One windy day too many for this Silver Lake tree

This afternoon’s strong winds were too much for a Silver Lake pine tree, which sent giant branches falling outside the front door of a bungalow in the 1400 block of Benton Way.  Tom O’Keefe who lives in the home said his wife, Molly, called him at about 4 p.m. to say she was trapped inside by the large branches block their front steps. It could have been worse, Tom said via email:

Our large tree finally couldn’t take anymore of this year’s wind bashing. Four large limbs in total … seems [they] had a domino effect downwards. All limbs missed the front of our home by a few feet and nobody was outside thankfully. My wife Molly did hear a loud bang and thought the house had been hit. The cleanup will cost us, but it’s a tiny fraction what it would have cost to rebuild our home. Feeling lucky.

Photo courtesy Tom O’Keefe


  1. Whoa! Hey, neighbors, glad this missed the house – whew! I’ve been dodging those damned palm fronds that are dropping from 100′ …

  2. A little dramatic, perhaps. His wife was “trapped”. Really?
    A tree that close of that size wouldnt destroy the house. Sounds like someone has a flair for the dramatic.

  3. Doug
    This was my house, my tree, my photo and my wife. If you knew me, or my wife, or if you were there you’d know something about it. If you’d like to visit our home I’ll show you our house on the hill with the steps that I had to climb over to access my home from the back garden. I will also show you the crack on our sidewalk only a few feet from our front door that the tree made . All the sap and bark marks outside the front door are still visible today. You are also welcome to meet my wife and I and seet how dramatic we are or you could just ask our neighbor who made the nice comment above. We can also show you the $800 receipt to remove the tree, the remaining stump and the other photos that weren’t published.
    One three foot section of one branch weighed 75Lbs.
    Four ten foot branches branches falling together…
    Well I know being in construction that that will badly hurt any 1920 Cali bungalow.
    Doug, we were very lucky that day.
    Take my word for it.
    Look after your neighbors.

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