Will Silver Lake dog owners obey this command?

A polite but to-the-point yard sign planted on an apparently popular dog-walking route along Reservoir Street near Benton Way.

Photo by Sandy Driscoll.


  1. I feel your pain, neighbor. Kinda gave up hope a while back though that people would be civilized enough to pick up after their dogs… sigh…

  2. In response: Please keep your gate closed. It blocks the sidewalk.

  3. If it was my house, I’d wait til I see someone let their dog poo and start to walk away and then spray both the owner and dog with a hose.

  4. We have two patches of plantings in front of our house that are a doggie fave. The majority of dog owners (in Elysian Heights at least) are very considerate. But every week, we get one or two surprises. Not sure if there is a solution — I think sometimes people get caught out without bags or are distracted on their phones. Not sure if a sign would help in either scenario.

  5. I live up the street from here. This guys yard is overgrown and unkempt. The sign kind of cracks me up in light of that.

  6. I support this person’s right to have a totally unkempt yard AND expect people to pick up after their pets.
    I am a dog owner and the ONE time I forgot a bag, in all the years of walking my dog, I went and pulled paper out of a blue bin and still managed to clean up after my dog.
    It’s like the most unnecessarily antisocial behavior ever, to let your dog crap on someone’s yard and leave it.

  7. tell me about it. I live in Echo Park behind the K9 Loft and you’d think the people around there would know about dog shit, but every week I always have a squishy surprise on the soles of my shoes! I dunno if its the dog owners piking up their pooches or neighbors?? either way its madness

  8. Just look what has happened to Elysian Park !
    Dog piles were few and far between 10 years ago , now that it has become runyon canyon east and invaded by hipsters who think its “cute” when their dog jumps all over you than explains dog behavior for the next 10 minutes , the park has become a disaster !
    it is so gross ! So , uh no , I don’t think people will ever change bad behavior and pick up after their dogs .
    But maybe there can be a neighborhood benefit with some has been band , vegan treats and bad art to raise funds and awareness .

  9. Many years ago, a neighbor of mine let his dog relieve himself a couple times a day on a small concrete pad (originally for trash pickup) in front of my house. He never ever picked it up. Sooooo………..I saved it for a week, put it in a baggie, and dropped it on his doorstep. Voila! It never happened again. Just my own personal little solution, and I must say, it made me feel goooood!!!!

  10. Have to say, it is far, far better than when I first moved to Echo Park 17 years ago. Back then no one picked up after their dogs, there were wild packs of dogs roaming the area, and any walk up the street involved either dodging multiple piles or scrubbing your shoes when you came home. Seriously, it is so much improved it is hard to describe.

  11. Who cares if their gate is open or their yard is overgrown, folks still need to clean up their dog shit! I suggest leaving a sign that implies that you know who they are and that you’re watching them. Better yet, invest in a surveillance camera, catch them in the act, and then project a loop of their crime on the nearest large wall. SHAME SHAME SHAME! Also, throw shit at them.

  12. Siren ? Really ? I have to call b.s. On that one !
    I’ve lived here all my life and didn’t move here 17 years ago , but have been firmly planted here for over 46 years .
    Yes , there were stray dogs here and there ,that has improved , but you make it sound like the sidewalks were covered in excrement and wild packs of dogs !
    Soooo over-exagerated !
    I walked to school and back to friends houses to stores etc .. And never ran across what you describe !
    Give me a break! I
    At least people had their dogs on a leash ! I think it is better yes , but its never been extremely as awful as you describe !
    What is awful are the once empty clean trails in Elysian Park . How is the mess of dog poo up there. “So much improved ” .

  13. Show of hands: how many dog walkers who in consternation at having their egress being obstructed by sidewalk-blocking gates find some sort of entitled exemption in leaving their dogs’ crap all over those respective properties? One…

    And unless by “unkempt,” Joanna means the sign-poster’s yard is a veritable life-sized and hand-crafted shit sculpture garden I’m missing the funny — but that’s my bad seeing as how humorless I am when it comes to anyone either demonstrating a lack of personal responsibility or finding an excuse for it.

  14. I have to agree with sireneb. We have lived in EP for longer than 17 years and Echo Park was the sited as the number one region for dog bites to postal workers due to the roaming un-fixed packs of dogs. Trust me, those unsupervised dogs did not clean up after themselves. The change brought with the EP Animal Alliance getting low cost vouchers for spayings and neuterings for local dog owners made a huge difference. Also, Elysian used to be disgusting by summertime with the piles of dog poop. The Citizen’s Committee to Save Elysian Park worked with Rec and Parks to install poop bag dispensers along with more trash cans along the trails. The hike in Elysian is much more pleasant. Now don’t get me started on the clueless dog owners that let their pooches roam off-leash in the park attacking leashed dogs. These idiot dog owners feel their hands are better put to use with their coffee and cell phone than to actually hold a leash and be a responsible dog owner…

  15. For us in Silver Lake it turned out it was the coyotes that kept dumping in the same spot at the base of the hill in our yard (a neighbor saw them in the illegal act!). I threw some moth balls around the area and they moved on to some other coyote crap spot.

