Police searching for Echo Park suspects*

LAPD police helicopter over Echo Park.A police helicopter hovering over central Echo Park is part of a search for suspects involved in a car theft, according to Sgt. Eddie Ortiz at the Northeast Division. He did not have further information. The search, which began about midnight, is centered on Laveta Terrace north of  Sunset Boulevard. Officers have set up a perimeter to seal off the area, with a resident on nearby Fairbanks Place saying officers advised staying indoors.

Update @ 1:10 a.m.: Officers report that a suspect is in custody.


  1. Thanks! Was wondering what’s going on the last 20 minutes.

  2. THAT’s what all the ruckus is. Have been hearing mad sirens and ghetto birds alike even on Glendale Blvd north of the 2 freeway for the past hour almost. Scary sounding!

  3. thanks for keeping us posted. This is my most reliable neighborhood news source so thank you for your efforts! I’m hoping the ghetto bird finds the suspects so we can rest easy! I’ve heard police sirens a few different times over the last 30 minutes, but the chopper’s still up there.

  4. This is really nuts. More helicopter action, and a load speaker? I almost feel like I should take the baby and move into the back room. It’s time’s like these when I’m thankful for this blog.

  5. Haha, yeah me too. Good to know. :

  6. geez-thanks!

  7. I think if you haven’t found them with your helicopter after 48 minutes, you’re not going to find them with your helicopter.

  8. God fly back to the station already…You out of fuel yet ghetto bird?

  9. Thanks again for the reporting and update Eastsider. Sweet dreams echo park.

  10. Thanks for reporting. I was wondering what was going on.

  11. Wait until it’s your car that gets stolen. You’ll want them to deploy a friggin’ swat team to catch the creep.

  12. Last night the LAPD was only protecting us at a loud and continuous overhead volume for an hour+ against leprechauns on the loose.

    Seriously, I wonder what the cost benefit for our tax dollars to pay for the chopper fuel, maintenance, staffing, communications, etc. considering the lost hours of sleep (productivity) on our end and what we’re actually getting out of it all. Do those ghetto birds actually make a difference or is it more of the same safety theater we’ve come to expect in the face of actual ground level threats?

    Personally, I’d rather have more cops on the beat (walking around) post midnight when the bars start spilling out and the familiar sounds of sirens are on the rise. Either that, or simply more of a police presence in the form of cruisers around the areas that always seem to attract attention. Specifically, the stretch of Glendale Blvd. between the 101 and the 5 & 2 freeway access point as well as Sunset Blvd from Alvarado. to Chinatown. Too much to ask? Probably.

  13. Oh yeah, B.E., if someone stole my car, I’d much rather collect insurance on it than send the choppers on a wild goose chase to collect what remained of my 4 cylinder import.

  14. i think that was more than a search for a stolen car. the police were scouring the property on fairbanks with headsets, firearms and a big german shepherd. i highly doubt they would have gone through all of that trouble for a car.

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