Silver Lake Meadow rules leave dog owners growling

The new patch of parkland known as the Silver Lake Meadow opened earlier this month next to the Silver Lake reservoirs with several rules. Jogging, strolling and laying on the grass are Okay, but playing soccer, softball and other active sports are not. Not everyone is happy with the rules but it’s the ban on dogs that has attracted the most attention. No dogs – even those on a leash – can set their paws upon the grass or a walking path that courses through the fenced in meadow. That prohibition on pooches has prompted Jen Byrne, who has been involved with the nearby Silver Lake Dog Park and the Silver Lake Dog Park Association, to lead a campaign to allow dogs into the meadow – but remain on the path – and remove the “No Dogs” signs on the meadow gates. Byrne is calling on dog owners to voice their opinions about the policy tonight during a meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Reservoirs Complex Committee. Said Byrne via email:

Again – no one wants this area to become a lawless, poop-filled, off leash, icky dog area. But I should be able to walk through there with my dog, on a leash. Right?  If the feces that people aren’t picking up is the real issue – then that needs to be addressed. But not by prohibiting all dogs and their human companions from the park.

The committee meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. tonight in the Citibank conference room,  2450 Glendale Blvd. Click here for an agenda.


  1. Keep dogs out of there. There is ample space dedicated to dogs and their owners on the southern side of the reservoir.

  2. Ughhhhhhh, we already have a dog park! AND a path around the reservoir where one may walk their dogs!!

    Judging by all the “off the leash” controversy etc. I’ve been reading about lately, it sounds like people in LA need to reconsider whether it’s practical for them to own these dogs that need tons of space in the first place.

  3. I’m a dog owner and frankly I agree: KEEP THE DOGS OFF THE GREEN. there is a dog park exclusively for dogs less than 150 feet from the green, there is a path around the reservoir that is open to (and frequented by) dogs and their owners. not everybody likes dogs.

  4. I do not see anything wrong with not allowing dogs into the meadow….I actually like the idea. There are so many areas people and dogs can go to…this area accomadates dogs very well. I actually am a dog owner and lover of dogs and all animals…but in this situation I respect the meadow space for what it is and that is a relaxing spot for people.

  5. If dogs are allowed in the meadow it will become trashed. Dog owners know that, just tale a look at the path around the res. Dog shit EVERYWHERE ignored by seemingly busy runners/walkers.
    Children are all over the meadow, sans shoes, let them enjoy themselves without a footfull.
    Jen, you need a job, or a hobby, please…

  6. seriously? you are going to complain about having to walk on a path on one side of the meadow versus the other? what diff does it make? and you have your OWN PARK SPECIFICALLY FOR DOGS, btw. sheesh.

  7. there is already ample ample space for dogs to be walked (on the outside perimeter path of this meadow). There is also a large dog park on the other side of the reservoir, nearer the rec center. The inside perimeter grass and meadow is designated no pets and that is so people can walk barefoot and lie in the grass without worrying about dog feces.
    Please review the entire area before you write the article.

  8. (the tone of my comment was meant to be sassy in a funny way, not a jerk-y way, just FYI. mad love for dogs, but this is a silly thing to fight over)

  9. I am 100% for the dog-ban. As we learned from last month’s discussion about the problems with off-leash dogs in Elysian Park…many of the dog owners are not responsible and they are often more territorial than their animals. I think that the city is doing a good thing by disallowing dogs because it will completely prevent things from getting out of hand.

    I know that they will say that they will only stay on the path, but really…how long do we think that will last? Before you know it, Fido will be playing catch, chasing children and terrorizing old people while the owner stands there helplessly yelling after their mutt. Then they will act all offended when you call them on it…”Oh, it’s my baaaaby!”, they will say.

    Dogs have two uses: hunting and apprehension of suspects. Anything beyond this is mere frivolity.

    I oppose dogs in this area. We need a place where people can relax without having to worry about dog owners creating problems.

    Also, dogs poop. Owners are not 100% good about picking up.

  10. 1 – who decided that dogs aren’t allowed in there? Not the Meadow Advisory Committee that was set up by Garcetti’s office. Not LA’s municpal code.
    2 – so should dogless people be prohibited from the dog park? lots of people without dogs go there.
    3 – there’s an area next to the Silver Lake Rec center where dogs are already prohibited.
    4 – i pay my taxes just like everyone else. so just because i have a dog and walk around the reservoir, I don’t get to enjoy the new park that my taxes helped create?

