Is it fall yet? Dodger season opener has neighbors fearing months of badly behaving fans

Thursday’s season opener at Dodger Stadium went smoothly for the most part. But then the game ended and reports have been coming in about rowdy fans and a trail of trash and traffic left across Echo Park and Solano Canyon. Some Dodger fans apparently even brought their own porta-potties for pre-game tail-gate parties in Elysian Park. The most disturbing news, however, was about a Giants fan who was badly beaten and left in critical condition following a confrontation  in the stadium parking lot after the game.

This morning, many residents awoke to find beer bottles and trash in front of their homes and litter strewn across Elysian Park, with one man asking if the Dodgers or the city was going to pay for the clean up.  A few hours after the game ended, a resident named Kathleen, who lives on a hillside street near the stadium, emerged from her house to confront a group of rowdy fans who were drinking and making a lot of noise. She heard one man encourage another to take a pee on the street like he had done.  The men got into their SUV and drove off but Kathleen wonders why she and her neighbors are  put in this position.

She blames the Dodgers’ high parking fees for pushing fans – and their tail gate parties – out into neighboring street liker hers. In an email sent to the office of Councilman Eric Garcetti, Kathleen writes:

It is the city’s responsibility to require that the McCourts  make parking affordable and either accept the behavior of their fans or police them on their own property instead of foisting them on our residential neighborhood.

Kathleen does not like to appear as being anti-Dodger but she is rooting for a short playing season. “I was so glad last year when they didn’t make the playoffs.”


  1. If you live in Echo Park this is what you have to Live With, they are part of our barrio and I’m glad we have them in our back yard. If it is a bother to you, than MOVE. Go Dodgers, Go Blue…….

  2. The parking is out of control. I circled my block for over an hour trying to find a place on Douglas St. NOT OKAY. What can I do about this? When I called to ask, I was told: try to get home earlier. REALLY, LA???? Don’t make me start a petition for permit parking……

  3. I did my normal walk through Elysian park and was so shocked by how filthy the park was. It was literally a debris zone of cup, plates and crap everywhere. And the cops were pulling people over right and left. This was around 7:30. I feel sorry for the crews this morning, what a mess.

  4. But I have to admit that the two porta potties made me laugh.

  5. I accept that there will be some inconvenience from the Dodgers. But i don’t like that their owner’s greed (squeezing ever more pennies out of their customers by hiking parking fees) has pushed the fans out into the neighborhood. It has obviously gotten worse in the last few years.

  6. Luis, this only became a problem in the last 4 years.

  7. Dodgers fans – Please come use the park to BBQ. Feel free to park on my street. They are both public spaces and you presumably pay taxes just like I do, so you have every right to be there. But do NOT leave your litter behind. Do NOT trash the park and our neighborhoods. Do you do this where you live? Doubtful.

    I chose to live here, I am willing to deal with certain things. I don’t mind the steady stream of cars in and out of the stadium pre/post game. It is to be expected at events of this size. But the drunken yelling and screaming, the honking of horns and blaring music is unacceptable, especially after the games when people are trying to sleep. All I ask for this season it to please respect your neighbors! Do not pee in our yards, trash the streets, block our drive ways, and behave without any regard for the people who live on the streets around the stadium.

    Dodger administration – I find it unacceptable that parking costs more than the cheapest ticket you can get to the game. You want it to be a family event that is affordable for everyone? Well $15 for parking is just being greedy. You don’t want to be responsible or deal with tailgaters so you ban it from your parking lot and push people out into the surrounding communities. Shame on you! You think you are doing both the local residents and fans a big favor with your Dodger Express bus service from Union Station. Well last night I noticed one of the buses going past my house and there were only four people on it. FOUR. What a waste of resources!

    Local residents – please speak out, call the police, file a complaint with the Dodgers (Dodgers Neighborhood Focus line at 323.224.2636) anytime you see something that is unacceptable or illegal happening on your street.

  8. Scott Avenue at Sargent was more roudy Tuesday night thanks to a bunch of teenagers running around yelling f-bombs at each other. The traffic wasn’t NEARLY as bad as it was last year, when Scott was a parking lot in front of our house.
    We had DOT guys at our corner, and at Echo Park Avenue and Scott. One things missing were the cones at Glendale Blvd. and Scott, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.
    I have DOT on speed dial if they fail to include an officer at a busy corner like ours for exiting traffic, we’ll see how they respond this season!

  9. This is sad:( I’m a huge Dodger fan and have season tickets and I would never disrespect the people that live around Dodger stadium. What’s wrong with people? I live on the Eastside now but I grew up by the beach in Santa Monica and people would come on the weekends and just trash the beach. This is our city people! Have pride and take care of it!

  10. i am a dodger hater i lived in L.A all my life and never seen it this bad. the dodgers of th 60;s and 70;s and 80s where the best times when i was a a dodger fan “

  11. I am so tired of people saying “live with it” or “comes with the territory”. Traffic, I can deal with and yes, it comes with living by the stadium. But the type of violent and confrontational behavior seen last night is totally unacceptable. When people are getting beat to a pulp in the parking lot, it is not something we can just stand back and say, “It happens…” There’s such a sense of entitlement by fans who swoop in on game day to treat our neighborhood like a garbage dump or drunk tank. If we did this in your neighborhood, you’d be outraged too.

