Who is going to clean up The Eagle Rock? *

Eagle Rock’s graffiti clean-up crews might want to invest in a high-powered spray-gun or rock climbing lessons. The top of The Eagle Rock – the massive boulder visible from nearly every corner of the neighborhood – has been tagged.  It’s hard to make out the lettering but an Eagle Rock resident James Moe said the graffiti, which appeared about eight months ago, is visible from the eastbound 134 Freeway and the Eagle Rock Recreation Center.  Moe wants the  tagging cleaned off the rock, a city cultural historic monument, but he said nothing had been done despite calls and email to the office of Councilman Jose Huizar. Why should anyone care? Moe explains:

The Eagle Rock is, to state the obvious, the symbol of the Eagle Rock community.  A blemish on a treasured symbol like the Eagle Rock itself is a blemish to the community as a whole. It is an insult to those who have strived and succeeded at making Eagle Rock rank among the safest neighborhoods in the city in terms of violent crime.

Would graffiti be tolerated on the Hollywood sign or the Capitol Records building?  Absolutely not.  Why should it linger for nearly a year on our community’s symbol of pride?

The Eastsider has contacted Councilman Huizar’s office to find out if the tagging can be cleaned or scrubbed off.

* Update: Rick Coca, spokesman for Councilman Huizar, said that employees with Recreation and Parks and Cultural Affairs have determined that graffiti is too dangerous to remove. “There is a portion that they cannot safely get to without putting workers in danger. All other sections of the rock are cleaned up on a regular basis. I’m assuming he’s talking about that one section. Any graffiti that our office reports throughout our district that can be removed is taken care of within 48 hours.”

Top photo by James Moe


  1. And while they’re at it they can clean off the paint from the prior “clean-up” efforts.

  2. Im glad someones doing something about this, but this tag has been up there for years. someone needs to get a power washer and blast that shit off as well as the former cover up that was done on older tagging.

  3. sorry eaglerockers, the election is over and so huizar is once again invisible to you.

  4. Tagging is getting worse in Eagle Rock, especially from magic marker/sharpies. What a shame. Eagle Rock High is a particularly bad example. Too bad the taggers didn’t fall off the Eagle Rock and put themselves out of their misery.

  5. “Update: Rick Coca, spokesman for Councilman Huizar, said that employees with Recreation and Parks and Cultural Affairs have determined that graffiti is too dangerous to remove.”

    what BS. if they can get up there in the dark to tag it, someone can safely get up there to remove it. That is the symbol of the city and for it to stay defaced like that for so long is almost like admitting defeat. Clean that shit up.

  6. Been up there, unless the spray is difficult to control while using it, it shouldn’t be that hard to get the tagging off without compromising safety.

  7. What a bunch of p*****s. That is such a crock to say that it’s too dangerous. For god’s sake, get a hook and ladder out there and do a gentle power wash on the graffiti. Hell, the high pressure hoses probably don’t even need someone to be elevated, considering how far they can shoot. This is the symbol of Eagle Rock – I’m amazed at the councilmember’s apathy. Vote him out, folks.

  8. LA-32 neighoodcouncil

    send me too clean it up just give me a long bucket truck and power washer thats all i need .

  9. Everyone on this thread should meet up in Eagle Rock to do the paint removal. I think more and more, citizens and residents are going to need to take control, and paint over tags themselves, as the city seems less and less capable. I walk down residential streets in Echo Park EVERYDAY with tagging on the sidewalk right in front of someone’s home, or someone’s church. For now, the city has
    But the city also has a TON of residents who can afford a couple of cans of paint, especially for painting over tags in front of your own home!

  10. Graffiti, illegal food vending, illegal vending, graffiti in private property should not be tolerated. Signage is also a sign of graffiti, just a little mnore expensive, businesses with illegal signage, or overdone murials of advertisig need to go.
    Ordinance is not being apply, and the City has not now or ever realy taken care of this. What I do not understand, if government does not have the money to get the work done, why are engineers being paid to answer the phone and tell us there is no money?

  11. I have gone up there many times. I even went up with a girl who wore 4 inch heels the whole way up, so I’m not exactly sure what makes this a tough climb.
    Maybe I’ll go up there and clean it up.

  12. I was hiking in Eaton Canyon and ran across a bunch of rocks that have been tagged, what the hell is wrong with these people – really rocks you have to go and f*ck up rocks for the rest of society. Are these people retarded? Mentally deficient?

  13. Both. Saw rocks that were tagged in Griffith Park today, as well as on the hike up to Echo Mountain. Taggers should have their thumbs cut off. Spray paint is difficult to get off of porous surfaces, but Goof Off works great for things like street signs.

  14. I understand the role that graffiti has played in the art world. But taggers, at this point, are nothing but cheap narcissistic unimaginative bores. I hate to break it to you guys, but… get a late pass. You modern-day taggers are over 30 years too late. It’s no longer shocking, or art… it’s weak, and played out. You aren’t impressing anyone or breaking any new ground.

  15. Many rocks at Eaton Canyon were tagged with the names “Pinks” and “Traviesa” in red paint all the way to the falls. Losers.

  16. Stephanie Guzman

    I’m tired of the graffiti too. I’ve tried understanding it as art and accepting that to graffiti purists, it’s the natural evolution of a city expressing itself, but I think there need to be boundaries. I’d love to get the proper paint from the city, and have volunteers on Sundays spend an hour cleaning up the graffiti in LA. Anyone know of an organization doing this?

  17. @Stephanie. Contact the Central City Action Committee in Angeleno Hgts. Its right on Bellevue & E. Edgeware in the old fire station. They do a great job keeping our walls clean.

  18. You all should’ve voted for Rudy Martinez. He probably would’ve climbed up there to do it. I would’ve voted for him, but I’m not in his district. Good luck to all of you N.E. folks, for the next four years.

  19. Couldn’t a group of professional rock climbers do this and get publicity for their efforts? Or the climbing equipment suppliers could turn it into ad material? Where is Patagonia when we need them? The City needs to get creative, they say it is too dangerous for their krewes but wouldn’t some of the more macho/macha fire people take this as a challenge or training? I know the people of ER would get out there and support.

  20. To coordinate graffiti cleanup, or obtain supplies from the City contact the Office of Community Beautification, which is part of the Public Works Department. Our neighborhood coordinates monthly cleanups with their support. They loan tools, trash bags, paint, graffiti remover, and whatever else you need.

    Website is http://www.laocb.org. Phone number is 213 978-0228 or 311.

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