Maybe they should rename it the Silver Lake Lawn

The  new Silver Lake Meadow that opened today next to the Silver Lake reservoirs looks more like a big suburban lawn than a pastoral landscape. Anyway, that didn’t seem to bother the families, cyclists and other visitors who showed up today to sit on the grass, taken in the view and enjoy some other forms of “passive recreation” permitted in the three acres of new parkland.

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Middle photo by Stephen Roullier


  1. I feel really split on this. Would’ve loved to see a more interpretive natural space here that recognized the reservoir for what it is and treat the water to nourish that grass accordingly. This feels Mulholland approved but i’m glad these folks had a place to sit and take in the day.

  2. Nice, but a little more imagination would have been what this community is about. I think Garcetti’s office settled for this, just to get credit for another “green space”. Too bad it could have been a real stunner.

  3. MiMi, I couldn’t agree more. Pretty boring space, the Rowena reservoir on the other hand, so much more interesting. Alas, no public access.

  4. I think that fence is an ugly abomination. I guess they want to keep people apart from the water. I can understand a hip- or even chest-high fence to keep people from the water, but that ugly chain link thing is atrocious and overdone.

    I agree with the other posters. For the huge amount of money spent, there should be a lot more and a lot nicer there than just grass under the blast furnace summer sun. It could have been really nice and refreshing, considering how much was spent.

    Some grass, a sidewalk going through, a couple saplings, and a chain link fence — should have cost no more than $20,000, if that much.

  5. This design? Could be anywhere . Orange County. There was urban wilderness , now Orange County.

  6. Yes, Thank you Mr. Garcetti for bringing Orange County to Silver Lake. Not!

  7. I might have to agree that it’s a little bare, but plants take time to grow – I think it will be a lot better in a few years when they’ve a chance to mature. In the meantime, you can call me easy to please, but I’m happy to have a nice green lawn and a space that’s now open to the public.

  8. Gee people , relax !
    So its not perfect but its a start .
    Its a space and its green .
    What a bunch of complainers .

  9. I’m with noonie and a little perplexed by all the armchair criticism — especially from anyone who saw this develop so slowly over the years from a long-inaccessible nondescript space to a now-accessible nondescript space. It’s not like a lot changed topographically from 2007 to yesterday. Perhaps these curmudgeons were expecting magic faeries to come in on Friday night (pro bono no doubt) and make it the imaginative anti-OC stunner that so many people are disappointed it isn’t?

  10. Saw two coyotes there at dusk last night. Watch your little dogs and children!

  11. How will the no dogs rule for this patch of land be enforced? Is it a trick so the city can ticket people with dogs in this space? Did you see the signs? I can’t believe it.

  12. Im with Noonie and Will,

    The Eastsider blog is a great blog but the comments are filled with people who complain about everything.

    Ok so its not nice enough ? I guess tear it down then ?

    Be happy that there is something there atleast.

  13. @RJ

    A trick to give people tickets ?

    Uh , just keep your dog out of there ,like the signs say , walk to the other end of the reservoir and take your dog to the dog park to keep from being “tricked”
    Simple solution .

    Although I love dogs , it will be nice to have a space without dog piles , and slobbery tennis balls .

    I cannot believe people are actually complaining about this spot .
    Unbelievable .
    In the wake of events in Japan , the negative comments about
    how un- fab it is is rings ridiculous .
    Enjoy it people , even if it lacks what you imagined it to be .

  14. I think @RJ’s point is that there are no signs saying dogs aren’t allowed. At least I didn’t notice any this morning. They need to put up signs ASAP or this emerald isle will fast degenerate into the toxic wasteland that is the dog run at the other end of the reservoir. And by toxic waste I do mean dog urine. A mighty powerful herbicide, that stuff. “A Quiet Place For Dogs To Kill All Plants”. Another option would be to drain the reservoir and then refill it– with dog urine!

  15. I was happy to see a lot of people utilizing the space this weekend.

    If there really aren’t “No Dogs Allowed” signs they better get on that. With all the dogs on the trail I could see why someone would just assume that they could take dogs on the lawn too unless there was very visible signage.

    Speaking of signage… they need to put up visible “No Parking” signs on that side of Silver Lake Blvd. next to the path/park because on Saturday a bunch of people parked their cars on that side of S.L. Blvd. against the path wall. It was making bicyclists and runners on the street have to veer dangerously into traffic. So weird to see people parked on that side. I’ve never seen that before…

  16. It’s great to have a public place where you can sit and relax without being harassed by both dogs and their irresponsible owners, who buy them, coop them up in little Los Angeles apartments, then think they get free reign to let them poop and run free anywhere they wish. Laying your blanket down on fresh dog piss or recently smeared-around-while-being-picked-up dog poop is not pleasant. I wish more places were dog free.

  17. To the complainers: The park isn’t finished. They could have kept it closed this summer until it was done but be happy they’re opening it. It’s a work in progress.

    To Rizzo: I saw that and was very annoyed. I’m hoping it was only because they had that official opening “event”. If cars continue to park ILLEGALLY along the path don’t be surprised to come back and find broken mirrors.

  18. more like silver lake yawn – amirite?

  19. “If cars continue to park ILLEGALLY along the path don’t be surprised to come back and find broken mirrors.”

    Is legality the issue? Are there any other circumstances that warrant the use of automotive vigilantism? I find this stance very odd.

  20. Didn’t anyone hear me? Coyotes! They’ll solve all the dog problems PLUS they bring that “wild kingdom” park feel that all the complainers are longing for. Everyone wins. Coyotes!

  21. I saw many dogs there this weekend and was pretty disgusted. There are signs but either entitled dog owners didn’t care or they need bigger signs to keep them off. If they don’t the meadow is going to become a giant dog toilet pretty quickly and no one will be able to enjoy it.

  22. I’m so happy this new space has opened up. Great job, team (whoever you are)!

  23. Just got back from a run around the resverior…….and sure enough..DOGS. Running freely, piss;;;ing and shi;;;;ing everywhere. Its obvious certain owners either cant read or simply dont give a fat rats arse. Major drag, gotta get some serious signage up before it turns into SL reservoir dog park east.

  24. At least it’s open and green — and my daughter loves running around there. When the plants mature, it’ll only be nicer. But so far, we’re happy! Also, played there a few times so far and no dogs that we could see.

  25. Nice golf course but mid summer it might be too hot to play (or even just dawdle) as there is no shade. Assume benches, trees, and water fountains still forthcoming. Hope they put in parking meters everywhere along Silverlake drive. Parking revenue could finance the improvements.

  26. Silver Lake is the epicenter of entitled dog owners. I have a fenced yard for my dogs and take them on nightly walks, so I dont need to bring them EVERYWHERE I go.
    I saw more than a few dogs after work today on the “lawn”, but then again there are usually 4-5 dogs at the coffee shop too. It’ll quickly become a dog park without proper signage and enforcement

  27. A. The park is fab. We don’t need to be fancy. Give me a break.
    B. I like that it is as “blank” as it is. Makes it like a canvas.
    C. NO DOGS. I love ’em, but like many others do not want to hang in a poop/piss spotted park and would not bring my son to hang either.
    D. YES DOGS. You can walk your dog on the path, if I understand the signage.

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