Car thieves strike all makes and models

Cars and trucks don’t have to be new or expensive to attract the attention of thieves. That’s what an Angeleno Heights man named Thomas and girlfriend learned Thursday morning.  Thomas, who wants to warn neighbors of the theft, provides  details of the crime:

“My girlfriend’s relatively nondescript tan Toyota Corolla was stolen last night/this morning (2/24) in the Angeleno Heights area, right around Bellevue Ave. and East Kensington (near Bob’s Market). She is out of town at the moment, so I’ve been moving both of our cars for street cleaning. I moved her car around 8:30 p.m. last night, made sure the doors were locked, etc. and the next morning it was gone. There wasn’t any sign of broken glass and another car was parked in it’s place, so the theft must have been relatively early in the evening. We’re both just a little awestruck. I filed a police report with the Rampart Division and will keep my ears and eyes open if for some reason, it has stayed in the neighborhood. Not sure how often car theft occurs in the area (we’ve been here for four years), but I just want to remind people to be vigilant.”


  1. you should call the tow company on temple to make sure the car wasn’t towed due to unpaid tickets or past-due registration. they have really been cracking down on these two things lately as the city is broke broke broke. I have had my car towed twice now only two blocks from you at odd hours.
    xx and good luck getting your car back.

  2. That sucks. I hope you find the car.

    Toyota Corolla made a top 10 list of most stolen cars:

  3. My boyfriend’s black 92 Civic was also stolen (2 weeks now and still no word) on Micheltorena right in front of the school on Sunday morning (2 am-ish). The car is in bad shape, the muffler is half off so it makes a rattling sound you can hear from Sunset and the right side mirror dangles by a string. The car is a POS but it still used to get him around. Hopefully we hear back soon about where it is but I’ve lost hope in thinking all the camping gear in the trunk and all the tools are forever gone.

  4. Often a car is stolen for parts. Some body shop is repairing an older car and doesn’t want to buy parts. Cheaper to steal a matching car.

  5. My bf’s 92 Civic has been found!
    It’s been sitting in a tow yard for 3 weeks!!!! The thieves left it in front of a fire hydrant where it was ticketed and towed. The car was reported stolen at around 9 am and was ticketed and towed at around 10 am. HOW CAN A CAR BE SITTING IN A TOW YARD FOR 3 WEEKS!!!

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