Storefront Report: More ink to flow in Echo Park

The former Sunset Boulevard storefront that once housed the Echo Curio, a gallery and performance space that was forced to close last month, did not remain vacant very long.  It was quickly leased by Studio City tattoo artist Howard Teman, who expects to open his second shop in Echo Park, called T-Man Tat-2, by the middle of this month. Teman’s shop will join the other half-dozen tattoo parlors that already operate along Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.  More could be opening soon, with talk of a tattoo artist being considered to fill an Echo Park Avenue storefront.  Is there enough bare skin left in Echo Park for Teman to turn a profit?  Teman is betting there  is by focusing on the artistry of tattoos instead of an “assembly-line approach.” A big comfy, red velvet couch is also part of his strategy to create an attractive environment. “This will be the place to hang out,” he said Monday as he painted the interior of the Echo Park store on Sunset Boulevard near Laveta Terrace.

Teman, a poster artist who turned to tattooing about eight years ago, said rates at his Studio City shop start at $180 an hour but wants his Echo Park rates to be “neighborhood friendly” and will adjust prices if needed. The shop, which will be run by tattoo artist Daniel Thomas Chambers,  will stay open late to cater to the bar and club crowd.


  1. “A big comfy, red velvet couch is also part of his strategy to create an attractive environment.”

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  2. I wish this new business luck and regardless of my disdain for tatoos, I really want to see this area thrive with creative types. How come nobody can open a yoga studio or decent breakfast place in Echo Park?

  3. Right across the street from the spray paint store. One-stop shopping for gang-bangers and hipsters!

    The Echo Curio was better for the neighborhood. Too bad.

  4. Hugely disappointing news. This is what our lousy liquor laws have brought us.

  5. Conversion to Venice Beach East nearly complete. I’m going to open a Tattoo Truck. It’ll look like a taco truck but when you order a carne asada someone will come out and tattoo a steak taco on your lower back.

  6. oh, cool. this is going to make echo park a better place to live. i’ll be howard’s first customer. hopefully he can do this to my face!


  7. I have a tattoo so I don’t have a problem with the store I just don’t think we need so many of them! I agree about a decent breakfast place, haven’t found one yet.

  8. Respect to this cat for opening up shop just a block away from El Classico…

    I think several of us locals, need to collaborate on the whole “good breakfast spot” idea! I have yet to find somwhere in the area that I’ve actually returned to more than once, for breakfast.

  9. So incredibly lame. It was the coolest place and a center for arts in the neighborhood. Now it will be just a place for trash. Aside from Rock Paper that whole block is worthless.

  10. I don’t have anything against tattoos or people who have them, but isn’t there another place just a block away??

  11. bummer. we lose a place that was beneficial to the community (despite what a small – read: uninformed – minority believed), and in its place… ANOTHER tattoo place? i mean, i have nothing against tattoos and i wish the guy the best of luck, but really! out of all the places that could have made the curio’s loss sting a just a *little* less, we get this?


  12. Wow, I just looked at this guy’s website and this is pretty low class.

  13. @ A Person — Hilarious!!

  14. T-Man Tat-2? Really?

    I can definitely appreciate a good tattoo, but what an enormous waste of that space. City of Los Angeles, you blew it once again. Hopefully $180/hr (Get over yourself) and an over-saturated tattoo scene drives t-man and his low class tattoo work back out to Studio Shi*ty

  15. Gino-can you please help me understand why u give “Respect to this cat for opening up shop just a block away from El Clasico”…
    As the wife of El Clasico’s owner, I can share with you that we are a family business that has put our blood, sweat, tears, and savings into opening El Clasico. We have been shopowners for over a decade and would never disrepect another artist the way T-Man did. We love our neighborhood-we are homeowners, our kids go to school here in Echo Park, and we have a baby due in March. This is our livlihood, how we feed our families, and connect with our community. If you are so quick to call yourself a “local” I am surprised and saddened at how fast you are offering this dude your respect. Gino please take the time to get to know us we are pretty cool and always looking to meet more neighbors-stop by anytime or visit us online: http://www.facebook.com/elclasicotattoo

  16. I think it’s cool that someone is opening up a new Biz in Echo Park. It’s not his fault that the Curio shut down. I’m going to miss it but I say we give the guy a chance & welcome him to our hood! I drove by & it looks pretty nice.

    Welcome Howard & wish you success in 2011.

  17. Wow — I just visited his website and took a look at the tattoos he has inflicted upon others. There are some very entertaining (and NC-17-rated) photos there. If you’re procrastinating and in the mood to kill a few minutes, his website is definitely worth a visit. It seems he serves a wide-ranging demographic: Latino gangsters in search of Old-English-style tummy tats, Armenian dudes who want large, ornate crosses on their shoulders; and lots of hard-living, skinny young women who feel a need to mar the natural beauty of their breasts and genitalia with tattoos of stars and tigers.

  18. Sheesh! With all the negative feedback from you folks it’s no wonder the place was up for lease . . . In this economy, I am happy that a successful tattoo artist is able to open yet another shop after the success of his first one in Studio City. Let’s welcome this successful entrepreneur to the neighborhood . . . his business is also your business! And business is GOOD!

    What’s everyone so afraid of? When we love & support one another, everyone wins!

  19. T-Man Tat-2? Really?

    Wendy- I’m afraid the women of echo park will start thinking it’s cool to get dragon crotch tattoo’s.

    You clearly have no idea why the place was up for lease and how this tattoo shop filling the spot carries an additional letdown.

  20. Bummer. This is not what we need in our neighborhood. I have tattoos, but after looking at this guys work on his website, I am even more bummed out about losing the Echo Curio and getting this stooge and his clientele in here. Lame.

  21. So sad to see the Curio go. I’m a proponent of small business, but how many more tat places do we need in EP?

    btw – good breakfast place in EP = picnic by the lake and tocino mama vendors. nothing better.

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