Here’s one way to avoid waiting in the Home Depot return line

Many shoppers entering the Cypress Park Home Depot experience a “there-but-for-the-grace-of-God” moment when walking past the line of  impatient-looking  customers waiting  to return malfunctioning cordless drills or PVC pipes that didn’t fit.  At least one Home Depot customer, however, was able to avoid this dreaded ritual, according to The Consumerist. A man named Dan who got stuck with what he said was a defective LG brand dishwasher purchased at the Cypress Park store fired off an email one night to the CEO of Home Depot explaining his plight:

“Right now, we’re pretty much back to washing dishes by hand, since the dishwasher has turned out to be such a disaster in so many ways. I’ve never written a complaint letter to a CEO, so I’m not sure exactly what to ask for, but what I’d really like is for Home Depot to take the product back, used as it is, so we can exchange it for a better (non-LG) model. I am open to other solutions, but both my wife and I feel that we’ve been through the wringer on this already.”

The next morning, Dan got a call from a Home Depot employee tell him that he could get another dishwasher free of charge. Click here to read Dan’s letter.

Photo by D’Arcy Norman/Flickr


  1. Hahaha, “back to washing dishes by hand” – I have NEVER had a dishwasher! That said, I get his issue with buying a product that’s defective, but I can’t help but get a laugh out of that line…

  2. Not to say I love Home Depot but I’ve always been impressed by how easy it is to return something there. I’ve waited in line a few times, but for the most part I’ve generally found it way easier and quicker to return something than it generally is to buy something there. Plus the people are always pleasant and nonjudgmental. They even accept unused items without a receipt for store credit.

    Ikea on the other hand has recently become a nightmare. If something is beyond 90 days or in open packaging they either won’t return/exchange it or they will charge you a restocking fee. Plus they generally begin with a confrontational attitude. When you buy a kitchen or a few other things they will carry on about their 5 year warranty. However if something breaks they act as though they have never heard of it and repeatedly mention their 90 day return policy. — Other than complaining like an old geezer, I’d like to warn everybody to never be taken in by their warranty claims and only expect to have any Ikea purchase repaired/exchanged in the first 90 days. Plus expect to wait awhile for your turn at the return department.

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