Taggers are apparently no fans of Craftsman homes

A 1912 Craftsman-style apartment house in the process of being moved from a lot across from Echo Park Lake got tagged from nearly top to bottom. The giant tagging took place as the city considers slashing graffiti-removal funds by 50%. One Eastsider reader, who commented about the importance of those clean up funds, said:

“Graffiti clean up is to LA what snow removal is to NYC or Chicago.”

Photo by Echo Park resident


  1. What glory is there in destroying something beautiful? I just don’t get it.

  2. Pure jealousy and powerlessness is what fuels graffiti.

  3. If they were half smart the owners of this house would have booby-trapped it to fall on the little prick.

  4. It’s make me sad that instead of making this community look better, ignorant people make the worst choices to prove a point. We get it your dumb…

  5. annndddd it looks like I picked a good weekend to move out of Echo Park.

  6. Taggers are total losers, a blight on our city.

  7. Definitely sad! Yet, let’s continue to report graffiti to 3-1-1 or on line LA City graffiti removal. Sheer numbers will make City Officials realize that graffiti removal is a necessity for the betterment of LA City.

  8. smh saw this on the drive home from work yesterday. way to fuck with a piece of your neighborhood’s history asshole.

  9. I love graffiti and generally take the approach that if you don’t like it move to the cornfields. Graffiti is the biggest art movement ever, period.
    BUT this is disgusting and was clearly done by punks who don’t know the “rules” of graffiti. An important one being don’t tag the private space.
    I can’t see how the above letters would worsen the depression grey walls of the 101, but here they are a blight.

  10. i’m a fan of graffiti art but this is not art. so much tagging the last few days in this area. i spent all day reporting and painting retainer walls. i’m angry that these people have no respect for our community. great statement — “Graffiti clean up is to LA what snow removal is to NYC or Chicago.”

  11. aldo Thee Apache

    That’s sad, it’s a historic Craftsman no less.
    However this could have been avoided had the greedy mega-church across the street just left it where it RIGHTFULLY belongs, instead playing Christian ‘Monopoly’ with all of the lakeside property:

  12. The apartment isn’t ruined, it’s just paint, the “historicalness” of the community isn’t ruined I’m sure whomever is paying to move the building was going to repaint it anyway. The house is up on blocks like an abandoned car on the street did you think no one would vandalize it? Honestly it’s not a big deal, no one was living in the house, this is the city grafitti happens, get over it. I’m glad they only tagged it, a couple of years ago there was another large craftsman down in pico union that was being moved and some a hole set it on fire.

  13. The city is slashing the graffiti cleanup budget by 50%, so expect to see a lot more of this.

  14. perhaps there can be a curatorial aspect to LA graffiti removal if they can’t afford to buff all of it. i’ll happily advise them what to cover and what to leave, free of charge. time for toys like this little brat to go back to graffiti preschool.

  15. Everybody hates Chris L (well, at least ME)

    On the brighter side, they planned on taking off those shingles once they moved the house. So it’s just a mean gesture rather than hitting folks in the pocket book.
    But what news I see before me! I was sincerely avoiding this blog for awhile because of this man’s insufferable arrogant opinions all up and down this blog-olla.
    Good luck and good riddance! I truly hope you find the homogenized, gentrified Babylon where everyone is like you that you obviously crave. Then you can openly express your pompous righteous views to everyone on the street. Sadly, *because* everyone is like you, they will be too busy in their own self-righteous rants to listen.

  16. Are we ready for the bb gun approach yet? Pleeeaaase 🙂

  17. How can you hate Chris L? He has the cover of Dischord Records’ legendary Flex Your Head compilation tattooed on the inside of his wrist. Are you telling me you aren’t a fan of Teen Idles, Untouchables (DC), State of Alert, Minor Threat, Government Issue, Youth Brigade (DC), Red C, Void, Iron Cross, Artificial Peace, and Deadline?

