Update on Echo Park house fire

A Friday morning Echo Park house fire was blamed on “smoking materials” that had been”carelessly discarded”  and ignited furniture on a patio, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department blog.  A preliminary investigation found that that the home at 1324 Sutherland St. was not equipped with working smoke alarms.  The post by spokesman Brian Humphrey said:

“Firefighters later determined that the home’s occupants owed their survival solely to the happenstance that one resident was awakened by the sound of fire, and was able to alert others.”

One of the five occupants of the house suffered smoke inhalation and first-degree burns by trying to retrieve some of his belongings.  A cat was killed during the fire.  Damage is estimated at $75,000.
The video above was shot by a resident who lives across the street from the fire-damaged home.


  1. needed more film too short”

  2. What an amazing video! Glad eveyrone is allright. Damn.

  3. hello, i will upload the remaining footage i have shot.
    i uploaded only this because it was a much better shot than the others, which were blocked by the dead tree in front of my apartment.
    videos will be uploaded within the next 24 hours.
    thank you for showcasing my video. it means a lot seeing the video is being put to good use.

  4. There is a power box outside the house with wires leading up towards and onto the porch where the fire took place. It was more likely an electrical fire. I believe there is further investigation being done to precisely discern the cause of the fire, the report is solely based on unpolished conjecture.

  5. Firefighters are amazing.

  6. I’m glad nobody was seriously injured and I’m sorry kitty didn’t make it. Kitty heaven is a nice place, nobody kicks you off of chairs and everyone has their own sunbeam. (Signed, One of Millions of Crazy Internet Cat Girls)

  7. Wow. What a wake up call with regards to smoke alarms. I’m checking mine when I get home.

  8. Awww, poor kitty. 🙁


  9. I’m glad that everyone is ok:-)

  10. Sorry, man. A similar thing happened to me where an ash from my tenants cigarette smoldered for hours before finally causing a fire that damaged the front of my house. This one is much bigger than that. Hope it all works out ok. And maybe your insurance will give the opportunity to buy a bunch of new shit (as did ours).

  11. steve (video above)


    This is all the video i shot that morning. with added music to make the video a thank you tribute to the LAFD that responded so quickly that morning

  12. in echoing alexis’s comments, the preliminary statements by various official channels assigning cause to so called ‘careless discarded smoking materials’ were posted two days before the fire report was released to the residents, which in fact were inconclusive.
    A hasty, if not outright lazy, jump to conclusions by many.

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