  12. At least the worst is over (knock wood) as the opening day is always the pits for bad behavior and parking. We saw brewskis cracking at 8 am on the way to school, niiiiice one boozaholics. I’d love to know what was spent on beer yesterday, schools anyone?

  13. For the first time ever, we had a couple of pickup trucks here on Kensington having a tailgate party with beer and bad ’80s hair metal.

    I was really looking forward to this season, but with all of the stories of bad behavior, I don’t think we;ll be going in person.

  14. Dodger fans – ruining it for everyone since 1962!! Good job dumb asses!

  15. I am tired that it is so hard to find parking this time around. We have been living in echo park for like 30 years and yes the parking situation has become so horrible! It takes me like 20 minutes max to find parking at times. And Maria I would so help you to try petition for parking permits.

  16. The Dodgers really need to do something about this if they want to keep fans. I have several friends here in EP that dread baseball season because of this, rather than be excited for the team. Shouldn’t the Dodgers be concerned with the way they are perceived among the local citizens?

    The traffic doesn’t bother me so much, but there’s no need beat opposing fans to death, unless they are Yankees fans (I kid, I kid). Seriously, though, it’s not cool, and the “Get used to it” attitude is just as bad, if not worse.

  17. I lived near the Hollywood Bowl years ago, and on days of events I would either have to show my driver’s license or my parking permit in order to enter my street. Why is this different? If the Dodgers are going to charge so much for parking then they should make sure they use some of that money to protect the surrounding residential streets.

  18. Dodger Neighbor

    The street parking cannot be entirely tied to parking prices. Last year (maybe the year before that) there were some days where the Dodgers offered free parking. I asked people who were parked in my neighborhood “Why park here? Parking is free” and got the answer “We want to drink beer and can’t inside the stadium.”

    I connect street parking to beer drinking.

  19. As in a previous post , I blame the greedy McCourts !
    Open your damned parking lot earlier and contain all the morons in the parking lot and make it the Dodgers organizations responsibility to deal with it ! They don’t allow tail-gate-ing (fail gate-ing! )In the Dodger parking lot anymore , so this is why over the years it has gotten extremely worse in the park !it is out of control.

    As their war of the roses divorce moves forward , and they fight over their side by side Malibu homes and riches , The McCourts could really care less about the neighborhood .

    I have lived here all my life , and Dodger season is unfortunately what you deal with every season , I know people who haven’t lived here long are not used to it , but the problems have definitely gotten worse .

    Oh yeah in addition, it doesn’t make it any better when the bars empty out and spill on to the side streets either ! So on top of the Dodger fans , the bar crowds have gotten worse as well .

    Damn I’m getting old .

  20. …………. I just got an idea , I’m going to rent a party bus type limo thingy and pick about 30 people up on Sunday at the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset , then the driver will drive us to Frank Mc Courts house in Malibu , where we will park in front of his house , pitch canopy style tents , bust out the d.j and bar-b-que , and drink and pee in his space , leave our trash and promptly leave !

    Girls , wear Bootie shorts , guys wear over sized Dodger Jerseys
    Who’s In ?

  21. I live right by Dodger Stadium and witness the True Blue fan drunkenness and disregard for our neighborhood nearly every home game. The first home opener is always the worst of it. I’m a big baseball fan, but can’t understand why people think it’s acceptable to not only trash wherever they tailgate, but also openly intimidate residents and those rooting for the other team. What MLB needs to do is stop scheduling Dodgers vs. Giants as the home opener! This matchup of rivals on the 1st game of the season only further exacerbates the negative behavior of the already revved up fan base. Of course, we know a majority of the LA fans are more there for the event than the actual game. They drink, act stupidly and leave in the 7th inning to beat traffic no matter the score. It’s tough not to root for the Dodgers to lose, as the exiting fans are far more sedate when this happens. I doubt much is going to change in the way of security or enforcement, which, outside of Dodger Stadium, is legally the LAPD’s responsibility (or the responsibility of the ACTUAL FANS). Unfortunately, this neighborhood gets treated like a Hollywood dive bar during Dodger games and on the weekends when urban revelers want to get their party on. The sense of entitlement and complete lack of class makes me pity baseball fans who want to experience Dodger games sans all the BS. I’m not asking why we can’t just all get along, but do you really have to use my front lawn as a bathroom?

  22. BYOPP? Bring your own porta-potty? Total genius!

  23. As a dodger fan and a resident of the east side it’s very disappointing to hear how the surrounding neighborhoods are being treated. I doubt that the trouble makers are going to be reading this blog so make your problems known to the Dodger organization and the city. I definitely feel that the majority of blame lies with the Dodgers refusal to allow fans to tailgate and the price of parking. Not that $5 parking and fans being allowed to party in the lot would solve everything but it certainly wouldn’t drive the masses into the neighborhoods surrounding the stadium.
    Perhaps the dodgers should have certain sections of the parking lot open for tailgating and those sections are $15-20 then there are other non party sections to park in that are $5-$10. Then they could have more security in the tailgate section and have family friendly and cheaper sections too.
    Unfortunately the McCourts are so blinded by the mighty dollar that unless they are going to come out ahead I doubt things will change.

