Sponsored Post: How to improve your home’s security in six easy steps

Select Patrol Founder & President, Darin Williams offers up these tips to keep Eastside residents safe in 2011:

  • Check to be sure the garage door is closed after you arrive home, or after having done any work in the garage. (It is not uncommon for Select Patrol to find garages open on weekend evenings.)
  • Before leaving the house for any length of time, make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked. This includes pet doors.
  • Whether you are at home or away it is important to leave some interior as well as exterior lighting on at night. A darkened home is a clear signal to opportunists the house may be unoccupied and therefore a potential target.

  • Set boundaries for persons who attempt to remove recyclable items from your blue container. Although some residents may not be particularly troubled by persons collecting cans and bottles from containers on the street, we often receive calls about men who come directly onto private property to gather up recyclables. This is a potentially dangerous situation and must not be allowed. Tell anyone you see trying to remove your discards to move on or you will call the police. If you are not comfortable with the direct approach simply call the police and provide a complete description of what the person looks like
  • Avoid financial transactions through your mail box. Theft of mail, especially outbound mail with checks, is reported to us at least twice every year, (and that is just from our members). Pay bills online whenever possible or drop off mail at the Post Office.
  • Strangers at the door. We are  often called about suspicious circumstances when a person appears either at the front door or down the driveway of a member’s home. When confronted, the individual will often say that he/she is looking for a friend or relative who lived at the particular address in the past. This may be legitimate or it could be a burglar who is probing to determine if someone is at home. If the person’s story does not add up in your mind call the police to investigate. Better safe than sorry.


  1. Thanks for the tips, Darin. Select Patrol is a valuable asset to the community – good people.

  2. Regarding the last point. I live on Echo Park Ave and about a week ago a woman and man came to the door. I assumed they were handing out “Watch Tower,” but it was a weekday evening and I had the instinct not to answer the door. Instead I spoke to them through a window. The woman was looking for someone who used to live in the house, but was quick to give up and ultimately left saying she had the wrong address. The man said nothing. Could be legit, but if you have a similar experience, worth calling it in.

  3. this makes me sad! but as an artist i completely understand.

  4. And get a dog – a big one.

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