The violence that sparked Echo Park’s Christmas Day killing

It’s been more than a week since 18-year-old Caesar Frank Guerrero, who police have identified as an Echo Park gang member, was killed during a Christmas morning shooting on Innes Street. Police are still working on the case but Echo Park Patch has some details about what might have prompted  the shootout, which also left three other men injured.  Lt. Paul Vernon with the LAPD Central Division told Echo Park Patch:

“These were Echo Park gang members ‘taking potshots of each other,’ Vernon explains, adding that a shooting on Dec. 23 (outside of Echo Park) is what prompted the Dec. 25 shooting. ‘They didn’t hit their target so Guerrero and his accomplices came back on Christmas Day’ and, according to Vernon, ‘crept behind the fourplex and fired at the people inside to initiate the shooting.’

It’s unknown which gang’s gunfire actually killed Guerrero. The three individuals injured were from Guerrero’s rival gang, while Guerrero was with the group who drove the Honda Civic—later recovered at Baxter Street and Echo Park Avenue.”


  1. Thanx for the update! Here comes the 100+ off subject comments!

  2. @Alijill

    I guess that would make mine the first, insofar as you’re pretty much telling people not to bother communicating about this. Clue: other than a simple acknowledgment of receipt, everything else is going to be off topic to some degree. It’s kind of the nature of language.

  3. Yes, “RIP Crimes.” Add to that: “RIP Gangs”, “RIP Racism”, and “RIP Poverty”

  4. @ alijill: I was a commenter on that long, long thread and it seems like a way of discounting a lot of the frustrations, fears, and confusions of residents to call the comments, in total, “off-subject.” some of them were a bit odious, pointlessly aggressive, etc, but they were all on the topic of violence, gangs, race, prejudice, gentrification, and echo park, and this is what gets elicited, sorry, by a midday hit in our neighborhood. Why not just let people air out whatever they need to air out? that’s what the comment thread is for. The article itself is for the most direct address of the subject. The comments are for any discussion it engenders. If you don’t want to participate, don’t, uh, comment, or read comments…

  5. I am guessing, though I obviously don’t know, that Alijill’s comment is more referring to the repetitive + spiraling downward nature of the comments in the threads of this subject matter. This isn’t to say that there aren’t good points made or thoughtful posts, or that there isn’t even some healthy venting happening, but I, for one, find the cycle super depressing – horrible violence is reported, comments speak to spelling + grammar criticisms/outright racism/apologists/more violence/judgements. I think the nature of this post has some of us bracing for the comments to follow. I could not read them, and often do avoid them, but occasionally, I succumb and read, hoping to find something thoughtful, well-meaning, compassionate, that I hope better reflects the neighborhood and community I love, instead of the hate, bitterness, divisiveness and general mean-spiritidness that is easily found throughout the comments. I tell myself that’s ok – it’s rampant on the internet and if you are out and about in the community, it’s easy to see that there are good things and good people everywhere.

  6. This site is a great resource. I was relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one who can’t and still haven’t been able to wrap there head around how someone could feel the best decision they could make on Christmas Day was to go killing before lunch time. Ignorant comments as well as hateful ones were called out. With more participation can come more understanding. So if you got something to say. Say it.

  7. Anyone know the name of the rival gang?

  8. Could be the Krazies, but probably not since this article says the Dec 23rd shooting took place outside of EP. The Krazies are ExP’s main rival within EP.

  9. word on the street it was obs lcm….not sure but thats the word..

  10. Can’t we just blame it on the Echo Park Swapmeet.

  11. Word on the street says its the baton twirlers ,bass drum players , guys in tutus , bitter clowns and hula-hoop troop from brazil gang !

  12. “Why not just let people air out whatever they need to air out? that’s what the comment thread is for.”

    This strikes me as incredibly interesting. Is it? And what’s Jesus’ role in this as moderator? and what of hyperlocal sites trying to provide information? Is the comments below just a magnet for all things reactionary?

