Man gets gets beaned by LAPD bean bag shotgun

The LAPD has opened a use-of-force  investigation after an officer who responded to a street fight  in Highland Park late last week hit a man in the head with a bean bag fired from a shotgun.  The officer, Dan Gaglione, opened fire on a group of four men at Avenue 50 and York Boulevard Friday morning (Feb. 4) at about 2 a.m. after the group turned on officers who responded to the brawl, according to an LAPD statement released today. The three rounds of bean bags missed their intended target but hit one of the men in the group twice, once in the head. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment and was reported in stable condition.  The other men involved in the fight were released from custody and face potential disturbing the peace charges, police said.

How does a bean bag shotgun work? The LAPD explains:

The Department authorized the use of a Less Lethal Impact Weapon referred to as a Bean Bag Shotgun in 2002. This Less Lethal tool uses a “sock” round that is a small fabric bag filled with shot and deployed from a special shotgun. This tool is authorized to help control or temporarily incapacitated an aggressive individual who may be fighting or where there is an immediate threat to the public or officers.

An officer attempts to aim the sock round at the belt line or navel area of an individual to minimize injuries to vital organs while attempting to impact the suspect. This tool works similarly to the side handle baton that officers carry, only it provides an officer the ability to use it from a distance.

The LAPD uses the Less Lethal Beanbag Round numerous times each year to de escalate volatile incidents resulting in minimal injury, typically a bruise. However, it is very difficult to always anticipate the movement of the suspect during unfolding events and occasionally a serious injury may result.


  1. It sound like it worked, the fight was broken up, and no one was killed or seriously injured. What’s the problem here?

  2. It’s probably procedural to open an investigation when someone is critically or fatally injured during police duties. Likely nothing will come of it.

  3. “The three rounds of bean bags missed their intended target but hit one of the men in the group twice, once in the head. ”

    Did you miss that part? Also the man is in the hospital in stable condition. So I would say that classifies as seriously injured, just not dead. Also that corner is very gentrified. So it’s possible that they shot the bean bag and people unaccustomed to being shot at and with the know how to hire a lawyer.

  4. i am his son and my father did not intent to shoot him in the head. my father warned them numerous amount of time but they took out their aggression on the officers my father intended to hit him in the chest. but the suspect triped which caused him to get hit in the head. ONLY ONE SHOT WAS FIRED NOT 2 3 OR 4. ONE ONLY. 100 PERCENT AN ACCIDENT!!!!

  5. I am Dan Gaglione’s sister. He is an honorable man and a damn good police officer. The LAPD is lucky to have him on their force. He followed procedures.
    The community is lucky to have officers like Dan to protect them.

  6. I am thankful for our officers that patrol our streets. It is a thankless job, and it always seems like the media is out to “nail” our hard working police officers. I have had the opportunity and the privilege to meet Officer Gaglione. He was an officer who responded to a call in my neighborhood. He was extremely kind and helpful. Officer Gaglione was professional and respectful to all those that were involved. I am thankful that Officer Gaglione was not hurt. It is a shame that society places more value on the life of a criminal than the life of a law abiding and moral person. What kind of a person attacks a police officer or any other person for that matter? God bless to all our law enforcement officers.

  7. Once again our brave men and women who protect this city from scumbags like those are made to look like the bad guys. I commend Officer Gaglione for putting his life on the line to protect innocent people from these criminals who have no regards for human life. I think that the press should get their story right before they print anything. It’s unbelievable how these miscreants have more rights than the police officers. I thank Officer Gaglione and all the other officers who try to make this city safe. It’s a thankless job. I pray for Officer Gaglione and all other officers that they stay protected.

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