  18. @ Ms/Mr BE-Because you like a song from a band on a commercial, do you buy the product? There are folks that like Bad Brains and Fugazi but kick puppies. I’m gonna put an avatar of Bacon on this and defy you to disagree! 😛

  19. what we need to do is give these kids a chance, give them walls to work on instead of pissing them with what ever we think art is, some of us never even held a a pencil to white sheet of paper or a brush to a canvas we move into their areas their neighborhoods and tell them what they should be doing, who really knows what art is anymore, we need walls for these handful of artist to be able to show of their work in a more social more decorative way LOS ANGELES is the street art center of the world lets make this work for all of us this is not going away we are all aware of this lets coordinate something to please the community, THE MORE WE SUPPORT THE ART OF STREET, THE MORE WE CUT DOWN ON VANDALISM this is where we were born it should be up to us to decorate our community!!! right??? its up to you and me, right???

  20. @Kophns? I smell you on that, it took some sort of know how to fill a fire extinguisher full of narsty salmon colored paint, these toys need graffiti veteranos to assist them in pride and technique (hopefully respect as well).

  21. They used to have a great place to do graffiti … the old subway tunnel at 2nd and Glendale Bl.

  22. @Kophns – Are you serious? That is NOT graffiti art, and I highly doubt whomever did it is claiming that it is! It’s tagging. I’m not trying to be rude here, honestly, but I think you need to read up on this a little so you can recognize the difference. Tagging is about marking territory/boredom. It’s about the thrill of seeing your name on a building because you’ll never actually have the thrill of owning one.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for giving kids an artistic outlet, but I don’t know if that would solve this problem, as I think there are much deeper problems involved…

  23. Whatever, it’s just paint get over it!
    Vandalism in Los Angeles what a surprise.
    Can’t you losers go facebook about some article you read on some indie music website.
    Damn hipsters.
    Go back to Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, or anywhere else how about Silver Lake.
    You guys try so hard to look so “urban.”
    As Jello said “…a hairstyle is not a lifestyle…”
    Complain about graffiti and turn around and love how gritty EP can be, and how jealous your friends are because you rent here.
    Go smoke you cigarettes and drive your leased prius’ while on your iphone.
    Have a nice day.

  24. chrisL, can you take some of your friends with you.

    also, i don’t mean to rant.
    I have lived in EP for 27 years I own my home, and I am disgusted further each day watching gentrification consume what was once a awesome place to live.
    Don’t confuse my sentiment, gangs suck! It was rough here for a while, but has anybody been to western and slauson?

  25. @Koal1,

    For not meaning to rant you still did a great job at it!

    Nice knowing you’re an EP “native.” Since you don’t like folks from other states encroaching on your turf, I wonder how you feel about folks from other countries?

    The only thing worse than an aging hippy is an aging punk rocker, it’s MUCH more pathetic!

  26. sarcasm…. look it up. I was ranting genius.
    What do you know about punk, the sorry excuse for manufactured “punk” of today or the last ten years.
    How long did it take you to reference my quote? Spend your time drinking 4 dollar coffee down the ave, and keep your opinion about things you have no idea about to yourself.

  27. oh I forgot the midwest WAS a huge punk influence sorry for ranting again.

    take care

  28. The city tries to remove the graffiti but then someone else just comes and write there also. It is pointless to try and remove all the graffiti from the city no matter what people are going to express themselves through the arts. We need to cut these guys a break.

  29. @Koal1
    Sir, I’m quite sure I’m the same age or older than you.

    I’ve never bought a cup of coffee at any price my entire life.

    I only referenced my place of birth because it’s clear you’re a bit xenophobic.

    I just think adults quoting Jello Biafra as if he’s some sort of great philosopher is kind of sad.

    But really, sorry if I got your goat. I just feel that part of the nature of the urban experience is change and evolution/devolution of neighborhoods, and if you don’t ever want things to be different you should live out in the sticks.

    Best wishes anyway.

  30. WOW! got your goat? well,
    Never bought a cup huh.

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