  16. ElysianParkWalker

    Admittedly, I do walk my dog off leash in Elysian Park. Everyday. My dog needs to run. He is a rescue and he requires hours of exercise (running) everyday. There is no way that I on a leash can provide that for him. I used to take him to the SL dog park everyday until he couldn’t get rid of the worms he was picking up there. He has never jumped on any person or any leashed dog in the park and that is because he doesn’t care about dogs/people only about the ball that I am tossing down the hills for him to run and find and climb back to me. It is excellent exercise that he loves! And finally, as a dog owner who walks supplied with bags, I pick up any piles I come across. It is only once every couple days that I find any. I am not sure where these poo covered trails are that you are all talking about. Fellow dog owners, pick up any poo you see and it will be a smaller job for all of us.

  17. These are my ‘neighbors’ and bottom line people need to take responsibility, be considerate and kind and yeh–pick it up. I personally hate the sign b/c they think by using profanity (and this isn’t the first iteration of this sign) that that will motivate people. I agree with the writer above–use a video camera.

  18. It might be more effective if the owner also attached bags to the sign.
    The worst is when people are running with their dogs around the reservoir and their dog poops in the middle of the walkway and they just leave it there!

  19. My favorite dog rant ever. Just insert Elysian Park as the location and it applies perfectly to my daily experiences on the trail.


  20. Dogs don’t belong in cities. They don’t get adopted or rescued. You buy a dog. What did you rescue it from a well? A burning house?

    Another good one is: “He’s like our kid.” Really? You think that’s what Angie and Brad say? Is that one of your adopted kids? No he’s a rescue from Malawi. We had him neutered.

    Dog people are stupid. Feel free to substitute cat for dog anywhere in this statement.

  21. Why oh why does everything on this site devolve into an rant about how everything was better before these “hipsters” showed up? Or who has lived here longer, therefore more deserving of neighborhood cred?

  22. All Heart,
    You clearly have no heart when it comes to animals. Your comments are stupid and irrelevant to this post.

  23. Why oh why can’t people who have lived here before the “hipsters” moved in comment on how it was before the hipsters moved in ?
    What , were supposed to wipe out all our memories of growing up here ? Really ? Give me a break , I wouldn’t say that if you reminisced about your childhood memories in Ohio or the Valley or wherever you moved here from !
    As for anyones comments being relevant ? None , including my comments are relevant in the big picture , we are writing on a blog, venting , commenting , whatever you want to call it for gods sakes !
    What is relevant ? Pick up your dog poo please . Thanks .

  24. @Lulu: I’m not sure I see the connection between vegan music enthusiasts and people who do not pick up dog poo. I’m sure it’s not a habit that’s exclusive to one group. Just sayin’.

  25. Comment away, by all means. And I would never try to take away your memories of the dog shit caked/dog shit free neighborhood you grew up in, depending on who was asked.

    It was just an observation that a select few on this site
    (by no means everyone) blames everything from drought to taxes on kids with Raybans, funny haircuts and skinny jeans. I don’t understand the vitriol towards the younger kids that have, honestly, made the neighborhood a safer, if not more drunken, place.

    And I’ve never been to Ohio, but had an aunt that lived in Kansas. It was a nice place, a place from which I have many fond memories that I appreciate you not wiping away. Alas I grew up in and around Silver Lake my entire life, moved as far away as downtown, but found my way back two years ago.

    There was dog shit on the sidewalks then. There is dog shit on the sidewalks now, but less so.

  26. i remember Echo Park before the hipsters came. There were dogs running wild; I wouldn’t walk my dog down the street for fear that we would cross paths with a mean Chow/Shepard mix running around with 3 or 4 other dogs. we used to make jokes about the wild dogs of Echo Park. And there was plenty of dog poop then.

  27. Uh , yeah .No where in my post did I bag hipsters .I quoted “hipsters ” because you mentioned it in your post .
    Next , I did not say this was a shit free neighborhood when I was a kid .
    Yes , there was shit then , and yes there is shit now . Yeah .
    I did say my post was not relevant in the big picture ie; finding a cure for cancer , world peace etc.
    The posts are not about vitriol (over this word already ! ) towards young people.
    Lastly , I ended with pick up your dog shit .
    So uh , yeah again , just pickup your dog poo people .

