Is there a “chick burglar” on the loose in Silver Lake?

NeighborhoodWatchLogo.JPGSilver Lake residents Liza and Gareth returned to their home in the 1400 block of Easterly Terrace on Saturday night to find their place had been burglarized, with the long list of stolen items including everything from laptops and cameras to a bottle of champagne and a piggy bank.  Liza’s downstairs neighbor said that she saw a woman – described as a white, slender, female in her 30s with very short, dirty-blonde hair –  walk out the couple’s front door only about 30 minutes earlier.  The neighbor said “she didn’t suspect anything because she looked well dressed and like someone that I would hang out with,” Liza said by email.  “The girl even said ‘hi’ to her.”

Liza realized that a woman who fit the same description was outside her front door only a week ago. That woman said she was looking for a lost cat and handed her a flier. Upon closer inspection, Liza realized the flier was for a cat that went missing last December. Liza now assumes this same woman broke into her home and is trying to warn her neighbors.

After reading up on burglaries in the area on Eastsider, I found one back in January where there was make-up, multiple straightners etc. stolen from a house … which screams chick burglar.


  1. In a similar vein, my husband and I saw fliers west of the 2 freeway, warning the neighborhood about an older black male (30s – 40s), often posing as a woman, who knocks door to door wanting to “talk” to people. He has been casing the neighborhoods west and east of the 2 freeway for the last three weeks. The voice of a man (but the profile of a woman) wanted my husband to open the door to talk. He is not specific about what he wants to discuss. Needless to say, he didn’t open the door, but the flier we saw recently stated that the local police station is on the look-out for this individual and to contact them in the event he is spotted again in either neighborhood.

  2. My home was broken into around 7am this morning 4/12. I was asleep downstairs, when I woke up to inquire who was there they ran out. They took 2 laptops and 2 iphones. I live on Carnation Ave. Very unsettling, as I was asleep downstairs. Just want to send out an alert to everyone in the neighborhood. I believe this person(s) to be professional and brazen.

  3. Our neighbor was broken into on Oscar Sunday (2/27) at 9am. He woke up to his bedroom door being opened. They ran off…Laptop and monitor stolen. Scary and very desperate of the robber or robbers… At rockwood and belmont in echo park.

  4. Was she hot?

  5. Dog Beater…. This is our neighborhood, it’s our home and you are an insensitive

  6. Sounds like she was hot.

    Also, try getting a gun. You can count the number of burglars caught by the LAPD on one hand. Seriously- burglars fear confrontation with armed people like we all do. There are no magic bullets to security, but having bullets helps.

  7. Dog Beater, if she were hot, it would be nice to invite her in for a glass of water.

  8. How does Eastsiderla determine which stories/postings to feature Google Ads in? I’m genuinely curious because this seems more insensitive in my eyes than what Dog Beater just posted.

  9. hipster buglers. this should be a gauge for the California economy.

    it is a genuine concern, and glad the Eastsider posted it. would you really think twice if someone who looks like your neighbor’s friend were walking out of their front yard? i know i wouldn’t and i doubt my next door neighbors would either. we have friends coming and going all the time. lock your doors, people. and watch out for hot blondes giving out lost cat/car fliers.

  10. Can’t …. Resist….
    Sounds like there is a “lost cat” burglar on the loose.

  11. I also had the guy posing as a woman come to my door about a month ago, maybe more. She wanted to talk about something, like what I did for a living or something, and then told me some convoluted story about how she’s selling magazine subscriptions to help get kids off the streets. It was so strange it was almost surreal. Anyways, I live in a duplex and she asked about the other inhabitant of the building, and sensing how strange this was, I said he was a cop. She immediately turned away and kept walking.

  12. Take the indignation down a notch or I am going to have to change my name to Commenter Beater. Doubt anyone will like that – least of all me.

    Now that you got all of your little outrages off your chest, can you please tell me if she was hot or not? It’s not a complex question, and I demand that it be answered.

    I can see how unhinged people are when Ben found the Google Ads offensive. That’s a new level of crazy.

  13. Same as Alexis. Same he/she, same story about magazines and asking for donations. She was well rehearsed and very pleasant, and we actually talked for a while at my doorstep. Look out for this move: “Can I borrow a paper towel or napkin?” In retrospect, I realize that stepping away from my doorway may have given her an opportunity to case the living room.

  14. I live adjacent to Easterly Terrace and also had a young woman looking for a “lost cat” appear at my door. This was months ago before I knew my neighbors, but now I don’t think this woman is a resident – she was casing my apartment. There is OUTRAGEOUS daily crime in our neighborhood now. All the neighbors should get to know their neighbors, talk to them and immediately call 911 if they see something unusual.

  15. A few months ago – or maybe mid last year, there were a rash of burglaries involving suspects with a similar MO – they were pleasant looking, young Caucasians – kids who looked like they were either lost driving around the neighborhood or who looked like they were friends coming out of someone’s house- nothing neighbors would see as suspicious. Not saying we have to all be looking over our shoulders, but more vigilance is needed via neighborhood watch definitely.

  16. EastsideTransplant

    This same type of burglary trend has also been seen in El Sereno… a bit more east of Silver Lake. I’m not sure if any police reports have been filed, but neighbors who live in the area of El Sereno (bordering Alhambra), have been told to be vigilant of 2 women going door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions. My grandmother had this exact scenario happen to her & 1 of the women asked to use her restroom. Of course, my grandmother told her No, but I’m sure other seniors have fallen victim to something like this.

    Keep an eye out for yourself AND your elderly neighbors!

  17. very happy to see this was posted. this woman appeared at my door back in march, it think it was a wednesday around 3 in the afternoon. she was looking for a cat. i did not open the door but got a good look at her thru the peep hole and she was slender, short, white woman. she had a baseball cap on and i could see she had light hair. she then was seen next door at my neighbors house when i got a phone call from the mom asking me to check in on their child who was freaking out as to who was snooping around the yard with the dog barking at the same time. i saw her again as she peaked her head around the corner when i told her to get the hell out of the back yard.

  18. I was also visited by the African American man/woman. If anyone is wondering, not hot. Typical line about helping homeless kids on drugs and a mag subscription offer.
    I have no confirmation that she is or isn’t casing houses. And I am always suspicious of suspicions about African Americans and even more so if they are cross-dressers. Who knows? But nobody better be breaking into my house with my 2-year-old and his two daddies at home. It would not be pretty.

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