New discount store opening in Echo Park

The Epack Family Store closed in December after more than a decade of selling low-priced clothes in Echo Park. The Epack space,  located on a busy stretch of Sunset Boulevard near Echo Park Avenue, won’t be staying vacant long, however.  New merchandise and shelving is already filling the storefront as the Sol Mart, a discount market and store in El Sereno, prepares to open a new Echo Park outlet.  A person at the Sol Mart in El Sereno declined to provide details about the new store but said it should be opening soon.


  1. another discount store … I thought maybe something a little cooler than that would open with such a large space.

  2. I’m disappointed yet another discount store is opening in a space that could be used for something a little more exciting. Is there really a demand for this? I suppose it’s better than a perpetual vacancy.

  3. I’m glad that the space is being filled so quickly and not by another hipster establishment. Demand? This IS Echo Park and though people choose to ignore, there is a demand. I just hope the amazing signage stays.

  4. I stopped shopping Echo Park (except for medical needs at Walgreen’s) a long time ago. I shop Highland Park, Downtown, or on line. I wouldn’t give these new places the time of day, SORRY THIS IS O.G Echo Park SPEAKING HERE. OH I do love we have an OUT of the CLOSET here now. Found an $89.00 dollar dress tags still on for $5.99, almost bought it at full price via catalog. As for the bars I bought a BOSE system and stock up on beer when on sale. KOOL BREEZE. Come over some day and have a beer or two. Currantly in stock Moon Harvest and New Castle.

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