Accomplices of slain Echo Park gang member may face murder charges

It’s been more than a month since a Christmas Day shooting left 18-year-old Cesar Guerrero, an Echo Park gang member, dead and three others injured following an exchange of gunfire. Guerrero and fellow gang members arrived at an Innes Street home gunning for rivals who had been involved in a shooting two days earlier, according to police. Guerrero was fatally wounded in the morning attack and his body was found next to a car about a mile away in an alley near Baxter Street and Echo Park Avenue.

It’s still not clear who fired the shot or shots that killed Guerrero but who ever did would “probably not” be charged with  murder since they fired in self defense, said Lt. Paul Vernon, who heads the detective unit of  the LAPD Central Division. “The people who were in the house basically were defending themselves,” Vernon said.  However, two of Guerrero’s partners in the attack – the driver of the car and another passenger – could potentially end up facing murder charges as accomplices to a felony that turned deadly, Vernon said.

No one has yet to be arrested in the incident and detectives are still looking for those males who accompanied Guerrero in the attack.

“We are trying to identify the driver and the other shooter who were accomplices of [Guerrero],” Vernon said. “We would arrest them and then they would be charged with murder as a vicarious liability to the death of their comrade while committing a felony.”

The District Attorney’s office would eventually determine what if any charges are brought in court against suspects.

Police ask that persons with information about the shooting call  asked to call police at (877) 527-3247.


  1. A few more to the prison population…need to address the roots.

  2. What is the condition on the other men shot that day

  3. Thats what those cowards deserve for abandoning their homie. And for trying to ruin someones christmas.

  4. lapd did arrest ceasers accomplices the same day and released them hrs later. If these men are going to get charged for the murder. Than why were they relased?.. and what happened to the other men that were shot?

  5. 1234: LAPD did not arrest cesar’s accomplices. They arrested the people cesar and his accomplices were shooting at. The victims from cesar’s gunfire where the ones that got arrested.

  6. Yah sorry old school. But they did arrest his accomplices. Well atleast one for sure. I seen it happen with my own eyes. They let him go hours later. These cops are dumb. They know what they’re doing. And the story they feed the public isn’t always the truth..

  7. 1234: You said it yourself they let him go hours later. Thats called getting taken for interrogation. Thats why he was released the same day. When you get charged for a crime thats called an arrest. Or getting arrested. And yes the cops didnt say everything. But the law allows the cops to lie. In order to help the investigation and its legal.

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