Silver Lake residents warned to be on the look out for a polite vandal

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGAn Echo Park man named Ted was staying  with his girlfriend in Silver Lake when he heard a loud sound at 3:20 a.m. on Wednesday. He did not bother to check out what happened but in the morning neighbors discovered that Ted’s Mini Cooper, parked in a carport in the 900 block of Sanborn St., had its front and rear windows smashed in by someone who used the leg rests of a wheel chair. Ted might have ignored that noise in the middle of the night but a neighbor reported seeing a strange but polite man on the property at about the same time.  Ted and others believe this man is responsible for the vandalism and want to warn their neighbors to be on the look out. Ted provided more details via emai:

My neighbor however did look out his balcony and saw (according to an email he sent the others in the building) a man who “appeared older, crusty, perhaps a vagrant, and he was carrying with him what looked like a bunch of tarps.” The neighbor told the man to leave and this is how the neighbor described the response: “He had a cigarette in his hand, said he had found it, and was looking for a match.  Strangely polite, he said he was sorry, said he wouldn’t do it again, and then proceeded to push the gate closed.  He did appear as if he wasn’t all there.”
Please suggest to your readers to contact the Rampart Division of the LAPD, with whom I filed a report, if they saw or see this man in the area; he is obviously a danger to property and might be a danger to himself.


  1. Perhaps a bit off topic… but is relevant to safety stuff.

    In the same area (Hyperion south of Sunset) has anyone else been wondering about the nightly fireworks (that tend to sound like gunshots) since the new year?

    Is anyone else annoyed by this or have more info?

  2. JE,

    Could this perhaps be gunfire coming from the Elysian Park Academy? In January, all sworn personnel (with a few exceptions due to time on the job and command staff) are qualifying with shotguns, and the range at the academy has been active. The ranges stay open till 9:00 p.m. Could that be it? The relays occur every 20 minutes until closing.

    If you are specifically hearing things that are not from Elysian Park, please let me know the time frame, and I’ll speak to the night watch lieutenant and alert him.

    (213) 484-3400

  3. PM sent. Thank you!

  4. The firecracker/gun shot sounds have been REALLY extreme today–I live in the area between Santa Monica/Melrose and Hoover/Virgil. Does anyone know what’s going on?

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