I Brake for Craftsman Houses

A slow moving, 99-year-old, 100-ton Craftsman apartment house took about 30 minutes to travel three blocks early this morning to a new – albeit temporary – home in Echo Park. The two-story structure, the only building that was not knocked down to make way for a retirement apartment complex at the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Park Avenue,  was pulled by heavy-duty tractor truck past Angelus Temple, Echo Park Lake and some bewildered night owls  to an empty lot at the corner of  Park and Echo Park avenues.  The move began at about 1 a.m. when 74-year-old Ted Hollinger, who has moved about 5,000 buildings in his lifetime, gave the go-ahead to his son Jim, who was driving the truck, to step on the gas. With a lurch, the brown shingled craftsman moved down off its lot and veered to the north on to Glendale Boulevard before making a right turn (shown in the video) on Park Avenue.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m., the house and its moving crew had reached Echo Park Avenue. One of the onlookers was Jim Tracy, who lived for nine years in a second floor corner apartment in the Craftsman building. He noted that the Craftsman would travel past his new apartment building. “My old place is going to move past my new place.”

Some early morning walkers did a double-take at the sight of the newly relocated apartment house (bottom photo) on what had been an empty lot the day before. The Foursquare Foundation, an affiliate of Angelus Temple, arranged to move the apartment house to the empty lot until a permanent location can be found.

Top photo by Stephen Roullier; bottom photo by The Eastsider


  1. Did I see a UFO in that video?

  2. All while Joyce “$23,000 marble topped toilet paid for by her flock” Meyer looks on.

    BTW just so everyone’s clear, that historic Craftsman will dismantled and scrapped by Foursquare/Angelus Temple once they get it out of sight.

  3. We really need to get rid of the property tax exemptions for churches.

  4. I didn’t know it was just going to be scrapped. Can’t they at least give it away to someone who wants to move and restore it? I’ve said it before, this “community” church has no interest whatsoever in this community. I wonder how many of its executives live anywhere near here.

  5. I saw these greedy Semple-Temple pastors Matthew and company one night on TBN – CBN ? asking for money, send money, MONEY, MONEY more money. Don’t forget to take that $20.00 dollars out of your shoe and contribute God is watching, they should be ashamed of there self. Pastors of destruction I say.

  6. I met Mr. Jesus Sanchez that night, who stayed up through early Fri. AM to take the video & pic. Very nice publisher/writer fellow from the Eastsider LA. I’ve been told the building is for sale – only $1. Just pay shipping & handling.

  7. I used to live across the street from that church on Lemoyne… and although some of their congregation are really nice folks (Judy, Stan) the pastors and management (in their Jaguars and BMW’s) always struck me as greedy evangelists.

    They tore down their own affordable “student” housing to build that parking structure (for lame Christian rock concerts), they have plans to tear down the apartments across the street (my old landlord claimed they were quite hostile in attempting to buy his duplex on the cheap), and I used to spay/release some of the stray cats that hung around their church with my girlfriend and they were total jerks about “trespassing” on their property.

    Oh well, I suppose they’re just following in Aimee Semple Mcpherson’s crooked footsteps.

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