  11. people pick up after their dogs in the dog area and it still stinks horribly. all the garbage cans around silverlake stink of dog feces, particularly in the high heat of the summer. can’t there be one place around the lake that is free of that? nobody wants to lay their head on a toilet, even if it has been flushed, no? why would anyone want to sit where some dog peed or took a crap, even if the owner picked up after it? egad. it’s common sense. leave some places for people and kids to enjoy feces-free.

  12. No need to get so crazy about comments that people shouldn’t own dogs in LA ( completely ignorant, irrelevant comment) and that dogs have only Two Uses ??? ( LOL) As a dog owner and a Silver Lake Blvd resident I agree with the dog ban. I guarantee that some dog owners will disrespect that area and will not clean up, just like they often do on the Blvd… Who will actually monitor the feces control…perhaps Ms. Byrne??? The dog park is sufficient….

  13. Coydog, I love you but I think that you are missing the point.

    Just because you pay taxes does not mean that you get to use everything that your taxes help to pay for. Do you get to sit on first grade classrooms? Ride along on the fire-trucks? Party down with police? Stay overnight at Guantanamo?

    No. You don’t.

    Same thing here. We live in a society – there are rules. You may not like them, but that does not mean that they are wrong. You are not entitled to everything. It’s easier to just set a basic rule of “No Dogs” rather than try to police every single dog owner to see if they are responsible. Now that is a waste of tax money – and that is exactly what you are advocating.

    The stance you take is anti-children and fiscally reckless, therefore I cannot abide.

    As people opposed, it is important that we all show up at this meeting. I will try to make it.

  14. Dog Beater II – funny, you missed my 1st 3 points.
    And we should all be ‘policing’ each other. You see something happening that’s not right, you should speak up! You see someone not picking up after their dog, say something. We should never get so lazy and dependent on the police or rangers. We all live here together and we should all be able to enjoy what the community has to offer.
    {btw, if i wanted to go through the red tape, yes, i could sit in on a 1st grade classroom, do a ride along with the fire dept & police dept, but would never want to stay a night a Guantanamo}

  15. Dogs have their own park already. Let families have a place where they can play on the grass without worrying about where they’re stepping.

  16. Add a vote for keeping dogs out of the meadow to this unofficial poll. I’m a block from the dog park and the number of people who run their dogs off-leash behind the community center and around that area are a notable. And, frankly, I’m not sure what the major draw of Jen Byrne’s wish to have your dog walk with you along a different dirt path inside the short fence is compared to walking along the path outside.

    To Coyog’s comment and similar ones, paying taxes does not give any of us blanket access to every facility in the world paid by those taxes. Parking restrictions, cruising laws and the such are a part of our generally ordered society. Is it such a painful infringement of your civil rights that there is one patch of grass in Silverlake where people don’t have to sit in your pet’s waste? Plenty of beaches have the same restrictions and they rarely have the supreme convenience of, not one but, two dog parks a few blocks away.

  17. So you’re saying that the burden of policing dogs should not be on the owners, but the other people who choose to use the park? What about the dog owners who are violent? You want the rest of the bear the load – instead of enjoying the park with our loved ones we have to chase down dog owners. Appalling.

    This is unfair, antisocial and lowers the living standards for everyone. Do the dogs really care that much? Do you really want to put the needs of dogs above the needs of children and the elderly? If this is the America that we are living in, then we have problems.

  18. coydog…you made an excellent point “we all live here together and we should all be able to enjoy what the community has to offer” people pay taxes, not dogs…when dogs start paying taxes they can petition all they want to be let into the meadown rightfully so…until then we’ll see them in the dogpark or walking the many beautiful paths available to them.

  19. No dogs in the Meadow! I am a dog owner and I know that lawns for lounging do NOT mix with dogs a’pooping — especially in a barefoot-friendly area. There are plenty of places for dog already at the reservoir and in this city and the two nearby large urban parks — Griffith and Elysian.

  20. HERE’S THE BIG IDEA: You can pick up all the feces you can as a dog owner, but the “residue” is still left behind. And you can’t pick up dog urine.

