Are Silver Lake burglars watching their weight?

How else to explain why a bathroom scale was among the approximately $7,000 worth of belongings – including flat-screen TVs, antique jewelry and laptop computers – stolen from a Silver Lake home near Lakewood and Rowena avenues on Tuesday afternoon.  The burglary was discovered at about 4 p.m. when a Silver Lake woman named Kaitlin returned to the home she shares with her sister and another roommate and noticed that her dog was acting strangely. Then she realized the 32-inch flat panel TV in the living room was gone and the front window had been forced open. That was only the beginning:

“Once it hit me that someone had stolen our TV, I ran back to the bedrooms to find them in complete dishevelment. I entered my room first. The floor was covered in my clothes and shoes. My new flat panel television was gone along with my Mac book laptop. My entire jewelry box had been emptied and the contents of it were gone, my purses were all missing and most of my shoes had vanished. I was shocked!

Our xbox along with our “Rock Band” xbox game was gone. Our designer sunglasses, shoes and purses were gone. Jewelry from the early 1900s that was passed down to us from our great-grandmother and great-aunts. They even took our hair straighteners, make up and our bathroom scale.”

Kaitlin, who has been renting the house since last September, said she wanted to warn her neighbors about the burglary.  She did not know of any other recent burglaries but said there had been some recent car break-ins. So far, no witnesses have been found who might have seen the burglar or burglars  leave the house.

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  1. If it was discovered at 4pm, I wonder if it was someone in the neighborhood who knew when they would be gone. This happened to me in Highland Park, when we think our neighborhood teenagers tried to rob us of our stuff but left everything in the backyard when my roommate returned. Hope they have renters insurance, although the loss of heirlooms is terrible.

  2. That sucks and the tenants have my sympathies. What makes the loss worse is the profound sense of violation of your home nest. An important remnder to victims, very often the perps will come back in a few mnths after you have replaced your electronics, so please take appropriate measures.

  3. Actually, the emails have been humming between neighbors. It is fairly certain that it was 2-3 white males posing as magazine salesmen.

  4. Last Thursday (1/6), I came home from work during my lunch break to check on my dogs. (I live near the Silver Lake dog park). As I pulled in my driveway, I saw a young man looking in my front window. When he heard my car, he came towards me and starting telling me how he was selling magazines for a “points drive.” He was stuttering and stammering like he had barely rehearsed his sales-pitch. Needless to say, I was highly suspicious and told him that I wasn’t going to buy any magazine (his magazine order form looked fake/unused). He was a skinny white man, about 22-25 years old. He was wearing very baggy jeans, a hoody sweatshirt and a navy colored baseball cap turned backwards. And as I was going back to work, I saw the same guy with a slightly heavy-set white male standing in front of the apartments across from the dog park. I called LAPD Northeast to and gave them their descriptions and a recount of the incident.

    Reading Laura’s comment, I’m fairly certain that my “magazine salesmen” were burglars looking for empty houses. One thing that really surprised me is that my big, loud dogs did not deter the guy at all. Please pick these guys up, LAPD!

  5. Naw the burglars aren’t watching their weight they just grabbed whatever and split.

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