Where will this Echo Park teddy bear end up next?

It was around Christmas Day when someone tossed out a giant stuffed bear near the corner of  Quintero and Macbeth streets in Echo Park. Since then, an Echo Park woman who lives nearby has noticed that someone has been moving the bear into different positions and locations, including the bear’s most recent resting spot near a tree in Elysian Park.  The woman, who snapped the above photo, does not know who is moving the bear but said she thinks the soggy, stuffed animal now looks happy in his/her new environment:

He started off sitting in a chair on the street corner across from our house. Then someone took the chair and he was dumped on the sidewalk. He spent a day sitting on a neighbor’s motorcycle and a week slouched against a retaining wall looking like a bear with a drinking problem. The New Year has him clean and sober, fully enjoying the surrounding natural environment in his new location.

Photo by Echo Park resident


  1. How cute 🙂

  2. A similar bear, a similar story, 2 days after Valentines Day:


  3. Rescued from the curb; AKA hobo bear. http://twitpic.com/3nnxsz

  4. Oh shit this is too funny. We tossed the bear out months ago, because of lack of space (and love I guess). Someone must have removed it from the trash. He’s originally from brentwood and lived a privileged life.

  5. Well, that Brentwood bear (now Echo/Elysian Park Bear!) looks happy and sated……….perhaps from an abundance of Christmas Tamales???

  6. It’s nice that Lotso made it off the truck.

  7. When I come across it , I’m going to throw it in the nearest dumpster and put an end to this dumb story !

  8. I love that bear! I see it every morning on my run and it makes my day. It needs a tiny hat.

  9. Typical hipster dolts.

    Look at the garbage someone threw away and is now getting moved from place to place as it collects dirt and bugs!

    “Let me get my Holga Fisheye and take pictures of it! It’s soooooo cool! After I develop them I’ll ride my bike to the Short Stop and show all my friends over PBR’s!”

    Time to grow up, children. It’s trash. throw it away or take it home and let the fleas living on it into the apartment you share with the 7 other dopes like yourself.


  10. @dj bento. bah humbug homey. play that old school and get your cynic on. or. lighten up. maybe others see some humor, beauty, and a get heartwarming feeling from yes, a story of a stuffed bear in the park. only a lonely sap would judge the youth. cynic on crusty the old man.

  11. DJ Bento Box has me partially pegged: Dolt and bike rider and occasional PBR drinker at Shortstop yes, but I’m a score years too old to come close to qualifying for hipster status and no Holga here. So having said that, can I play along?

    Savoir Bears are everywhere!

    August 2005 (Silver Lake Boulevard near Earl):

    November 2005 (Sunset Boulevard at Micheltorena): http://www.flickr.com/photos/wildbell/67317455/in/datetaken

  12. @bb

    “Cynic”? “Crusty old man”? I think not. More like someone with enough sense and command of the english language to write what needs to be written about something that a few dolts might consider “humor & beauty” but the rest of us consider trash that someone left out that needs to be tossed.

    And speaking of the english language…. “homey” would be a place considered comfortable or cozy. “Homie” is what you would call a friend or someone you’re attempting to be (and failing miserably at) smart with.

    Perhaps you need to play that educated school and get your grammar on. OH SNAP!!!!

  13. @Will

    And you’ve defeated me again, Will Campbell.

    But I shall return!!!

  14. The Eastsider thankfully breaks up the local news with lighter fare such as this. Reports of burglaries, gang shootings and graffiti issues can be a bit depressing.

    DJ Bento Box knows WAY too much about hipster things so I am going to come to some wild conclusion in the same manner that he does and announce that he is a hipster with some serious self-hatred.

  15. @DJ Bento Box

    Indeed, you shall return, my worthy adversary! Full disclosure, with this bear on Sunset I ended up doing EXACTLY as you said in your comment: I brought the thing home in hopes of giving it a good wash and returning it to its former glory so that maybe I could donating it to a child welfare group. My intentions were good, but they clashed with the simple reality that the thing had been dumped for a reason. Still, it ended up sitting in the basement for almost three years until I finally had sense enough to throw it out.

  16. @DJ Bento Box

    The only hipster dolts and generalizations I see on here are your own. Way to be so cynical about something as light hearted as a stuffed animal. Grow up buddy.

  17. Lets clear this all up. After eating delicious mushroom laden chocolate bars we decided to take a midnight stroll through the park. Walking up to the park the bear was spotted, disheveled, dirty, distressed and downright sad. Being animal loving citizens we figured he would be happy in his/her natural environment. And now there he is! So happy, so at peace and handsome.

  18. Love it!

    Hope he lumbers on over to Montecito Heights and finds a tree to rest against soon.

  19. @ Bento – How the hell is a stuffed animal in a park ‘hipster’?? That word officially has no meaning.

  20. @Lauren

    The stuffed animal in the park isn’t hipster. The dolts desperate to stay young and childlike and think something someone threw away and is now laying in a park waiting for some city worker to find it to take to the garbage is “SOOOOO CUTE!!” and would take the utter waste of time to move it from place to place because it’s imaginative are painfully hipster.

    And really, someone using the argument that the word “officially has no meaning”?

    Take a picture of you and your friends the next time you’re out at the Smog Cutter sipping PBR’s and put it in your pocket. That way, the next time you start to type anything about “hipster” not defining someone or something, you can take the photo out and look at it.

    You know what they say about people who are self-unaware, right?

  21. People! PEOPLE. You’re arguing with a human who calls himself DJ BENTO BOX. I mean, really. He clearly needs a hug and a PBR to let a little of the hatred go but I think our adorable huge cuddly bear justifications are just making him dig his grouchy heels in even more. Love, Annabelle.

  22. Oooooo! In honor of DJ Bento Box here’s another bear I found kicked to the curb right after Valentines Day 2008.

  23. The Bear is still in the park but now sporting a cardboard sign that states:

    “Will work for honey or pikinik basket”
    -Got foreclosed on
    -Lost my job at the circus
    -retirement & hibernation fund lost in the market
    -Unemployment don’t cover the bear neccesities
    -My wife left me for a panda because all the work is in China, AND she took the cubs!
    -Available for children’s parties or random maulings (very discreet)

  24. @Bento
    Remind me again why you think you have the slightest clue about who I am?? For the record, I hate that bar and that beer. In fact, I rarely ever go to bars because I can’t afford it. But anyway, enough about me (since you already know everything).

    I don’t know anything about you other than that you have a major chip on your should about something or someone called a hipster. All I ask is that before you throw that word around anymore, please define what it is, or at least what it means to you because the way that you use it on this board and others, just seems like a catch-all for anything that offends you.

    “And really, someone using the argument that the word “officially has no meaning”?” —-yes?? I’m still waiting for your explanation of why that’s not a valid point, as one as never given. See above.

  25. @DJ Bento.

    keep in mind, you dont need a holga to be hipster… you can have a canon Rebel. just so long as you add tones, derpy wording, and a horrible angle.

  26. Who would have thought that something as random as stuffed bear sightings would erupt in such negativity. Yeah, the bear was discarded as garbage, but it made me laugh to see it moved around to a bunch of different spots. A stuffed bear seems more common than a sense of humor in this hood. Lighten up Echo Park neighbors. We’ve got enough strange and dangerous things to be concerned about; choppers pursuing criminals at all hours of the night, random break-ins, car thefts, etc. Viva stuffed bears, cold PBRs and laughing at stupid things.

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