    Let there be ONE park in the world where children and adults can sit down, lay down, or walk around without shoes where the grass has never been tainted with dog feces or urine.

  21. “Dog owners know that, just tale a look at the path around the res. Dog shit EVERYWHERE ignored by seemingly busy runners/walkers.”

    I run the path everyday with my dog, and pick up after it. I’m very sensitive to other people not doing the same, having got into a huge argument with a neighbor about it just last week.

    But I can’t agree with your comment. I think people are being pretty good on the path about picking up dog shit.

  22. If you guys want a sterile place . Don’t allow food and drinks. Move to Orange County. This is Silver Lake. Lived here all my life. This is a community that embraces everyone two legged and four legged. If dog owners are told the rules about dogs only on path inside the meadow and only on leash. Give them the benifit of the dought. and let them also enjoy this area.

  23. Dog owners had the right to have their concerns known in the planning of this park years ago. It was not done in secret.

    You have your own dog “park”.

  24. I have two dogs that I love dearly but not everyone else loves them nor do I expect them to. My dogs love the dog park and I enjoy taking them there but I also enjoy dog-free time with my family & friends and welcome this clean fresh smelling area as a respite. This is just fine with me and I am sure my two dogs will be able to deal with it as well. They managed to survive just fine all these years (3 and 5 respectively) with no meadow and anyway would much prefer I not stop there but keep on walking so they can see their friends at the dogs park. A much bigger issue for me would be to try to get some grass/foliage (maybe in raised boxes?) and more shade at the dog park.

  25. Before Ms. Byrne and dog owners start thinking about bringing their poop-y pooches into the new meadow they should clean up/maintain/de-odorize their adjacent dog park. Until they show they can manage that “lawless, poop-filled, off leash, icky dog area” they should STFU and stay out of this pristine ne area.

  26. rj you missed the point this was voted on at many meadow park advisory board meetings and it was decided to allow dogs only on the path inside the meadow and only on leash.

  27. Another dog owner for a dog-free meadow.

  28. Libertad ~ see those 10 new trees in the dog park? I got them planted there. See those 3 shade structures in the dog park? I got them built. See all the pooper-scoopers in the dog park? I got them donated.
    And soon, you will see 10 MORE trees planted in the dog park and hopefully some shade sails hung up as well.
    So…things are getting done there. You want that park to be better? well, then please jump in ’cause gosh knows I’ve been doing this a long time without much help – and do you have ANY IDEA what it’s like battling the City to get SOMETHING done? If you don’t, then please hold your comments to yourself. (or…STFU.)
    And please don’t EVER take someone’s statements out of context and make them mean something completely different.

  29. Is there any way to enforce this no dog policy? Will the police ever be there to hand out tickets? That’s really the only way to get people to keep their dogs out of the park. If there’s a visible presence it will dissuade the blatant entitlement that so many people in this city seem to use in justification of their selfish actions. If there’s no way to police this, we’ll have a constant stream of people walking their dogs through, oblivious to the signs all together or just ignoring them, letting their dogs shit all over this place. On the rare occasion that they’re confronted, they’ll feign ignorance or get confrontational. What they won’t do is stop their behavior.

    I’m all for keeping dogs out of the meadow. But we, sadly, have to be realistic in our expectations of people.

  30. I cannot attend the meeting but hopefully someone will pull all these comments up on their hand held device to show the opposition to having dogs allowed in the meadow. I too am a dog owner but do not feel that my dog has to be allowed everywhere. Keep the meadow dog free!

  31. Please keep the dogs out of the meadow. I walk around the reservoir several times a week, and I have never managed to get around without spotting several piles of dog poop left behind. If all you dog owners can manage to clean up after your dogs outside the meadow for a month, maybe we can revisit this issue. However, so long as some of you insist of leaving piles of crap on the walking paths, you are not allowed to argue you would all clean up after your animals inside the meadow. You have already proven this is not true by your behavior in the rest of the city. I don’t try to have a picnic in the dog park, why can’t you just walk your dog outside the fence? What is the big deal?

  32. its a fine line between the path and the grass, and we all know dog owners will cross it. and then, bam! shit on the lawn. keep the dogs out.

