R.I.P Theresa *

The Los Angeles coroner is withholding the name of the 29-year-old woman who was killed in a Saturday morning traffic collision at Glendale Boulevard and Bellevue Avenue  until they can confirm that the immediate family has been contacted. However,  the words “RIP THERESA 1981 2010 WE MISS U” have been spray painted on a wall near the accident site.

Before Saturday’s fatality, the most recent statistics from the LAPD Central Traffic Bureau show that 2 people have died so far this year in traffic incidents in the Rampart Division, which includes Echo Park and Silver Lake south of Sunset Boulevard; 1 traffic death in in the Northeast Division, which stretches from Los Feliz to Eagle Rock, and five in the Hollenbeck Division, which includes Boyle Heights, El Sereno & Lincoln Heights.

* Update: Several people have asked what “The American Egypt” sign is about. It’s apparently refers to a  a 2002 documentary film created by Jesse Lerner, whose website lists the building’s address under contact information for the film


  1. A terrible tragedy, and unfortunately, one that could have been avoided with. Glendale Blvd is so wide that it’s essentially a southward extension of the 2 freeway w/ some traffic lights. Its inexcusable that we allow something so dangerous and unfriendly to pedestrians cut through the heart of the community, for the sake of letting commuters pass through Echo Park faster. A lane in either direction should be sacrificed to create wider sidewalks, bike lanes, and shorter crossing distances. More importantly, it would slow traffic down and encourage cars not to travel through the neighborhood at highway speeds, lessening the potential for tragedies like this.

  2. I’ve never thought about that before, Chris, it’s not a bad idea at all.

  3. graffiti on private property idiots”

  4. Not trying to sound like a jerk, but Chris I don’t understand how your solutions could have prevented this horrible loss of life.

    1.) It occurred at approximately 3 a.m. Less cars are on the road, people are more prone to speeding.
    2.) That section of Glendale Blvd. is so far removed from the 2 Freeway and has , by then, narrowed from 6 lanes to 4 lanes at that point.
    3.) The vehicles said to have caused the accident were coming off of Bellevue and turning left, South, onto Glendale Boulevard.
    4.) She was not a “pedestrian” but was also in a vehicle and was traveling North on Glendale Boulevard.

    While I will agree that the intersection is somewhat “dangerous”, especially to pedestrians, I do not think this particular instance was due to anything but negligence.

    (Note: I live right by and travel that intersection on a daily basis.)

  5. While I realize it might not be directly related to this incident, the entire west side of Echo Park lake has only one signalized intersection (at Santa Inez), which promotes high travel speeds for cars, as well as making it difficult for pedestrians to cross over to the park. This stretch of Glendale Boulevard could definitely benefit from some traffic calming – at the very least a couple of pedestrian activated crosswalks would help.

  6. R.I.P Theresa Rivas

    Just Say No to negligence and vandalism!

  7. @PK – My mistake- I didn’t know the details of the accident, and made an incorrect assumption that she was a pedestrian.

    Everything I said about Glendale Blvd still stands however; like Rollers said, that stretch of Glendale is designed for speeds inappropriate for the neighborhood. Traffic calming is definitely in order.

  8. Yeah, let’s it make one lane in each direction. That’s really going to help the congestion on Glendale Blvd between 3 and 7PM.

    Something should be done on Echo Park Blvd by the lake though. People do travel pretty fast down that street.

  9. Amen, Mr. Rollers. That traffic light at Santa Ynez is incredibly dangerous because people aren’t paying attention or are driving too fast on Glendale. I see people blowing through that red light constantly… pretty scary.

  10. The city pretty much considers Glendale Blvd to be a freeway extension, all the way to the 101 (and you see a lot of big trucks, as well as cars, treating it that way). The changes made in the area where Alvarado comes in, maybe 5-6 years ago? (no left turn onto Berkeley from Glendale S, tucking the left turn across the median at Montana, etc) were all done with the idea of making traffic flow better, faster, and more freeway-like. So they are not going to suddenly decide to turn around and do traffic calming.

    I expect this is all getting even with the neighborhood for opposing turning Glendale Blvd into an actual freeway extension way back when.

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