A story about a lost wallet, karma and a bike rider named Eduardo

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Alex Mikolevine returned to his Silver Lake home on Friday night when he realized that he had left his wallet atop his car after stopping at an Echo Park gas station.   A nighttime search proved fruitless and Mickolevine had given up trying to recover the wallet when a pack of young bike riders showed up at his home Saturday afternoon. One of the riders, a young man named Eduardo, handed Mikolevine his wallet.  The 10-year resident of Silver Lake said the incident made him feel so good about his community that he wanted to share his story. So, here it is:

Last night I bought some diesel at the station on the corner of Alvarado and Sunset.  I was distracted and in a rush to get home to relieve the babysitter.  I put my wallet on the roof of my car and drove off forgetting it was there.  When I got home I noticed my wallet was missing, but I could not go out looking until my wife got home, an hour later.  I hunted along Sunset from Alvarado west toward my house, but could not see a dark brown wallet in the dark.

When I got home, I started canceling credit cards, looking into getting a new driver’s license, etc.

This afternoon I am in front of my house unloading stuff into my garage and three young guys on fixie bikes roll up.  They found the wallet in the bike lane on sunset and biked uphill 2 miles to my house to give it back.  Everything was in it.  Eduardo, who handed it to me, said he lost he wallet recently and this was ‘Karma’.

I had no cash for a reward, but I got Eduardo’s address and will be sending him and his buddies cookies, and a reward, to improve my karma too.


  1. I had a similar experience years ago except with my checkbook when I lived on Sanborn Avenue. It had fallen out of my wallet in an alley, a neighbor placed it on my front porch. One of the many reasons to love the Eastside.

  2. I’m pretty sure the bikers had a convo that went something like this:


  3. me too, years ago. we had gone to go out to a bar. when we got there i realized i’d left my wallet on the back of my car. some fabulous koreans gave me it back with the $80 still in it. 🙂 (this was in MN)

  4. 10 years ago I did the same thing in front of Brooklyn Bagels on Beverly. 2 days later an older gentleman on a bike showed up at my door with my wallet. Everything was there. It was difficult to communicate due to the language barrier but a reward and a huge thanks were passed on. Wish I had a similar feel good story about Silver Lake Trader Joes when someone swiped my wallet at check out. I was just walking out the front door when I realized I left it at the counter and “POOF” it was gone by the time I returned to the register to retrieve it.

  5. NorthEastLA425yrs

    Great story! Really made my day…thank you for sharing it!

  6. I have a similar story. I lost my wallet somewhere on Echo Park lake, when I was rushing across it after buying a paleta. I looked for it in vain after I realized it was gone. Some itinerant vendors found it later and brought it back to my address, with everything still in it. I gave them a reward of course.

  7. Great story to balance out all the horror we read about.

    I had very simialr experience where I left my wallet on the car roof and next drove on the freeway. I did not expect that back, but someone found it and took it to a police station where I retrieved it with all the cash, photos and cards.

    I too have found wallets and returned them, and it never felt comfortable to receive money in return for doing the right thing. The cookies are a nice touch.

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