  33. I have 3 dogs. I enjoy the dog park, yet i agree that the Meadows area should be dog free. There are plenty of areas around the Reservoir for dog. The sense of entitlement sometimes astounds me.

  34. I own 2 dogs and agree that I don’t feel my dog and I are entitled to be all places all the time. If I want to enjoy time with my dog, I will go to the dog park or a walk around the resevoir. If I want to relax by myself or with friends, I will go lay in the grass at this meadow. I too dont’ feel like laying in dog urine soaked grasses, and as much of a dog lover I am. I know all too well how many idiot dog owners there can be. I climb the stairs at the Baldwin Hills scenic overlook sometimes where there is a sign that says “No Dogs” and people still bring their dogs there occasionally. Just follow the stupid rules people. The whole taxes things is a silly argument too. You can still enjoy the meadow on your own. No one is stopping you, and no dog owner should feel that there dog should be allowed in ever single recreational area.

  35. As a dog lover and guardian to two of our own, I think Jen Byrne’s a tremendous asset to the community and the dog park. But I don’t agree with opening up the meadow path to dogs, and will walk mine outside of the meadow perimeter even if the ban is removed.

  36. I am glad to see that we have reached agreement here. That said, how are we going to make our opinions known at this meeting? I don’t want the opinions of a vocal minority to overcome the interests of the community! I may or may not be able to make it, and I am concerned.

  37. What a bunch of selfish tight ass A-holes. First of all not everyone who has a dog goes to dog park. most of the people who use dog park don’t even live in the neighbohood. So people who have decided to give a dog a home and like to walk it in their own neighborhood can’t walk through this meadow place. Just shut up You suck.

  38. Glad to see dog owners above say ‘dog free space is okay by them.’ Nods to your pooch for raising a good owner.

    I think the small dog thing is out of control, people driving with tiny things on their chest, c’mon.

    Worst was lady at Theatricum Botanicum I saw during a show, brought her dog into theatre in purse. Ladies and gents, understand you have misplaced parental urges but some of us like a clean lawn w/no worries.

  39. Darrell,
    I think you’re out of control. I don’t appreciate these hipster parents that insist on taking their little brats to nice restaurants and think is’s cute to let them scream and run around all over the place. But, hey that’s life in the big city. So now why can’t a senior citizen who has lived here all their life not be able to take a walk with their companion through this” sacred” place so as to not upset these hipster parents who want to watch their kids “froclic”.

  40. I meant “frolic”

  41. Confess I used to froclic, but that was the Sixties.

  42. Please keep the meadow free of dogs! I love dogs but think that they belong in the dog park or walking around the reservoir. A few negligent dog owners can ruin the whole experience for those of us who enjoy the serenity of the meadow, and the lack of dog pee and poop odor that is abundant near the dog park.

  43. Wow, nothing gets readers of this site more fired up than an issue about dogs. I’m surprised by all the vitriol that gets unleashed whenever someone sees poop on the sidewalk.

    @Dogbeater – There are several valid reasons to own a dog in the city. My main reason is that my dog is the best Home Security System that money can buy. He’s scared off plenty of prowlers and allows my wife to feel comfortable taking strolls in our neighborhood by herself at night. Plus, he’s a great companion and is constantly showing how much he appreciates us rescuing him from the pound.

    Of course I will not be taking him to the Meadow. It’s nice to have an open place in this part of town that is dog free and I certainly don’t feel the need to take my pooch everywhere I go.

  44. @Border Dude – as I am a reasonable person, I am willing to concede my prior point. Dogs do have uses besides hunting and suspect apprehension. I was a little bit short-sighted. Please accept my apologies.

    Otherwise, it is good to see that we are on the same team.

    Also want to give a shout to DarrellKuni – don’t let that fecally-named little brat get you down, brother.

    Oh, and new rule: anyone who says anything to the effect of “I have lived here all my life” can be safely ignored. Totally irrelevant and typically the commenter has no clue what they are talking about. The length of time that you have lived “here” only has value to the extent that it contributes something meaningful to the discussion.

  45. I’m okay with the ban. I take my four-legged friend everywhere but one look at the lack of turf in the Silver Lake dog park and you have to agree that the meadow will be a big patch of dirt if dogs are permitted.

