this kind of violence? That maybe they made a choice that benefitted them and are not just helpless victims looking for a superhero like you?

    Did you ever stop and think that there is rent control in Echo Park which means that you CAN’T get pushed out.

    Also, so many people who left OWNED homes and SOLD them to speculators. That’s not getting PUSHED OUT, that’s getting CASHED OUT.

    Darcie, also I know for FACT that you are just another hipster.

  33. Too bad I missed all the action last weekend. Unfortunately I was visiting a country where cholos don’t exist. How culturally deprived some parts of the world are.

  34. As a -58 year old retired Diamond St. gang member I see what you have done to the E.P.barrio You got the cops on your side while you drink and get loaded in plain view no problem but a few life long neighborhood guys get together and you got problems.ITS ALL B.S. You will never take over Diamond St.Barrio

  35. People aren’t being pushed out there leaving because of gang violence. If I’m a hard working family man and I hear about 4 yr olds being shot by stray bullets from gang disputes the first thing I’d do is sell my home to a hipster dumb enough to buy it and kiss EP goodbye. The Father of the 18 yr old who was killed in the Christmas Day gang beef purposely left EP (says it in the news interview) to get his away from gangs. NO ONE PUSHED HIM OUT. Well more accurately GANGS PUSHED HIM OUT.

  36. I know who this guy is, his 31 years old and go’s in and out of jail since age of 16. Hes from a very small gang that was died out by the OBS OSIRIBOYS gang back in 1995. How emberrassing getting caught by a k 9. Even the cops are laughing, you could tell on the picture.

  37. @old school how would you know this individual? as far as i know their are a few gangs in the area 1 of the oldest happens to be Diamond Street, Then Echo Park Locos. Obs or Osirisboys we’re never big just see their writing on a few walls here and there i think they were football team. but their is a smaller gang in the Angeleno Heights district named aths or ahts they were very active in the 80’s and 90’s and i believe they are still around because of the graffiti around my area maybe this incident has something to do with all the violence all around the EP area.

  38. 70’s kid: You must be from ahts cause no one hears about them lol. You must be new in this area, there’s at least 37 gangs in the rampart area. Google it. This suspect’s name is Luis Tapia and he was their last member. I live in E. Kensinton R.D and Merion all I see is OBS OSIRIBOYS all over vobs market and all over angelino heights. I have never seen that ahts or whatever gang you made up. They even had a story about that in the Eastsider. Ahts died out in the early 90’s so you lie about that, they were around in the 80’s but in small numbers. Even the cops would laugh if you say they had something to do with all the violence in this area. Even the Eastsider is probably like whats that? I never heard about them.

  39. this guys name is luis he is known for punking around lcm and obs ive known him since elementry you see how this guy old school talks about him, you can tell he is a c.i. or a desperate person trying to glorify his so called gang obs lol.. gimme a break… eastsider please tell me you see this if not you must be blind i read all your threads and i see this guy commenting mostly around the angelino heights area.. c’mon

  40. Great another dirtbag of the streets.he was caught prostituting himself..he was dressed for success

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