LAPD pledges to keep rowdy fans out of Dodger Stadium – but what about the surrounding neighborhood?

Police Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa today pledged to crack down on  trouble-making fans at Dodger Stadium, with Beck threatening to arrest or throw aggressive fans out of the ballpark, according to L.A. Now.  Dodger owner  Frank McCourt,  whose team’s season opener was marred by the beating of a Giants fan in the stadium parking lot, vowed “to provide a safe, family friendly, fan friendly environment at Dodger stadium. I promise you that.”

But there were no specific promises made today to the residents of Echo Park and Solano Canyon about dealing with rowdy fans outside the stadium gates.  Earlier this week,  L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez wrote about the noise, public drinking and rowdy behavior endured by the stadium’s neighbors. Last week, in a story in The Eastsider, residents complained about the city’s failure to address long-standing problems blamed on baseball fans.  Police have said they will raise their presence around the stadium but have not offered details. Monica Valencia, a spokeswoman for Councilman Ed Reyes, said:

Chief Beck was vague on specifics. He did address a short-term plan that involves higher visibility and more uniformed officers in and around the stadium. He assured Councilmember Reyes of being assertive with disruptive fans. The Councilmember continues to work directly with the Dodgers, LAPD and Bratton on these security issues.


  1. I’m concerned that Bratton, Beck and the LAPD will be so focused on what is going on inside the Dodger property line that they will throw the surrounding neighborhoods (Solano Canyon, Echo Park) under the bus as the Dodgers have done since the McCourts carpetbagged their way into our neighborhood. I’m all for beefing up security at the stadium, but I can just see how our neighborhoods will catch the brunt of it as we do now. When McCourt raised the parking prices and cracked down on tailgating in the parking lot, the fans parked in our neighborhoods to party, eat, drink, leave their trash, leave their broken bottles on our streets and sidewalks, piss and sh*t in our yards and alongside the streets and leave their used condoms (yes, used condoms) along the side of the streets. What will Bratton and Beck do to address this? I hope we don’t continue to get lost in the mix.

  2. Frank McCourt and the Dodger (dis-)organization keep calling the beating of the Giants fan an “isolated incident ” .
    Last year a fan got stabbed after a Giants vs Dodgers game .
    It is only an “isolated incident” if you forget allllllll the other incidents in and out of the stadium and surrounding neighborhoods.

    Everything has gotten out of hand for failure to address these issues in the past and the lack of concern for thje surrounding communities !

    It has never been this bad .

  3. I guess if you have a problem very unruly fans call the cops since it’s “zero tolerence’.

  4. To be fair, and to his credit, Charlie Beck put the emphasis on beefing up their presence “around” the stadium. Of course, that could just mean the parking lot, but I trust that means the neighborhood too. For some reason that part of it’s been left out of most reports.

    To quote:
    “I will make [the] decision about how many Los Angeles police officers are deployed in and around, and I emphasize around, Dodger Stadium, based on public safety needs.”

  5. Re the tailgating problem on the streets surrounding Dodger stadium:

    If I lived by Dodger Staidum and had to endure this problem, I would organize my neighbors and encourage everyone to take up all the parking spaces on their respective streets so there was no place for the tailgaters to park. Move your car outof the driveay into the street. Invite friends over an hour before the tailgating starts. I always say instead of complaining, do something pro-active about it.

  6. Are we supposed to do this for how many home games a year? I work dude!

  7. Yeah , good idea Libertad , because the average family has 3 or 4 cars per household that they can take up every spot to curb the tailgating ?

    Every game ? Invite friends over ?

    Where did this genius idea come from , a bong hit ?

  8. Prior to the giants fan attacked , the dodgers organization were going to pay for a Lapd unit to be patrolling at solano canyon throughout the game. FYI.

  9. Once they jacked up parking, we all started to suffer. I am so sick of the late night noise I have to endure when the drunks stumble to the cars and all of the garbage they leave behind.

  10. It wasn’t just the raise in the parking charge, but also, the ban in alcohol consumption, while tail-gating in the stadium, presumably, so they could sell their own, newly more expensive, alcoholic drinks, that has driven people to “party” outside the friendly confines, and changed the whole experience of living with our neighbors, The Dodgers.

  11. Now it's a tragedy!

    All of a sudden everyone cares. I wonder why? The media is on top of this because it gives them something to talk about. (What else do you expect from a Boston guy!) Franky needs to sell and never buy again. L.A.P.D needs to patrol the city they serve and not a stadium. And to the outsiders worry about you town not ours. Especially the ones that claim they are Angelenos! Born and Raised in L.A. Outsiders stay way!

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