A man and his ukulele reunited

The Eastsider last November blogged about the Echo Park musician known as AM whose favorite ukulele was stolen while he was loading equipment into his car parked outside of his home. The Ohana CK-10 was not a particularly expensive instrument but it had accompanied AM on a lengthy concert tour only to be stolen in Echo Park.  But only a month after the instrument was stolen, AM recovered his ukulele only a block away from his home. Here, according to a story posted today on AM’s blog , is how the two were reunited:

“So, just when I had let the thieves go in in my head I got a call from Roland, the owner of The Fretted Frog, a music store just down the street from me here in Echo Park. They mentioned they had read my blog and another neighborhood blog that picked up the story on the stolen ukulele and someone had come in to try and sell a uke to them that looked a lot like mine. I went down there and sure enough there it was. I even came face to face with the potential thief (although I suspected this 25 year old mother of one was not the actual thief, someone put her up to it – most likely her accomplice that fled the scene when he realized they were on camera). In any case no charges were pressed. I got my uke back and that was all that mattered.”

AM will perform with the ukulele for the first time since it was recovered on March 7.

Photo by EvaBlue/AM Sounds

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  1. Sorry. Don’t know what happened but some of the comments to the story showed up on other posts. Still trying to figure that out. Anyway, here are the comments below.

    Note to AM. If your stuff is not locked up it will probably be stolen, and even if it is locked up it still might get stolen. This is EP, and people love freebies. Years ago someone broke into my brothers car trying to steal his stock radio, which was a piece of crap in his old Opal. It was probably worth $10.00 on the street, maybe more like $5.00, I hope that you get the point.

    Sorry. I forgot to say that I’m glad that you got your stuff back.

    Will Campbell
    Happy for the happy ending, and I understand in his relief why AM isn’t interested in pressing charges, but with potential surveillance cam footage of the suspect and/or accomplice I hope he or the shop owners at least alerted the police to the evidence. In doing so the police might be able to close the book on other thefts and/or maybe prevent the next uke from getting swiped.

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