Lost & Found: Looking for an Echo Park cat called Hank

An Echo Park resident is asking for help to find her cat (pictured above) that went missing this weekend:

“I am searching for my very large orange and white cat – lost Sunday around the intersection of Avon and Baxter. Any info would be much appreciated if anyone has seen him (Hank).”

Contact the owner via her Craigslist ad.


  1. You may want to try Find Toto, a service that calls your neighbors to alert them to a lost pet. I hope you find Hank!

  2. There is a yahoo group dedicated to the process of finding lost cats –Missing Cat Assistance. It is a fantastic resource for learning about lost cat behaviors and why cats go missing in the first place. Chances are Hank isn’t that far away. I used their information and after 5 days, one of mine managed to find her way home. It’s about owners understanding cat behaviors. Don’t give up!

  3. Hate to even say it BUT “HANK” could have fell victim to the coyotes. I’ve seen several around the area you speak, I live fairly close. Say a coyote walking down my neighbors steps with a dead cat in its mouth walking away like if nothing. I really hope you find Hank.

  4. Thanks! I actually found him! The rascal came home eventually. Hopefully he won’t go missing again. I am always worried about the coyotes.

  5. You are correct to be worried about coyotes! Please, people………if you truly care about your cats and (little) dogs, do NOT let them outdoors alone! Coyotes are everywhere in and around our hillside areas, and no small animal, domestic or otherwise, is immune. They will kill your pets and it’s not a pretty picture. The Silver Lake reservoir interior area has been littered for years with cat bones from coyote kills. We who live nearby can hear the coyote howls several times a week, indicating a fresh kill. Am I being graphic here………YES……and it’s because I’m trying to make a point to those of you who acknowledge that coyotes are around, but simply say ‘Hopefully it won’t happen to my cat’.

    When we take on the responsibility of owning a dog or cat, we need to keep them safe. That means NOT letting them be coyote food!!

    • True but I can’t bare to trap my cat inside for its whole life. Nothing makes a cat happier than roaming the land and enjoying the sun and the smells of the outdoors. I honestly think it is sad to keep a cat indoors and deprive them of their natural instinct to explore and adventure. It seems honestly a bit selfish to me. Don’t get me wrong I love cats and would hate them to be coyote food. But more than that I’d hate to see them as captives in our homes.

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