Who can say no to $15,000 and Mark Ruffalo?

Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore kissing in Echo Park. Click on image to watch YouTube clip.

The idea of turning your house over to strangers for a week and then allowing them to show images of your personal belongings as well as your  kitchen, bedroom and living room to a worldwide audience is not for everyone.  But, despite some hesitation,  Echo Park graphic artist Jessica Fleischmann did just that when she agreed to let her Lemoyne Street bungalow be used by a film crew shooting last year’s “The Kids Are Alright.” Fleischmann’s property served  as the home of  fun-loving bachelor and restaurant owner Paul, the character played by Mark Rufallo. Fleischmann was paid $15,000 for the four-day film shoot in the summer of 2009 at a time when money was tight, according to a story in the British newspaper The Guardian.

The film shoot required the repainting of rooms, the moving of furniture and the ripping out of Fleischmann’s backyard garden. The shooting went well for the most part and Fleischmann’s home and garden were returned to normal after the crew left. But the homeowner  is not totally sure she would do it again. Fleischmann told the Guardian:

“When I saw the film for the first time, I was mostly watching the house. They used a lot of my artwork, and even left some personal cards and drawings on my fridge. I felt like a proud parent, particularly as one review said something about the locations being characters that contributed to the movie,” Fleischmann says. “But it also made me think about the potential similarities between this guy and me, which made me a little uncomfortable. Am I as in denial about growing up as he is?

“I don’t know that I’d do it again. If you’re attached to your home like I am, it’s a big disruption. But if you are having a bad year and they make it worth your while, I’d say go ahead.”


  1. Oddly, my house was used similarly in the movie “Crash” that won the Oscar in 2005. I found this out after I bought the house in 2008. It was the home of the locksmith guy who’s daughter gets “shot” by a blank bullet. The production left behind the really nice screen door that the little girl was shouting through and then runs to her dad. I think the previous owners just appreciated the money they got for the shoot as they were able to make (much appreciated) improvements in the house!

  2. They used the Solano Canton garden as well!

  3. That’s funny. Mark Rufallo lived on Lemone in the 90’s

  4. He used to live in the house my wife and I bought on Lemoyne 8 years ago. We used to get his mail when we first moved in. Hmmm, if we are lucky maybe he’ll stop by and get it.

  5. Just watched this movie

    I also noticed Footsie’s bar on Figueroa and El Recreo Room around the corner in the background of what was supposed to be outside his restaurant in the movie…

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