Victorian romance earns Angeleno Heights man a preservation award

Before and after shots of Angeleno Heights home restored by Murray Burns | Photo by Planaria Price

Murray Burns | Photo by Greg Noyes

Murray Burns – tall, skinny, long gray hair and often wearing sandals – looks more like an aging surfer than someone interested in the prim and proper Victorian era.  But it was while riding his bike through Angeleno Heights more than 35 years ago that Burns fell in love with the Victorians- or at least their architecture.  He soon purchased and restored one of the neighborhood’s Victorian homes.  Since then, Burns and his wife Planaria Price have been credited with saving more than 30 historic homes, which also include Craftsman-style mansions as well as Victorian-era properties, according to the Los Angeles Conservancy. On Monday, the conservancy, the area’s largest historic preservation group, announced that Burns was one of the recipients of its 30th Annual Preservation Awards. Said the conservancy of Burns:

More than just restoring his homes, Murray protected them for future generations through landmark designation, Mills Act property tax relief contracts, and conservation easements. He has long been a source of advice, encouragement, and even materials, for new neighbors restoring their own homes. He trains workers and students on preservation techniques. He wrote the first script for the Conservancy’s walking tour of Angelino Heights, and he’s opened his homes to countless tourgoers.

Burns and the other award winners will be honored at a May 12 luncheon.


  1. Congrats Murray you’ve earned it!

  2. Awesome! I always pass this guy on my street and never knew who he was…I’ll have to say congrats next time I see him. Great work on that house!

  3. Allison Davidson

    Congratulations Murray & Planaria!

  4. pssst… it’s “Angelino,” with an I. Always wondered why though.

  5. skeeter:
    Not that it solves the big question but some interesting insights…

  6. Congratulations Murray and Planaria! We love our street, our home and being part of the Angelino Heights community–thanks for making it all possible!!! -Andrew, Allison and Django

  7. Guys like Murray are what make our towns wonderful. Thanks Murray, wish there were more like you in many communities with historic homes gone to neglect and slumlords. As a Native Angelino myself, I must say thanks for making the world a better place!

  8. Wow! I remember Murray Burns! During Spring of 06, my 5th grade class were on a field trip to the Echo Park library when we ran into Mr. Burns. This kind man offered us a tour of his beautiful mansion. Congratulations to him!

  9. Spring of 03**

  10. CONGRATS! This guy is awesome and makes me feel sooo much better that people really DO care about preservation and restoration! Sign me up for a class on restoration techniques— I have a 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow in need of some TLC!!!

  11. murray has a neutra rotting in his back yard.

  12. The blame for the Neutra lies not with Murray:


  13. Patrick Heffernan

    My big brother has done good!

  14. judith markoff hansen

    Flight from the neighborhood happened in the fifties and by the sixties the area was heavy with social problems. Few Victorians existed on Carroll Avenue. It took guts and hard work and dreams but Murray pulled it off. A gorgeous neighborhood was reborn. A bonus to us was that he and Planaria Price added generosity to the mix as they built.

  15. Murray Burns should get a separate award for all the people he and his wife Planaria have helped do what they have done. Everyone in that neighborhood knows them as the go-to people for referrals, design, colors, everything. They have bought, fixed up, and sold old houses, sometimes at a loss, to dozens of like-minded history fans who now make Angelino Heights what it is. Murray and Planaria are the greatest, rarest treasures of Anelino Heights.

  16. You da man Murray Burns. Angelno Heights owes you a huge debt of gratitude.

  17. So happy to hear that Murray (and Planaria too I hope!) will be honored for their contributions to Angelino Heights….they have long been the heart of the neighborhood, and it would be a much different place without their tireless efforts to save and to restore these magnificent homes.

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