    I thought comments were for … comments. Not for the “airing” of things out. The Eastsider isn’t your psychotherapist. Or maybe it is. I don’t know.

  13. Gee Steve ,
    So much angst , take a bong hit and go to bed dude .

  14. Leave Alijill alone!…Respect the natives!

  15. @b.e. it was LCM



    R.I.P. Caesar AKA CRIMES. My heart goes out to all young men trying to be part of a “family.” Just remember your real familia are those who won’t forget you in a year, they don’t need to write R.I.P on walls or on paper, they will be the ones putting flowers on your grave 10 years from now. Just remember which name will be on your tombstone, The name your mom gave you not your hood name. Who will hurt more in the end? The people that really knew you not those who knew the image you try so hard to maintain…

  18. Obs..are gone..lcm..is hiding
    And “blaze” is probally on his way to hell if he’s not already there

  19. MARA – YOU or any one of the gangs you listed for that matter are not RIFA. We all have 6 quarts of blood in our bodies. Grow up. Do something more with your short time on this Earth besides bangin’ on the internet.


  21. Hey Steve, by “air out” I mean “comment upon the article, the issue, the situation, our neighborhood, violence, etc.” Who said anything about psychotherapy? I guess the thread really does go off-topic, and you’ve given a perfect example of that.

  22. El Dandy: You actually said crazys is ep main rival lol, It’s OBS OSIRIBOYS. It even came out in the History Channel in the show Gangland. Were they show how in the 90’s OBS and ep would go at it but OBS died out ep in the 90’s. The last time crazys and ep got into a shoot out was like 2 years ago.

  23. If your interested in holding our politicians accountable for the violence that is spiraling out of control in Echo Park & Silver Lake, Join our Facebook group “Echo park* Residents Against Gang Envolvement” (EP* Rage).


  24. yuh guys dont know what happen!!! crimes was looking for love in the streets and he ended bangin.. he was my homie and he regretted getting in all this shit!!

  25. to.the lame lover! ;)

    Haha..the only way people know OBS is still around cuz of you trying to bang on the web..lol
    How’s Blaze esa!

  26. Dst is been dead they never do nothing lol. They even got lit up by a nobody 1 month ago. The same guy who’s been punking dst for the last 15 years lol. They dont even know what happened keep hiding.

  27. @Scarleg what was the name of this gangland episode? How many seasons are on this gangland show? any clues? I’m new in the area and would like some more background on these gangs and why all the hate and rivalry. thanks if u do know.

  28. Newbie: i dont remember the name of the episode. But you could google this “history of forgetting the past osiriboys”. Its a book by norman klein. He tells a story that occur in this area back in 1990. A young boy from the obs 13 osiriboys gang takes a walk with his 9 month pregnant girlfriend. When rival gang members confront him and shoot him and his pregnant girlfriend . The obs gang retaliates and becomes a war that hasnt ended till today between the exp and obs gang.

  29. eastsider look i think you have a poser i been checking out the news and comments of the gang activity on your website from what i can see is that “scarleg” and “old school” is some internet thug punk trying to give credit to his so called gang ObS, if you go back to the echo park shooting and the angelino heights shooting youll see what im talking about… it seems like he is trying to glorify his so called gang over the web to get attention ? well im a concerned resident just wanted to point that out to you, hopefully this kids family gets their justice in court ..

  30. Westside resident is a oriental gang member that goes by the name of nikexcortez on youtube..

  31. Westside resident tries to pass himself of as a concerned citizen.

  32. East sider: West side resident is an undercover asian internet thug. Dont get fool by him passing by a concerned resident. He go’s by nikecortez on youtube. Hes from a non existent gang called olbz. That was name after obs 13. Now hes accusing me of being part of a gang not true. Theres a difference between observing and doing research on my area. Than judging with no evidence like him.

  33. LOE NBD…

  34. Rest.In.Peace Crimes <3

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