  24. Why don’t the Dodgers post this sketch issued by the LAPD of the suspect at Dodger Stadium for the beating of the paramedic who is now on life support…
    Photo attached to link:

  25. Why haven’t the Dodgers posted a reward for the arrest and conviction of the two suspects for the beating of the paramedic on opening day.

  26. The response for the beating by theDodgers” McCourts” have been “It’s an unfortunate event”. Have they made any additional statements?

  27. Noise, violence, trash, but the worst for us (Silver Lake Heights) was the TRAFFIC! The commuters trying to get around the mess clogged Glendale, Fletcher, Rowena, and Silver Lake — and it was all gridlock, honking horns, and cursing commuters! Seriously, if the Dodgers are going to play during rush hour, the city needs to do a lot in the way of traffic management. We had commuters racing through the neighborhood streets trying desperately to find a quicker way to the freeway, only to find out there’s no outlet. Normally, it’s kind of funny to see their bewildered looks, but at 50 mph (in a 25 mph zone) it’s irritating and dangerous.

  28. baseball is boring

  29. Cholos are idiots

    The low life scumbag Dodger fans that litter, start fights, and are burdens on society disgust me. It’s sad how they can take an all american past-time & turn it into a gang related activity…PATHETIC..

  30. As if we needed any more reasons not to go to games. I used to love going to Dodger stadium. It’s a great ball park. But the drunken, obnoxious, and flat out violent behavior of too many fans over the last six years or so has become systemic. Coupled with the ridiculous increases in prices for tickets, food, beer, parking, et al., it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  31. I was on the fence about attending games this year, but all the news from opening day sealed it for me: I’m not going. The violence and the terrible mess that was left behind in Elysian Park made up my mind for me. I even used to be a season ticket holder! Now I’m fearful of coming anywhere near the park on the day of the game.

    This is why I don’t support getting a professional football team for LA. I don’t think that this city has the ability to make professional sports a subject for civic pride. Instead, our sports teams and their fans bring the city shame.

  32. high parking fees out of greed is unacceptable. high parking fees to subsidize shuttles taking fans in and out of dodger stadium and to encourage more public transportation would be acceptable.

    are there shuttles? what about building alternative transportation tracks to the park?

  33. I used to live in Chicago near Wrigley Field. Even after day games, drunken fans would be lined up peeing against my apartment building.

    LOTS of sports fans are amped-up morons, nationwide.

  34. Good L.A. Times article about the Dodgers “McCourt” handeling of the beating at Dodger Stadium.


  35. Baseball is such a boring game that it’s just an excuse for people to come together, get drunk, and act out. The worst offenders are those fans who need to identify with a sports team to fill that hollow spot within themselves or who feel the need to tattoo LA on their asses.

    And everyone knows lacrosse is the sport for real fans.

  36. The culpability of the Dodgers not just condoning, but celebrating this type of behavior is evident in their latest commercial for the 2011 season:


    Check out the second clip in the playlist added 04/01/11.

    “It’s time for blood to run blue.”

    Scary, eerie, and prescient considering what happened the other night. The Dodgers owe the public and the victim more than a lawyer-approved statement, when they’re running thug-friendly advertisements to pump up ticket sales.

  37. i hate the Dodgers as much as the next guy: the “party before the party” is a nightmare to be sure. but you are reading a bit much into that commercial. it also says “it’s time for family,” and “it’s time for summer.”

    not exactly a thug oriented commercial.

  38. Time for these residents to get together and get some parking restrictions going on. Make it where they can’t park without a neighborhood permit. People have no business parking in those neighborhoods to begin with, game or no game.

  39. I used to live by the Hollywood Bowl too, they would mail out passes to everybody in the neighborhood and they would have somebody stand on each street checking for those passes during events. Nobody pays attention to the locals only signs they put up around Dodger Stadium- they need somebody standing there verifying that you’re a resident. I don’t know if the H.B. paid for the guards or if it was the city, but somebody needs to do something. I’m not okay with searching for parking for 30 minutes and then getting harassed by drunk a**holes on my 3 block walk home! I like the post about taking a party bus to the McCourts and trashing their neighborhood!

  40. I am a definite “No” to neighborhood permits. Sorry, we live in the neighborhood and it’s a hotly debated topic, so that’s all I’ll say. Without question, the Dodgers should do something about lowering parking prices and making the games feel safer for everyone who attends the games. Opening Day is always hectic. I’m glad the Dodger Express is back, and even happier about the fireworks coming back!

    We took our son to the game on Friday night and everything seemed fine. The only incident we encountered was walking home from the game and a drunk off his arse Giants fan tried to get in my husband’s face. Thankfully, my husband is a laid back guy, but if that Giants fan had pulled that with an aggressive Dodger fan he probably would have gotten something unpleasant for his trouble. We are a family walking with a toddler, so maybe that’s why he felt safe to get in my husband’s face.

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