News & Notes from Echo Park, Highland Park & Silver Lake

L.A. River at -Glendale Hyperion bridge, Atwater | Photo by Kevin McCollister/Flickr

  • The bike activist who wants to be 4th District Councilman: Stephen Box. L.A. Weekly
  • Got a cardigan, suspenders and cotton boots? Then you have Echo Park street style. H&M Video
  • Police union comes out against ballot measure to fund libraries. The Informer
  • Highland Park high school students to compete for the Solar Cup. Patch
  • Happening Today: 4th Council District candidates forum, Silver Lake; pre-Valentine’s Day Film Party, Echo Park. Save the Date
  • Notes: Residents have until Feb. 23 to weigh in on the Los Angeles Budget Challenge.


  1. RE: H . M video

    Who are those people ? Oh , the humanity !
    What has happened to Echo Park ?

    I say it loud and I say it proud , I HATE HIPSTERS poseurs etcc.!!

    Please Please go awaaaaayyyyyyyy ! I’m so sick of the hipster invasion !

  2. Wow. That video instantaneously sapped every ounce of remorse I had about leaving EP for HP right outta me.

  3. Hating people because of how they look. How open minded.

  4. Get over yourself Alexis !
    Bagging on people because they comment on a blog or opinions differ from yours ?
    Really ? Far from open minded !
    What are you , the open-mided patrol ?

  5. Jesus Harriet Tubman Christ on toast.

    Could they have found any people who look any more lame and shallow and sound any stupider?

    “Well, you gotta decide whether you like tight or loose fitting clothing.”

    “And this is like… my wallet… it’s from NEPAL. Handmade there.”

    “I want my look to be like… a vintage type look, but it’s usually a modern cross-vintage.”

    So many Uhh…. Like…. so like yeah…. dude….


    Like the song says, I do believe the children are our future.

    So thank the Aztecs big blue is going up in 2012. I hope whatever’s gonna end us starts right there at that Farmer’s Market.

    “Uh, like…. is that a Meteor or sumthin’?”

    “Uh… where?”

    “Like, up there, dude.”

    “Uh, so like yeah dude, but I can’t tell if it’s a tight meteor or if it’s one of those loose ones.”

    “Hey, have you seen my wallet? It’s like, from NEPAL. They handmake them…..”


  6. Loaned/jojo –
    Yes, I’ve just deputized Alexis. She/he is in fact acting in his/her official capacity as the open minded patrol.

  7. “Oh , but DJ Bento you mus’nt hate these people , be open-minded ”

    I agree , its like they took these people from orange county and “planted” them here !

    Once again , pimpin’ Echo Park out as the a hipster mecca !

    What-evah !

  8. How can you be the open-minded patrol when you are so close minded and judgemental ?

    I love this thread , its super entertaining.

  9. Yeah, it’s not so much the look as the whole commuting-from-OC-to-kick-it-in-EP-like-all-the-time thing.

    That, and the commoditization of Echo Park by a colossal European corporation.

  10. Ahh, youth . . . this kinda plays for me like the pilot for a new series, “Echo Park-landia”.

  11. I’m again confused as to how I’m “bagging” on other’s closed minded opinions, therefore myself closed minded and judge-mental. But this isn’t exactly a logical or serious topic, so whatever. And call me what you will, but as ridiculously as these kids are dressed, they’re not hurting anyone. I know all the tough “old school” EP residents would prefer the Echo Park style of gang colors and glocks, but I doubt these kids are doing much harm to anyone around them. Yes, everyone featured is a perpetuating a ridiculous stereotype of Echo Park. It’s just that I don’t understand “hating” them. Just ignore them.

    However, Echo-Park-landia is spot on.

  12. Alexis , you are contradictory , and downright insulting !
    My family has lived here since the 50’s , I guess we would be the “old school” and NONE of us have EVER dressed in th “cholo style” or for that matter , are “tough ” . For you to ASSUME that about us is downright ignorant ! Its just as bad to make fun of hipster kids for what they wear , but to assume that people who have lived here are tough and cholo style wearing people is just wrong !plus you are doing exactly what you so despise , making fun of people for what they wear !

    What is the matter with you ?

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