Sponsored Post: Silver Lake center focuses on child & family development

The Eastsider would like to welcome Wallaby family development as an advertising sponsor.  Here is more about Wallaby:

Wallaby family development center in Silver Lake offers a variety of services for children 0-3 and their parents, including play-based parent & me classes, a unique parent education, support and hobby curriculum, and children’s birthday parties.

As owner-director Ericka Tullis (UCLA early childhood researcher, former preschool teacher, and mother of two) explains, “As far as local programs go, Wallaby is alone in its focus on 0-3 year olds – a period of life when brain development and learning is happening more quickly than at any other time, and when a unique set of activities, materials and teaching styles are needed to meet children where they’re at developmentally.

“We provide children with plenty of time for self-directed freeplay with our great selection of developmental toys, plus a musical circle time, snack and storytime, and an art project that emphasizes process over product so parents don’t have to struggle to get their kids to follow unnecessarily rigid instructions and worry about making a mess.  And all of this is facilitated by our qualified and dedicated teachers who really love and understand children”

Recognizing that people with kids still want to be able to pursue their own interests without parting with their kids or paying a fortune for child care, Wallaby has developed an innovative parent hobby program that currently includes group guitar lessons where moms can learn to rock out and/or play their child’s favorite lullaby, group voice lessons – taught by a KCRW-approved singer-songwriter – that culminates in a recital complete with live backup band, knitting classes in collaboration with The Little Knittery in Atwater Village, and a dance-based exercise class taught by a professional choreographer.  Best of all, little ones are more than welcome at these parent classes – one of Wallaby’s great parent & me teachers is on-site to keep children happily occupied while parents learn and socialize with other creatively-minded adults.

Now through May only, you can get 50% off Wallaby’s parent & me classes. So visit Wallaby’s website and schedule your free trial class so you can see firsthand what Wallaby is all about.