Dancing fountains to take center stage

City officials are scheduled to gather later today at a noisy Cypress Park intersection to dedicate an approximately $800,000 computer-controlled fountain and plaza. The fountain, which The Eastsider reported on last November, at  Figueroa Street and San Fernando Road is part of the the first phase of Confluence Park, a new green space being created near the spot where the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco meet. The fountain will serve as an “iconic gateway to the Northeast community,”  according to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, which is building the fountain and park in partnership with the  Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Today’s ceremony, which will include the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.


  1. I assume the water for fount comes not from LA River right next door but from 200 miles north from Owens……hm.

  2. Will this be a fountain in which children (and others) can play and cool off?

  3. not within walking distance of anyone’s house…

  4. @ Suzanne. Yes! That is if you want your kids playing in front of the day laborers that are at Home Depot. I saw it, and it is a great fountain, but it is at the worst possible location. What a waste of money, kind of like the two EP sign, that never have a message.

  5. Agreed. Not the most well thought-out project.

    I do love this stretch of road along the tracks with its Noir industrial grittiness. But this project seems more like something at the Americana minus the people.

  6. This fountain is so silly, and I agree, very Americana-like. I can walk to it from my house, but it is not an area where people hang out or stop to take in the view. My first thought when I saw it turned on a couple months ago was Wow, that’s a lot of water. I refer to it as “that really fancy shower for homeless people” or “the en plein air bidet”.

  7. Everybody does realize that the city owns damn near all of those properties around that area, right? They are essentially just using them for storage while they come up with a plan for the Riverside realignment and turning the rest into park. This is just the first albeit overly expensive piece. I just hope the rest gets built but I’m not holding my breath just like I’m not holding my breath about Rio de Los Angeles being finished.

  8. Maybe these city officials could find time to gather and dedicate a couple massage parlors too.

  9. There is nothing unseemly about a fountain near the Home Depot day laborers. What’s unseemly is the idea that your children shouldn’t see them, or that the water will be a “bidet” for the homeless. These comments up above are mostly pretty hateful. I take my 3 year old to Home Depot. We sit in front and I explain that the day laborers are waiting for work. there is nothing unseemly about a child understanding that people need to work. That sitting under the sun waiting is hard, that these people need money to buy food, that they have children, wives, and a difficult and precarious lives, but that they want and need the same things the rest of us do. Don’t act like the day laborers are criminals you shouldn’t expose your children do. It’s not a crime to want to work.

  10. @tyrone-

    Well put. The day laborers are there because people hire from there. Supply and demand. They are not out committing crimes, but generally honest workers looking to earn money to pay for the basic necessities of life.

  11. I want to note that my humor about the silly fountain is geared more to it’s poor design, not a commentary on the existence of day laborers or homeless folk. Had they just built something like an amphitheater or actual greenspace there, it would be much more appropriate. The grandness of the fountain is superfluous, much like the idea of a bidet.

  12. Not to knock day laborers, but isn’t it kind of in bad taste to spend all this money building something totally unnecessary an putting it in front of a bunch of people, who have other things to worry about.

    Oh and even if you don’t consider the fact that it’s right by home depot, it is also right where the 5 and the 110 meet. Isn’t that one of the places with the worst air quality in LA? Isn’t all that poisonous brake dust going to settle int the water and make it an acid rain fountain?

  13. Don’t knock bidets; I wish I had one at home. I got accustomed to using water when I was overseas, and since then, I use water whenever I can. It’s a lot cleaner than solely using toilet paper. TMI, I know.

  14. This fountain was truly a waste of money. We have a old historical library that closed when the new Cypress Park library opened. No one cared to take care of it and through the years it was been vandalized, written on, windows broken and historical item stolen.

    This old library may final get restored, maybe. But it has been so neglected over the years that many items have been lost and/or stolen. The site could have been used as a Senior Citizen Center has Guillermo Reyes had asked for in the past but no one listened. The money from the fountain would have been better used to fix up the old library and open up the Senior Center. That would have been something the community could really have used.

  15. You use the word noisy to describe this location. City officials seems to like noise and want to force noise on others. just like the noisy church amlified sound system at Divine Saviour Catholic Church.

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