Eastside Mix: Electro beat in Echo Park; Lincoln Heights punk rock pajama party & the scene at Dinner House M

Honey Honey will perform at the Bootleg Theater on Monday.

By Alfred Montez

St. Patrick’s day is here, and after you’re done drinking green beer, and chasing little people around demanding large pots of gold, you may want to check out some of the music going on in and around the Eastside. So fight through your hangover, apologize to your short friends, and brace yourself for some of the great bands in our area this week.

The Ex will be performing at The Satellite in Silver Lake on Friday March 18, continuing their run of almost 35 years of post-punk revelry.  Beginning in 1979, and already ahead of their time, The Ex were underground even to the punk scene in its infancy. Never sticking to a formula, their sound has evolved, transforming itself time and again from crude songs that barely keep the momentum up to bass heavy guitar driven songs to more thoughtful, expressive songwriting, complete with string arrangements right up front, not lost in the mix like so many others.

The Ex could almost be a case study in how a band becomes Post Punk. They’ve got the street credibility of a band that was there when it all started, the maturity to be humble and connect with their fans, and the benefit of all the years behind them.  On top of all this, they’ve had the nerve to break out of what was expected of them, an ironic constraint in punk rock, considering its focus on rebellion. The combination could only mean a great show, and a journey through a band catalog that spans over 30 years of loud experiments.  The show is 21 and over, $15 and doors open at 8 p.m.

Punk Rock Pajama Mayhem Party

This Saturday, Punk Rock Pajama Mayhem Party will be held at the Poor Kids Mansion, 2449 Gates Street, in Lincoln Heights. This is for the more adventurous on a Saturday night, for sure, but definitely looks like an awesome party and show.  The crew will be celebrating a birthday, and hosting a special show, with special guest Rikk Agnew formerly of Social Distortion, D.I.,  Christian Death, the Adolescents, and various other SoCal legends, along with Symbol Six, and Smart Patrol, a Devo cover band who has been growing a fan base in Los Angeles for some time now. Poor Kids Mansion is an old Lincoln Heights house on top of Gates street –  the last house on top of a big hill next to Lincoln High School –  that has been converted into a musical playground in the vein of HM-157, but with a lot more grit and volume involved. The show is all ages, and a cover charge has not been advertised but expect to pay about $5 to $10.

Fujiya & Migami

UK Electro Beat-smiths Fujiya & Migami are on a U.S. tour right now, and will be at The Echo in Echo Park on Sunday, March 20. If you are a fan of their rich, layered electronic arrangements, you must not miss this show, one of only a few before they hop back home to continue their world tour.

Their music is infectious, starting off with simple electronic beats, then opening up musically into precarious arrangements, with movements that are almost reminiscent of the turn of the 21st Century, when Daft Punk was introducing the world, once again, to what a good beat machine, some synthesizer work, and a whole lot of groove could do to a crowd. The show is all-ages, $15 pre-sale, $17 at the door, and doors open at 8:30 p.m.

Honey Honey

On, Monday March 21, Honey Honey will be performing at the Bootleg Theater in Historic Filipinotown spinning their mellow, countrified tonk.  The duo shows off mighty musical prowess, along with subtlety and range, and can really put a lot of feeling behind a melody.

A lot of times, the simpler the sound, the better. Honey Honey is a duo that takes that feel and sends it soaring: sweet melodic harmonies, energetic songs and vocals dripping with a melancholy feel, without the country drawl. The band is actually a duo, which may surprise you upon first listen. The sound seems too big for two people, and occasionally they do perform with a drummer or percussionist.  I’d also like to point out that after this jaunt at the Bootleg Theater, the show goes on the road and will not return until May, when you can catch them at the El Rey Theater.  This is a great chance to see a really developed, talented band, in a more intimate setting. The show is 21 and over, and Honey Honey will perform for free every Monday in March.

Dinner House M

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of checking out Dinner House M in the southern edge of Echo Park for the first time. I have to say, this is a great place to check out a band, a DJ or just go to schmooze and hang out at a great bar. Ertel was performing, as well as a couple of other poppy, upbeat danceable bands. The dance floor was crowded with people checking out the bands and the drinks were flowing.  This Temple Street bar was different from a lot that I visit, however, as the feel of the place exuded comfort, and a good place to take in music.There wasn’t any of that ultra competitive vibe you get at a lot of clubs, and from what I understand, this is what a lot of the patrons consider special about the bar.

Bobo House was running last weekend’s event, with the next one scheduled for March 26 and continuing until they decide otherwise.  Given the good, music-loving crowd, this could go on for a while. Beware, they do allow smoking in this venue, as it is a “Member’s Club” and gets by the smoking ban on a technicality. Not completely smoke-filled like some old school billiard halls around town, but it is definitely there.

Dinner House M runs an eclectic mix of music, and ranges from easy jazz to hard rock.  Drinks are stiff and reasonably priced, and the crowd lacks the shallow aspect that you find all too often when trying to go out and listen to music. I highly recommend this club for anybody wanting to go somewhere new, and watch a band. They also serve food if it’s not too crowded, and sometimes run the door late into the night.


  1. … or you could just go to the REAL HM157 on either Friday or Saturday night for Good Night Billygoat as they sonically accompany the highly anticipated SOPHIA, the 3rd installment of their stop motion animation series. And who listens to punk anymore anyway?

  2. Wow two great shows in Lincoln Heights?!

    Think I know the best little hill at the edge of Montecito Heights, with a twelve pack, and have a listen!

    Thanks again for the great weekend music finds Eastsider.

  3. @ Above the City. Don’t forget to thank Alfred!

  4. Like Charlene said… we have Good night Billygoat’s highly anticipated LA debut of “Sophia” the 3Rd part of their stop motion animated series w/ a live score that includes the harp, two Nord Lead synths, guitar, drums & The Midnight Choir +more eclectic LA Underground talent galore…. Punk is Dead Fred****

    Love C+

  5. Yea! Punk is dead Fred** Billygoay transcends into a higher sonic sphere of interstellar genius. Unlike most bands I’ve heard….

  6. @Charlene/Joshua Tree/Sister Charon – I listen to punk as well as many other styles of music. So if you don’t like it don’t listen to it. Who are you to judge. The eastside is a great place. I have been to HM157 and I all I got there was attitude. I felt I was not welcome at all. To each their own but I won’t wear skinny jeans to fit in. Oh great job on crying like little babies because you did not make the eastsider this time.

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