  46. To send an email to the entire Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board, send an email (with a link t this comment page) to:


  47. Can’t wait for the “No Children” or “No baby stroller” sign. When do we get those???

  48. Love love love my dog but also love a dog free zone for my kids. Gotta agree about keeping dogs out. Dog owners really don’t seem thoughtful enough to clean up after their dogs most of the time, and everyone suffers.

  49. but I don’t think they should be allowed. does anyone remember when the dog park had a lawn? it’s gone now from all of the dogs peeing and running on it. same thing will happen to the meadow if they are allowed. no one really wants to hang out in a dust bowl do they?

  50. please keep dogs out of the meadow. even if owners pick up after their dogs, the grass will eventually become a nasty crappy-piss laden field.

  51. It’s great to see how wide the agreement is that, with all the options that are fortunately available in Silver Lake, dogs don’t belong on the Silver Lake Meadow. Yes, there’s been a bit of grumbling about it, but the enthusiastic embracement of having a kid-safe lawn is undeniable.

    IF dog people feel that their desire to have dogs on that space is more important than providing a healthy and safe place for kids (and adults!) to play, then that should be said outright. Then let that opinion stand or fall on its merits.

  52. I love my dog, but I don’t need to take him everywhere. I say, let the dogs enjoy the dog park, and let’s keep the meadow dog-free for children. As for taxes, I’ve paid a few. Probably more than most. But, you see, I’m sterile. I’ll never get to use my tax dollars via the public schools. I’ll probably never have to use public transportation, since I have a driver. I’ll never have to use a lot of things for which I pay taxes, but I don’t mind, especially if others benefit or can use the services.

    I love the meadow, a lawn for the neighborhood. It makes the already iconic Reservoir even more of a living, breathing part of this neighborhood. Why? Because people use it. The people here are what make this neighborhood so wonderful, and now we have a shared space where we can run into neighbors and friends other than Trader Joe’s or waiting for a table at Gingergrass.

    I was on the meadow the other day. I looked over the water, with the wind restless, like some sort of atmospheric incantation. Next to me, a father was showing his 4 year-old how to put on a baseball glove. For a moment, I was 4 again, the water was the Sound, the meadow was Belle Haven, and I was having a moment on that crisp spring day that Fitzgerald would have never allowed.

  53. A dog onetime went #2 on my Grannys grass, I confronted said dog and it new karate, do not trust these dogs, they seem furry but deep down they are trained in karate and other such martial arts, they will someday make a coup to run the whole silverlake area, this, I know…
    thank you…

  54. Finally a place for us cat people. Down with dogs!

  55. “Can’t wait for the “No Children” or “No baby stroller” sign. When do we get those???”

    When children/baby strollers pissing or shitting all over the grass becomes a problem. That’s when.

    It’s the same argument over smoking. I’m not trying to stop you from smoking. I could give a shit. I just don’t want to breathe your smoke.

  56. When did Silver Lake turn into Romper Room? Silver Lake was home to the LBGT movement. Where every one, regardless of who they were, was celebrated. WTF. People stand up for yourselves. Don’t let the breeders take over. Some of us are still around and if we want to walk through the F*** meadow with our children who maybe 4 legged we have the right to.

  57. I’m an LBGT person with a dog and children. Love my dog. And I’ve been in SL forever. I still don’t want dogs on the meadow. Yes, the argument for safety and cleanliness for children has been made here, but let’s face it, people of all ages and sexual orientations/identities, many of them dog owners and lovers, don’t want to be sitting or relaxing on dog shit and dog pee. People of all ages and sexual orientations don’t want the space and grass ruined. In this case, the dog ban just makes sense. Hard to argue with a good policy.

  58. No dogs !

    want to enjoy the grass go for a walk on your own.

    Want to take your dog ? go to the dog park.

    Not everything is for you.

  59. Just sent an email thanking the SLNC Board for not allowing dogs in the meadow. Perhaps everyone who is in agreement should do the same, if this is to be an issue.

    Regarding my earlier comment (#2) about reconsidering having a large dog in Los Angeles, what I meant is that when you adopt a pet, any pet, you have to consider the animal’s needs vs. what is available to you. It’s not realistic to already have the dog, and then start griping about how there aren’t enough open spaces/you can’t take it everywhere with you/etc. It’s just a pretty backwards way of doing things, no? Btw, I am also referencing these discussion in the past, re. Elysian Park etc.

