Echo Park dog makes guest appearance in Sunday comic strip

Xochtl is a yappy Chihuahua-mix who is cared for by an extended Echo Park family of friends and neighbors.  One of those caretakers, a woman named Mary, sent in a few lines about Xochtl to the creators of the “Marmaduke“comic strip, which on Sundays devotes a single frame to stories submitted by readers.  Much to Mary’s surprise, her submission appeared in the nationally syndicated strip one Sunday late last year as Marmaduke’s “Dog Gone Funny” feature. Last week, she received a signed black-and-white storyboard of the strip from artist Brad Anderson.

The “Dog Gone Funny” feature describes how Xochtl’s human companions have to spell out words such as “cookie” and “dinner” in her presence. Mary, who watches Xochtl during the day while her owner is at work, tells a little bit more about Echo Park’s new celebrity pooch:

“If  Xochtl decides she likes you, she howls pitiously as soon as she catches your scent. She screeches, keens like a banshee, and does what can only be described as  yodeling, easily heard from from here to the Alps! She keeps this up until the favored newcomer pets her to her satisfaction. Sometimes I worry that a passerby will think she is being tortured. The near neighbors are used  to it.”


  1. “The near neighbors are used to it.”

    News flash… that doesn’t mean they don’t hate it! Just because they have stopped complaining doesn’t mean it’s OK.

  2. Woah…

    Here’s another “News Flash”

    RubyJackson sounds like a real jerk, UNLESS she’s a “near neighbor” venting in an anonymous comments section…

    In which case she’s a PASSIVE-AGRESSIVE JERK.

  3. There is nothing charming about ANY dog howling, barking, screeching or yodeling! And I am a dog lover who owns a well mannered, quiet dog! I agree with Ruby……….

  4. Congratulations, Mary, on your coup! That was so nice of Mr. Anderson to write you personally. As for Ruby and SD above, let me get this straight–you read an article about how a dog is happily cared for by a community of friends, about how one woman is delighted that her efforts appeared in a nationally-syndicated comic strip, about how the dog yodels with DELIGHT when her loved ones arrive, and all you can do is bitch about dogs being loud in general? It is so sad that this rapid-fire world we live in skews toward reactionary comments that are often angry, jaded, and mean-spirited.

  5. What a little angel!

  6. Congrats on your comic strip 🙂 Ignore the overly negative comments…

  7. I think I may be one of the neighbors. It is a bit jarring especially when it happens in the middle of the night. But its preferred to the other neighborly sounds of the night.

  8. Palm Springs Confrere

    Couldn’t ask for a better neighbor than Mary! And so what if the dog is noisy when greeting friends. Can’t be any more annoying than all those folks yelling their personal business anyplace/anytime into cell phones!!!


    KERR: Since Xochtl doesn’t “receive” visitors in the middle of the night, I’m sure you are not a neighbor. To the rest of you, don’t you recognize humor and/or possibly a bit of literary exaggeration? Unless the front door is open, there is no traffic or other outside noises (fat chance!) when most people (other than us 80-year-old types) are at work or school, probably no one is offended for the few seconds Xochtl carries on.


  10. xochy is the BEST.

    plain and simple!

    BUT i have to disclose that xochy has had a crush on me for the last 10 years… so i could be biased.

  11. Mary is the most kind spirited and friendly person that I have met. Why bash Xochtl and Mary! Try coming over to other parts of the neighborhood where dogs are constantly roaming, going to the bathroom on the sidewalks (who are being walked by so called dog walkers who don’t pick up after them) and not being cared for properly. The barking in my part of the neighborhood sometimes last for hours at a time. I call it the “Echo Park Bark Off!”

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