Echo Park nightclub shooting reveals the musical tastes of biker gangs

Last summer a member of the Mongols biker gang was arrested for allegedly opening fire on nightclub goers at The Echo after he came gunning for a rival from the Hell’s Angels who was inside the Echo Park club. The shooting left three people injured who had been at the club during its weekly Part Time Punks show featuring performances by the Warlocks and The Meek. It also left many people wondering what would have attracted bikers to The Echo, a hot spot for indie music. This week, a story in the L.A. Weekly provides more eyewitness accounts of the June 21 shooting and background as to what attracted biker gang members to The Echo. It turns out bikers are also fans of the dark side of indie music, according to the story:

“Los Angeles Police Department detectives were initially baffled. The Echo isn’t a hub of criminal activity, and Part Time Punks is just that. This is where the bloodless and the twee, guys who can’t bench-press their shirts, chicks in leopard-print dresses, have no natural predators.

At the time, an LAPD supervisor at Rampart Division could only comment, ‘This is kind of weird.’

But the LAPD quickly established that among fans of the dark, psychedelic music churned out by garage rockers the Warlocks and the Meek are members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. ‘We’re going over the security tape and see there’s a ‘full-patch’ Hells Angel in the club,’ says Officer Jose Mireles, of Rampart Division, meaning a full-fledged member, ‘and he’s the victim’ of the attempted hit.”

The story also says that Echo Park and Los Feliz have seen an  “influx of violent, clashing criminal biker groups.” But, with the exception of the Echo shooting and a description of a dozen Mongols stopping by a Los Feliz dive bar, there was no other information about biker violence in the area.


  1. Wow…we actually CAN travel back in time to the past!

  2. Why do the cops say this is weird? Bikers like music just as much as much as any punkster in the neighborhood does. Especially bands like the Warlocks who have been around for so long. What’s weird is that the Mongols don’t have better aim. Apparently they sent the wrong marksman. Jerks. At least no one was killed.

  3. Maybe one good thing about biker gangs coming into Echo Park is that they’ll eventually come face to face with these EXP idiots and wipe the street with ’em.

  4. In my experience, biker gangs tend to have the best taste in music out of all the different types of gangs.

  5. Nothing like some white on brown violence to clean up the neighborhood. *thumbs up*

  6. Finally, some white gangs to take care of the brown gang problem! Is everyone that lives in Echo Park a racist nutjob? Gross!

  7. HeII,were no different then anyone or any group. everyone has different tastes in music. some even go to different bars, or party and do things outside of the club. The real difference between MC’s is were not being fooled into believing anything the cops and feds say. No, were not street gangs, and we dont really like them, but thats there world, we have ours, unless you come into ours.

  8. Groovy maaaan. Where’s my Up With People patch and fringe leather vest.

    Bikers go back to where ya came from – the caves (trailer parks) of Lancaster, your Meth lab is on fire and your baby is only half beaten to death.

  9. uhh..the leader of the mongols east chapter lives in echo park

  10. J, this has nothing to do with race, in my opinion–The Mongols have better style.

  11. Okay people, just want to clarify a few things. First 99% of the Mongols MC are good shots. Most of them will hit what they shoot at because we go to range all the time. Also race has nothing to do with it, it is all about respect. I guarantee that most of you that post on this site don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I don’t care who you are people like all types of music and the cops are just talking out their butts. All I can say is(it is a black-and-white world and always will be) if you know what the outlaw biker lifestyle is about Daniel understand this post. Much love and respect to all the brothers of the black-and-white nation.


    Bikers can wip the echo park but bikers can not wip the OBS X3 GANG

  13. i missed the gig @ The Echo on 06.20.10, but only because i was travelling. That there had been an unfortunate incident outside the club doesn’t change the fact that i still am bummed that i missed The Warlocks that night.

    What happened there could have happened anywhere. And has. But maybethat Hell’s Angels guy was hiding out @ The Echo because a Warlocks performance iwould (and should have) take him off the radar.

    If The Warlocks played every week in El Lay, @ The Echo or elsewhere, i would be there.

    Viva Los Warlocks.


  14. “White on Brown Violence”? Shooter’s name is Jose Luis Sanchez.

  15. When it’s just one worthless waste of space killing another worthless waste of space, i could care less, which is why i tolerate all the cholos in the area. But shooting indiscriminately at a crowd of hipsters? Mongols are scum.

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