  60. If I understand correctly, SL guy wouldn’t be here without “breeders”.

    Your dog’s not a person.

  61. Unless he’s worried about “Cannonball”

  62. Alexis,
    You really don’t get it. Maybe I really don’t like screaming kids. Too bad for me. That’s what you have to deal with if you live in a diverse community. Why did you move to Silver Lake? Did you move here because it discriminates againts people who may be different then yourself. I say No kids in the meadow. They make too much noise. Isn’t it supposed to be “a quite place”

  63. The real issue is that all people dont take care of their animals and pick up after them. Many do look after their pets, but most of the laws in this country are made for the lowest common denominator. In this case its the irresponsible dogs owners.
    And even the most awesome dog owner still hasnt figured a way to clean up their dogs urine.
    I have 2 dogs and there are SO MANY places I can walk them, I dont need to have them in the meadow. I think Jen needs a hobby, a clue and a map of LA so she can see the other 4 million places she can walk her dog.

  64. Maybe I really just don’t get it, but I do get that if we accept the truth that dogs are not people, no one is being discriminated against. As I understand the rule, if you own a dog you’re still allowed to enjoy the meadow, you just can’t bring you dog. It’s not hard to figure out.

    And yes SL, kids are loud. You nailed it. I moved to Silver Lake to be nearer meadows that allow children but not dogs.

  65. yes, Alexis, you do NOT get it. A heck of a lot of people ONLY walk around the reservoir with their dog(s). So….just because they have a dog, they can’t WALK THROUGH this “Meadow” aka a CITY PARK??

    But y’all are missing the point….there is a Municipal Code (63.44) that states that dogs, on a leash, (not more than 6 feet – so all those with the extendable leashes are in violation of this) are allowed in City parks….there are currently TWO exceptions…and one of those is in the park around the Silver Lake Rec Center. (look it up yourself!)
    There is no exception to this LAW for this “Meadow”….so…the signs that are currently there, are WRONG.

    Additionally, community members who participated in the Meadow Advisory Board to ‘advise’ the Councilman’s office about this “Meadow” VOTED, on behalf of the community, to allow dogs, on leashes, on the path…then out of the BLUE, this VOTE was IGNORED and the signs were put up…..HUH????

    If you had gone to the meeting last night, you would have learned this….

    What if I go and put up a sign that says No Blond Men Over 6 Feet Allowed. Or No Person Who Drives a Honda allowed ??? To me, it’s just as random.

    People worry about poop and urine…and that is a worry —- but are we to start doing DNA testing on the poop left on the grass? There’s (luckily) still some coyotes that enjoy the “Meadow” after the bipeds have left. They poop and pee too, ya know !
    And what about some 3 year old’s vomit? I don’t wanna put my blanket down on that !!! But that happens too, ya know !
    We live in a FRACKIN’ CITY — get over it ! We all have to live together in harmony — and that means SHARE the rare open spaces.

    GEEEZ !

  66. Lauren ~ the SLNC had NOTHING to do with this decision.
    see my post above.

  67. Those signs are against the current city code. You all suck. Do you really want your noisey kids to grow up in a community that says this is for kids and this over here is for animals. This is ass backwards, if we have evolved at all as humans who know that we all (animals and human animals ) must find a way to co-exsist if the earth is to survive. Shame on you.

  68. @Coyodog – Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I got confused. At any rate, I would like them to know that I, as a Silver Lake resident, support the policy remaining in place.

    To those comparing kids’ and dogs’ right to be in certain areas, there are plenty of places kids aren’t allowed either. Granted they’re usually private property, like movie theaters, but still. It’s not “discrimination”, it’s rules made for a reason.

    Example: “No dogs in the brand new park because we would like to keep it clean so people can feel comfortable lying in the grass and there are other places for them” AND “no children under the age of 4 at this opera because the tickets cost $100+ and a screaming child could easily ruin the theater-goer’s experience.”

    See?? Those are fair decisions made for the benefit of the majority. No, it may not seem fair to YOU that you can’t bring your kid to the opera and you have to get a baby sitter, or that you can’t bring your dog to every single place you go to, but that’s how it is when you live in a society.

