Public asked to help find driver in Echo Park accident

A woman riding her motorcycle through Echo Park last night suffered cracked ribs and bruises after her bike struck a car that turned left in front of her at Allesandro and Baxter streets.  The car, described as a black BMW sedan with tinted windows, ran a stop sign as it made a left turned left off Baxter in front of the motorcyclist traveling northbound on Allesandro , said the woman’s boyfriend, Rick Carmody. Carmody said his girlfriend, who was accompanied by another motorcyclist, was heading home to Highland Park when the accident took place at about 11:30 p.m.  The driver of the car did not stop following the accident and continued driving southbound on Allesandro. If anyone has information about the accident or the car involved in the accident, Carmody asks that they contact police. Carmody said by email:

“Keep your eyes open for a BMW with the driver rear brake light broken, rear quarter panel damage, and a good chunk of the bumper apron missing.”


  1. The vehicle is a Black Metallic 5 series BMW, 1997-2004. We found some part numbers on the broken bumper parts from the scene of the accident.

  2. [IMG]http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1409/5808302/11462344/394695133.jpg[/IMG]


  3. I’m very sorry to hear about the accident, but I’m glad that the injuries weren’t worse. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    This prompts me to (over)share concerns that I’ve had about this intersection since it became a part of my daily commute.

    Clearly, the the BMW driver’s failure to stop was a major factor in this accident. But even if drivers stops correctly at the stop sign, the Baxter/Allesandro intersection can very dangerous when making turning left from Baxter onto Allesandro. It can be very difficult to see vehicles driving northbound on Allesandro for three reasons:

    1. The grade and slight curve of Allesandro

    2. Vehicles, especially larger ones, parked near the southeast corner of Allesandro and Baxter

    3. The (very) short palm trees growing on the east side of Allesandro near the intersection (visible in this Google street view: http://bit.ly/i4fDPO ) that obscure the line of sight for cars with lower clearance

    While there’s little we can do to prevent drivers from not following the law (e.g. stopping at stop signs, hitting and running) and there’s nothing we an do about the grade and curve of Allesandro, we *can* do something about issues 1 and 2:

    — Cars shouldn’t be allowed to park so close to the intersection. Extend the red zone at least 30ft further south on Allesandro.

    — Vegetation should not be allowed to obscure visibility. Remove the short palm trees or replace them with grown trees with a thinner trunk.

    These improvements would not only allow vehicles turning left from Baxter onto Allesandro to see oncoming traffic better, but they would also allow vehicles traveling north on Allesandro to get an earlier view of traffic turning from Baxter, thus allowing more time to take take evasive action if necessary (e.g. when black BMW pulls out after failing to stop).

    Who (or what department of the City) should I petition about this?

  4. You are so right! I stood at were the car would have look to turn and you could not see very well around a large truck parked on Allesandro next to the corner of Baxter. I think a Petition on the safety of that corner is a must!! Thank You for your insight and concern!


  5. Rick did you take picts?

  6. Rick I believe you know my daughter from Brookfield Il. Please contact me. I also work and live in the community and perhaps can assist you.

  7. Rick,

    Most OEM BMW parts, if original, have a VIN # on a sticker on the part. As a person who looks at trade in cars for a dealership, this is how I determine in some cases if a vehicle has been in an accident. A longshot, but worth checking out. If you have the VIN #, you’ve got the car. Good luck, I’m very sorry to hear about your girlfriend, I hope she recovers quickly. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse. I ride and so does my girlfriend, yet, I worry about her safety all the time. I really hope you catch this hit and run driver and prosecute to the extent of the law.

  8. Thanks everyone for the in site. Bad thing. No lead on finding the black bmw so far. She is doing better, but still suffering from the broken ribs. Her insurance will not cover the accident since there is an unknown driver of the bmw. We have been able to find lots of parts to put the bike back together thanks to some really great friends. Glo, I don’t have any contact info on you man, so no way to reach out to ya, carmodyrick@hotmail.com
    Craig, there are some imprentations with numbers on one of the parts. Perhaps if I go back to BMW; they can pull a vin number. I have called the police department everyday this week so I can give the officer who took the police report to call me back, but he still hasn’t made an effort to do so. I have left multiple messages with the investigation department but no reply. Apparently, this accident will never make it to the detectives. I have a number of the BMW parts north america that will report the parts that I have broken in their system if the parts are requested, but they will only report that if the police call them…..which they won’t even call me back to tell the lead on what model and info I have found out. I have driven through the neighborhood twice since the accident, and still no sign of the hit and run driver. LAPD sucks, and drivers that don’t own up to their responsibilities can go f themselves to hell.

  9. Rick have you contacted the two after market spots in the area ?
    The police are worthless big surprise , but they will likely go to the parts yard in the area there are only two alpine and horizon on sf road near the kia dealer and the other is near the lacey st, animal shelter.

  10. Rick… perhaps if you find out who the LAPD’s Senior Lead Officer (SLO) is in for that area, (Reporting District Maps and SLO info can be found on the LAPD Website) and make a personal visit (physically show up at the Community Resources Office on their duty day, early (7:30AM), before they go out into the field, you will find a person who will help you wade through the LAPD quagmire. Especially, if you explain the need to ID the suspect so the insurance co. will cooperate. Do not relenquish any evidence w/o taking photos/notations first. Traffic Division will eventually get to it, but it is a slow process unless someone is DOA. Best of luck. Stay proactive.

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