Silver Lake’s Beer Bar shut down leaves customers wondering what happened*

Photo from Rambutan/Facebook

The new Beer Bar at Rambutan that opened up next to Rambutan Thai in Silver Lake caused quite a buzz when it opened in January, winning positive reviews for its selection of brews and welcoming neighborhood vibe.  But one resident was surprised to discover that bar had recently closed.  “I’m bummed because it was my new neighborhood bar, and it was pretty mellow,” she said.

A person at Rambutan said today the bar remains shut down. The Eastsider is seeking comment from the bar owners but a posting on Yelp! offers a clue as to what happened:

“We are closed temporarily due to a zoning issue. We will be back up and running shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

* Update: The folks at Beer Bar emailed this reply to The Eastsider: “We will be reopening in a couple of weeks. Really, just a couple of technicalities, which we are working out with the proper folks right now.”


  1. Then again, maybe being “pretty mellow” doesn’t keep a bar in business too long.

  2. no, it was actually quite popular when i stopped by. i’m sure it’s just a zoning thing – hope it’s back soon.

  3. the place was mediocre at best – an amateur attempt at the kind of art direction on display at Bigfoot. my biggest knock is that the people behind the bar don’t know their beers – which for a beer bar is kind of like a sushi chef not knowing their fish. during the Pliny event a few weeks back I asked the bartender if they were getting any of the rare beer. “what’s Pliny?” he asked. sorry. if you are going to purport to be a beer bar, you better hire people who know beer.

  4. Im sure once they figure out the zoning problem it will be open again. I liked this place it was “pretty mellow”.

  5. Great place, thanks to the Eastsider for pickin up the story. I can only guess that the city has a problem with the kitchen being in Rambutan and the license is probably a food one… The best baked beans ever, the Shriracha makes it! Can you do another story when they reopen? I’m sick of driving by every day to check.

    @Todd, all the bartenders at Beer Bar seem pretty well rounded in their beer knowledge to me. Pliny one beer from one small brewery in Northern California, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh… though, by plugging the place you like better, you out yourself as a blog spotter and perhaps, not that objective eh?

  6. is this place back open yet?

  7. would love an update on this – if the powers that be said they were reopening in “a couple weeks” that time has come and gone… only had a chance to go in this place once and would love to go back.

  8. I just called for information–Beer Bar is still closed.

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