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Daily Archives: January 8, 2011

What does your old van say about you?

It seems like nearly every block of Echo Park is home to an aging American-made van. Dodge Ram vans with tinted windows and bands of stripes. Ford Econoline 100s topped by ladders. Vans with teardrop shaped windows, snakeskin-like stripes, curtains and blinds. Many are mocked as outdated and some reviled because they are havens for the homeless. Read More »

Sponsored Post: Realize your New Year’s resolutions

Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Thea Pueschel helps lift those 2011 goals off the page and into action through her Atwater Village company, Hypnotiq Solutions. The top five reasons people are seeking hypnotherapy right now are stress reduction, self esteem enhancement, career advancement/change and relationship (attracting a ... Read More »