What was that red flash across the sky?

Echo Park resident Sean Lambert, who lives on Quintero Street near Sunset Boulevard, was using his iPhone to capture a scene of the downtown skyline at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday when a red flash streaked across the sky. Lambert is not sure what it was but wants to know if anyone caught sight of the flash, which can be seen about 25 seconds into the video above, which Lambert calls”UFO over Echo Park.”

“I don’t know what that flash of red light across the sky is about 25 seconds into it. I guess by definition it is a UFO. I’m sure someone will suggest a lone firework, but there was no requisite “pop” and the trajectory was at a very flat angle. I’m stumped. Did anyone else see shooting lights in the sky last night?”


  1. Clearly lens flare. The movement perfectly mirrors the camera’s.

  2. My assumption is it’s an artifact from the filming. If the camera was shooting the sky without panning I’d be a little more curious but that red light travels across the speed at roughly the same speed as he’s panning. It’s just the lens or camera reacting to the street light.

  3. That’s a lens flare. Light entering the lens from outside the field of view. It’s just a strange one, but the lens and sensor in the iPhones is so small, it’s gonna do weird things.

    1-the fine jumpiness of the blob is in lock-step with the jerky pan right. Watch it carefully.

    2-at the end of the flare, it moves down out of the sky and into where there’s a building.

    No hocus locus, just the effects of weird miniature lenses.

  4. Did he see the flash with his naked eye or only after reviewing the video? It looks like a meteorite to me.

  5. I actually also saw a strange flash on Tuesday night – out the window, while watching TV. My boyfriend witnessed it as well, as we both looked at one another and said “what the hell?” It wasn’t red, though, it seemed to be greenish white. It appeared in the west (from Echo Park), in the direction of the Hollywood sign. Didn’t hear any sounds with it, which was odd. Strange night!

  6. Seems obvious that your camera caught some kind of moving red light—car, helicopter, street light—or the reflection of that moving light off a window or the lens.
    But since none of us knows for sure, it can be whatever you want it to be. Smoke some more of that sh*t and enjoy.

  7. These are common. Definitely a ufo. I have seen many just like that. Too bad we can’t catch one and dissect it.

  8. It is called lens refraction and it really is more frightening than an extraterrestrial walking into Intelligentsia Coffee and yelling Boo!

  9. What Eliot said.

    There was one light who’s reflections exactly matched the camera’s motion, which is disappointing since a “real” UFO would be so much more interesting.

    However, tomorrow there’s this thing to watch.

    Biggest rocket ever launched from the west coast?

    oh sorry… the “WC”


  10. Most likely a meteor. There was a minor meteor shower that peaked on the 17th or so.

  11. Oh , I heard it was a space ship delivering “pods” to Echo Park ( a la Invasion of The Body Snatchers ).
    So , whatever you do , DON’T FALL ASLEEP !
    If you do , if you are a guy you will wake up with a full on beard , playing in a band , Justin Beiber glasses , and your car will be replaced by a “fixie”
    If you are a girl , you will wake up as a super skinny “stylist” with no ability to make eye contact and live off of daddys money oh and have a boyfriend described above .
    Good Luck !

  12. most likely a alien. he (or she) could have been riding a meteor down from the heavens to catch a show at the silverlake lounge. was probably in a hurry to get there. i hope they made it.

  13. I’ve been living next to Dodgers Stadium for seven years now and I often walk up the numerous surrounding hills where you can look out upon the entire city. while I will readily admit to bringing a flask of whiskey, I have on numerous occasions seen unidentified flying objects in the eastern skyline. I’m not a technically savvy person (you should see my Nokia phone–it looks like it’s from the 90’s, LOL), but I can tell you that twice now I have personally seen red flying objects just like in the video above, so I’m definitely going with it not being from any lens flare or whatever excuses people are coming up with here.

  14. I Want to Believe

    A moth or small bird flew by reflecting a near-by light for a moment, and that bright reflection toyed with your camera’s video sensor causing a flare.

  15. @Kyle I’m glad I’m not the only one that brings alcohol on walks!

  16. That’s just safety flare that the kids in the neighborhood set off. They do it all of the time.

  17. the indians that used to live in echo park say that a race of space people have a secret base underground

    what you’re seeing is probably one of their ships

    you hipsters would know this if you stopped smoking that reefer and cracked open a history book or two

  18. I also saw the red streaks that appeared to look like fire falling from the sky… That’s the reason I found this article. Thought I might have been crazy!

  19. I have seen the same red light shooting through the sky then disappearing twice

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