Silver Lake bathing beauty

Lilac-colored tile trimmed in black makes for eye-opening bathroom decor. Let’s hope the buyers of this Silver Lake flip at 701 Micheltorena St. – now on the market for $698,000 after selling last fall for $450,000 – don’t rip out and replace the tile and fixtures for those all-glass shower stalls, slate floors and granite countertops. Lilac is lovely.

Photo from theMLS.com


  1. I like the lilac color also—they’ve done some nice work on this place (a friend used to live just up the street so I saw it often).
    I think that’s a bidet, not a WC, to the left in the photo–a nice upgrade!

  2. Very pretty house. Wish I was in the market for one last October when it sold for 365k though.

  3. OMG, it’s gorgeous. But… what weird space/time warp is causing houses to appreciate 30%/year in LA?

  4. I love this! I love colored toilets!

    It’s shocking how many homeowners have no vision and insist on taking bathrooms with character and making them so generic and blah with what you referenced: all-glass shower stalls, slate floors and granite countertops. Besides being boring now to anyone with taste, it’s gonna look very dated to everyone in a few years and will again need to be replaced with whatever’s stylish at the moment so as not to be a sad, early 21st-century joke. Why not preserve vintage details? They’ll always be classic and are different from the boringness so many people have in their homes.

  5. I agree with Zoe — except that that gouging, greedy markup is not 30% but 81%! These are the kind of sellers who create havoc on middle income people lives and serve to deprive them of housing. That’s not even a great location, right at Sunset Blvd. (and the homeless people living in the underpass there). This kind of gouging is repugnant.

  6. I love vintage pink/lilac bathroom fixtures! One of my dreams is to one day live in a house with a bathroom like this…

  7. holy moly!! that’s super amazing.

  8. Love the bathroom, grossed out by the greed!

  9. Greed? Did you take a look at the google street view? The place was a disaster when it was purchased last fall. It took some $$$ to bring this place back to it’s former glory. Not everyone wants to take on a project like that. Kudos to whoever did the job on this place. Hope you get close to your asking price.

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