Silver Lake sidewalk pile up

A driver backing up her SUV into a Sunset Boulevard parking space near Hyperion Avenue went a bit too far this afternoon. The vehicle  not only backed up into the space but on to the sidewalk and  on to the hood of a parked car. Matt Hartman, who snapped these photos shortly after the mishap took place at about 12:15 p.m., said no one appeared to be injured. But the SUV driver appeared shaken up and those news racks don’t look in good shape.


  1. Those news racks weren’t exactly in good shape to begin with. Stickers, graffiti, all manner of animal wastes. Who’s in charge of maintaining those junk boxes?

  2. This ain't Santa Monica

    This is what you complain about? The news racks?

  3. don’t tell me, let me guess: she was talking on her cell phone at the time…?

  4. The Bureau of Street Services is in charge of the newspaper racks. Each one is supposed to have a code number and approval and part of them being allowed there is that they have to be maintained. You can call BSS and ask them to check it out and they can remove them if they find them in violation, abanodoned or not approved.

  5. Or you could just smash them w/your SUV…

  6. Bad driver. Glad no one was standing behind her!

  7. I think the news boxes look better with stickers on them.

  8. They had to cut down the tree 🙁

  9. Parallel parking is not for everyone.

  10. yeah, poor stickers.

  11. …anyone see that poor girl’s old porsche on fire, stopped at sunset and parkman. 2 dudes from cafe tropical and silverlake lounge put it out w/ extinguishers.

  12. Someone ran the tree over in front of our apt (on a commercial stretch of Silver Lake). Instead of replacing it, the city poured a concrete cap where the tree had once been.
    Hope someone gets after the city before they concrete over this one too.

  13. I don’t see the problem. Plenty of room on the sidewalk for people to walk past (single file). One wheel is inches into the red zone but not enough to earn a ticket. No damage to the meter box. I’d let the driver off with a warning.

  14. Feel sorry for the driver, did she/he hit the accelorator or the brake. either way. they need driving lessions. Thank Karma no one was hurt, just a few dents. I’ll take a dent over a hurt ped anytime. Hope ur doing better.

  15. Its funny when its just a just a newspaper box that gets run over but it easily could have have been people standing there. I wish we treated driving as a privlege here and not a right. Some countries (in Europe especially) mandate *years* of training before they grant a drivers license. Here they’re given out at the DMV after passing a test that a 5th grader could easily handle. And then we wonder why there are 35,000 auto related deaths in the US every year.

  16. I understand where you’re coming from Chris; so many in this country feel that driving is an entitlement. And in fact, it is not an inalienable right, but rather a revocable privilege. Certainly it’s easy to forget that given the ridiculous extent of violations needed in order to get to the point of terminating one’s ability to drive recklessly.

  17. Chris,

    While I do not know the procedures for procuring a driver’s license in any country other than ours, I do know traffic fatalities in Europe are significantly higher ) on a per capita basis) than they are here. The whole notion that Europeans are better drivers or better lovers or more progressive with race relations is really unfounded insecurity on the part of Americans. One only needs to spend a few minutes in Italy and this becomes readily apparent.

  18. Aporkalypse,

    Where are you getting your data? I see just the opposite – we have nearly double the fatalities per capita that the EU does.

    United States (2009)
    Traffic Fatalities: 33,808
    Population: 306 million
    Fatalities per 100k people: 11.02

    European Union (2009)
    Traffic Fatalities: 34,500
    Population: 497 million
    Fatalities per 100k people: 6.94

    And since you mentioned Italy….

    Italy (2009)
    Traffic Fatalities: 5,669
    Population: 59.9 million
    Fatalities per 100k people: 9.46

    Which is still safer than here.


  19. You can’t compare European to American fatalities on a “per capita” basis, for one very simple reason. All Americans, in nearly every region and every social economic strata drive cars. Europeans, by comparison, drive far, far less than we do because they have better public transportation infrastructure and because fuel is so darn expensive in Europe compared to the United States. Yes, of course, it would be better if we had a better public transportation infrastructure, but we don’t. So, obviously, if more people are driving and traveling in cars “per capita”, more people will die on the road “per capita.” Duh!!

    And, I agree with Aporkalypse that Europeans tend to think they are “better drivers or better lovers or more progressive with race relations.” They are not — especially not when it comes to race relations. They think of all Americans as racists (which some Americans definitely are), but they do not realize that Americans have been obsessing with issues of race for some 150 years now. We still have a ways to go, but we are generally more sophisticated and thoughtful about racial issues than Europeans are because it has been such a weight on our conscious for so long. Europeans are only just beginning to understand and deal with issues of “race” within their own communities as opposed to issues of “nationality”. For the first time, they are not just watching us (or Latina Americans) deal with these issues from afar and judging us (harshly), they are also dealing with it in Europe directly. And, they have much, much farther to go on that issue.

  20. Christi,

    I’m with you on the race issues in Europe, but no one was really talking about that. As far as traffic fatalities go, I think you’re right – a lot has to do with the fact that we rely more on cars than they do. But I guess I don’t see that as an immutable fact of life in the United States, but rather as a problem that needs to be corrected. Cars are an inherently dangerous form of transportation, prone to human error. Its the only form of transportation where someone with a bare minimum of training is put in control of a 3,000 lbs of metal, glass, and plastic, capable of maiming and killing. They are also an incredibly costly, pollute our air and water, and force us to consume an unsustainable amount of oil, resulting bad foreign policies, like us propping up shady dictators, toppling honest governments, and entering costly and protracted wars. In other words, the costs are too high.

    I’m so glad that LA and other American cities have turned the corner and are now investing heavily in rail transit, and finally taking cycling seriously.

  21. Cris L:
    For the record, I agree that we rely to much on cars in the U.S. I hope you are right that we have “turned a corner” on rail and transit. Hopefully that is true.

  22. What you don’t see in the photos is that the SUV is also across the hood of the car parked behind it. It didn’t look too smashed up but it probably was made worse by the bungling efforts of the tow truck crew, to get it pulled off. It took them a while, and I laughed, but I feel bad for all involved, especially the car owner.

    As for the whole US vs Europe subject, I think it’s totally fair to do a straight per capita comparison. Whether people walk ride or drive, the facts are facts. We just can’t drive. Maybe more people shouldn’t drive!

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