News & Notes from Boyle Heights, Echo Park, Lincoln Heights & Silver Lake

Queen’s Arms, Eagle Rock | Photo by Orrin Anderson/Flickr

  • House flippers land in Boyle Heights. Curbed L.A.
  • L.A. Times endorses Luis Sanchez for District 5 school board seat. L.A. Times
  • A Lincoln Heights pharmacy once filled with ’70s nostalgia. L.A. Eastside
  • Really? Echo Park’s art scene is like “Paris in the Twenties” and “Greenwich Village in the Fifties.” Huffington Post
  • Motorcycle races run over Dodger Stadium’s “specialness”.   Daily News
  • Zumba for Echo Park youth sports scholarships. Council District 13
  • New preschool caters to Silver Lake’s “youngest creative class.”  Brand X

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  1. Luis Sanchez is running in dist 5

  2. @doreet. Sorry about that. I just fixed.

  3. That Gordy Grundy must’ve gotten too much lake water before writing that Huffington Post bit.

    That’s the most over-the-top clownishness I’ve ever read on EP. But I’ll sure quote it when I sell my house…

  4. Wow. That Huffington Post piece is of the most cloying and annoying pieces ever written about Echo Park. I love Echo Park, but the way Gordy Grundy describes it — full of pretentious wannabes, who are in love with themselves, and with their friends and their feigned- so-called “talent” — makes me want to puke all over myself. If you want to see our neighborhood be derided, made-fun-of and forced to go down-hill keep writing awful pieces like that, Gordy Grundy.

    I for one, will not be quoting any part of that article when I sell my house (not planning on selling anyway) as I assume that the potential buyer would laugh at me. I would probably laugh at myself. Gross. I want to puke.

  5. Sorry. It is even more outrageous than I thought. Did Gordy Grundy really use the term W**back in that Huffington Post piece? Seriously? Mr. Grundy — do you know where you live? Do you know that even after gentrification some 50% of the residents Echo Park are Latino? And even if they are mostly U.S. citizens and long-time residents (of Echo Park and the United States), they don’t appreciate the use of the term, which has historically been used as a derogatory and demeaning term for Mexican immigrants? It is not acceptable to use it in public conversation or in print. It is highly offensive.

    You might think it is “cute” to use it in regards to a “cute” European immigrant you know, but it only serves as evidence that you are poser who does not even know the neighborhood you are writing about. Anybody who has lived in Echo Park — or any part of LA west of Vermont — for more than a minute would know not to use that term, at all. But, of course, Mr. Grundy does not know that because he is a self-absorbed idiot. Not only are you a pretentious prick, but probably a first-class A-hole. I bet even your friends are embarrassed that you mentioned their names in your dumb piece. Geez. I’m glad I don’t know you.

  6. Kevin: Yes. You got it… Before the City got rid of the lotus flowers, I would begin every day with a Tarzan yell and an eight-ounce glass of water from Echo Park Lake. I may look 31, but I am really 77. Frankly, with declining property values (I’m a renter) I’d use the quote in a bold font.

  7. Cristi#1: Don’t puke. My pals are hard-working talents. I guess we don’t know the same people, otherwise you might cheer my huzzahs.
    The article NEVER intimated these people were full of themselves. Believe me, these folks have no pretenses. I just said they are working hard and taking risks. I’m proud of them and privileged to say that I know them.

  8. Cristi#2: OUTRAGE!! Yeah. I did use the term W**b*!#. In a decidedly and humor-purposed context. (I snort for your derision. or lack of humor.) The thoughtful folks at the Huffington Post read, or anticipated, your *!@$# concern and excised the sentence: “It’s never easy for a wetback.” I did not object. But I will now, just for you. “Wetback” is a derogatory term.
    If I called a Mexican Photographer a Wetback, yeah, that would be an insult. But, let’s read the original text, designed for humor and a purposeful laugh:
    “Dutch photographer Monica N**** now lives out in the open. Five years ago she was dodging immigration, but now she has been accepted as an ‘Alien With Extraordinary Abilities In The Arts And Sciences’. It’s never easy for a wetback. She juggles jobs and assignments for architects and art magazines, but it is her O*** School of Art students that inspire how she spends her time.”
    Mano y mano? Snooze. Cute? I am the cutest SoCal CRACKER you ever met who has been living in EP longer than a minute–more like two decades.
    How dare you assume so much.

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