  28. I love how people complain about the dog shit and how all of us hipsters ruined the park with our dogs and then ignore us and our pleas to be part of clean up days in the park. The EPAA and all of us dog owners love Elysian Park and the neighborhood and we know what a privilege it is to live here. We take care of the park and are part of the reason it is a safe place to be. If you’re short-sighted enough to judge someone by the cut of their jeans or the length of our residency, you’re probably part of the problem.

  29. ……And acting like you are the pied piper and the only reason why the neighborhood is safe is part of the problem too.
    Everyone that cares about the neighborhood hopefully does their share in a different way . If you have lived here for a hundred years or 100 days , who cares !
    You don’t have to be part of a group or committee or association or any organized group to do your share .
    Pitch in EVERYONE !

  30. Remember the good ol’ days when we just “read” the news? Back then the only folks who had to listen to you complain about something you read were your spouse, kids, or pets. Luckily now, all of our voices are equally relevant. We’ve come quite far.

  31. I made my signs in ENGLISH AND SPANISH. My yards gets wild. BUT it’s just me, my husband my brother with severe Down’s and my dog that live here. Its a big house, lots of trees and bamboo. Has it ever occurred to anyone that when someone yards starts to get messy they might need help due to disabilities???? or old age?? I HATE PEOPLE WHO RAG ON PEOPLES YARDS cause I’m one of those disabled people who doesn’t have the privilage of affording a regular gardener. My hubby is still recovering from a broken rotater cuff and falling off the roof during X-mas. Our bodies don’t work like they used to. So next time you see a messy yard, think about the person/people behind the door, and ask yourself do they need help?? It’s the neighborly thing to do. Beware if your walking my street. I will wet you and your dog down if I see your dog crapping and if you try to walk away I’ll chase you down, throw that dog poo back to you. I promise…I don’t expect anyone to pick up my doggie poo, unless I’m paying them to do so for me. I Thank my new neighbor Ruthie for sweeping my front sidewalk today. I had a DOC appointment when I walked up the hill to get to my vehicle I saw the can collectors had ripped all the plastic bags and made a mess with trash on the concrete. I’m drilling an locking up my trash cans. SICK OF ALL THIS!

  32. There’s a revolution underway in Cairo, and wars are raging in Mexico, Colombia, the Eastern Congo, and Compton, among other places, and thirty people (add one more to the mix) have taken the time to write comments on a story about dog poop. Furthermore, I’d be willing to bet that more than half of the folks who have posted here have Bachelor’s degrees at the very least. What brought us to this point in our lives where we are arguing ad nauseam about such a trivial issue — and getting ourselves worked up over it? Are we that bored? Why do we feel so voiceless — or insignificant?

  33. just an fyi. this is in EP. The border of silverlake would be at benton way and since this sign is east of benton way its EP. This is an old school EP family thats been in the hood for years. Good folks. I hope the sign works.

  34. Hi EchoPark Lady, I’ll come help you. If you’d like my help email me. Demetriaco@aol.com I might even be able to get my Landscape Designer friend to give us a hand.


  35. Well sure there’s a revolution going on in Egypt at the mo, but we live immediate lives — when I come out to the yard and clean up someone’s dog poop I’m in the now and the here. And I’m angry.

    I live on Sargent Court and there is a lawn where negligent dog owners allow their dogs to wander on and shat. Am posting a sign soon, will read,

    “Please. Please. Please, don’t let your dog run up here and take a dump. I think I know who you (two to three owners) are, having seen you and dog from my window. Pellet gun stands ready. Trigger finger itchy. True.”

  36. I would love to start a neighborhood organization that would help us to aid our elderly neighbors in taking care of their yards. I personally love yard work and wish I had a bigger yard to take care of. Any suggestions on a good way to do this?

  37. Ok, now I’m just confused. Is there a dog shit problem in Egypt?

  38. Yes, and they are called Politicians. We have the same problem here at City Hall.

  39. “Vitriol” shit , depending on who you ask …………………….

  40. Hey Atwater village Newbie… Change your name you don’t live here anymore and you are rude.

  41. Kristin, would be glad to volunteer gardening help for local folks. call me, 250-7047.

  42. James- You should go to Compton and tell everyone about their war and ask how you can help. I’m sure someone with your insight would really be able to make a difference. We’ll hold down the fort here on this local neighborhood blog because it’s fun to know who your dumb neighbors are. I’m glad so many of them have Bachelor’s degrees! At the very least! You loved college soooooo much.

  43. I live in this neighborhood, and I would be somewhat happier if dog shit was the only thing left on my parkway. Other types of litter—paper, wrappers, discarded food, diapers (!), bottles and cans, etc. are just as bad, imho. My solution, which has helped a LOT, is a smallish green plastic trash can, which I got at OSH for about $20, chained to a telephone pole outside my home. Not too ugly, easy enough to empty on trash day, and guess what? People actually USE it!! My sidewalk looks a lot better now.

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