  69. Coydog makes some good points.

    At the meeting last night, this was discussed. But like here on this blog, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the attendees agreed with the ban on dogs in the Meadow. Many if not most of those who supported the current ban of dogs on the meadow are dog owners; they made that clear at the meeting. Also, a father even came in with his child and couldn’t stay, but let his objection to dogs in the Meadow be known through a SLNC member. A few people brought up the issue of the Meadow Advisory Board, and Coydog is correct. To cite him/her . . . the Advisory board “advises” the Councilman’s office. There seemed to be a lot of items that the Advisory Board discussed that got lost/misinterpreted between the time they were discussed and when the park was finally constructed. For example, the plantings that are at the meadow now are not what was discussed or “advised” (there was a native plant expert, who is also a Silver Lake resident, at the meeting last night who has volunteered her time to help improve sustainable planting at the meadow. She was great!). Also, there are supposed to be seating areas, benches placed there, too.

    As all of us can see, this space, which thus far is a huge success, is a work in progress. What isn’t working should be reconsidered, but what is working should continue to be the policy. It seems the majority of residents of Silver Lake feel like the dog ban in the meadow is how it should work. It’s clear in this forum, and it was clear at the meeting.

    The meeting attendees voted to recommend to the larger Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to get clarification on what was “advised” by the Advisory Board regarding the dogs. Though, again, the vast majority of the attendees were focused, rightfully so, on getting the policy that’s working best solidified rather than on clarification on the workings of the Advisory Board.

    If you like the dog ban, please send an email to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Councilman LaBonge, and Councilman Garcetti. Voice your SUPPORT of the existing dog park and the “no dogs” designation in the meadow. Also, please request that the same Municipal Code (that Coydog helpfully mentioned) that is in place and establishes the grassy area near the Reservoir Recreational Center as dog-free, is applied to the meadow, in support of what is clearly what most people want now that they’ve been to and experienced the open space. There is an existing dog park, there is an exterior path adjacent to the meadow that is open to dogs in addition to the entire perimeter of the Reservoir; is it more important to accommodate those with dogs who feel it’s inconvenient to take the exterior path right next to the meadow than to keep the meadow clean, safe, and kid-friendly?


  70. Oh . . . Email links to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and to Councilmen LaBonge and Garcetti are listed in my previous post, for your convenience. Thanks, Eastsider for being such a great forum for the community!

  71. Me O’ SL — how many people read theeastsiderla.com? do you know? i do. because i asked.
    in March there were over 26,000 unique readers….so, you think that the # of people who commented here is a good representation of the community?
    mmmmm, yeah…..i don’t think so !
    Additionally, how many stakeholders are there out there that DO NOT read theeastsiderla.com ????? Many, i’m sure !
    Give me your email addy and I’ll forward to you the scores of email I got from people who support opening the PATH in the MEADOW to humans with their leashed dogs. People who clearly don’t read this blog nor could make it last night.
    The reason why the clarification is needed is because the SLRC totally over-ruled what was voted on by the Advisory Board. And then quickly made signs and put them up. WTF?
    And as the SLRC reps there last night noted, the native planting was something that they learned was something that ‘will come’ as the City saw this ‘opening’ to be on a timeline with a specific ‘due date’ — and so, the City did what they could do in order to get the place opened by the date someone had pre-determined.

    this is all pretty amusing, if you think about it. People now complain of dog feces in the “meadow’ even though dogs aren’t allowed there — people complain of dogs in the Silver Lake Rec Center area, even though dogs aren’t allowed there…….so much COMPLAINING !!!!!

    why not just accept that SL is great community that loves dogs – and figure out how to make it work for all in all places ???? otherwise, y’all will never be happy, and will always be angry. Don’tcha know that being angry all the time will shorten your life?
    Why don’t you adopt a shelter dog ? that will help lower your blood pressure, and that would definitely help ya !

  72. Lauren ~ um…yeah…you can’t compare private spaces to public spaces….you just can’t. private people/corps have a completely different set of rules to follow.
    So…that’s all i’m gonna say…..your post is invalid.
    nice try though, and thanks for playing !

    if you would like to open a PRIVATE grassy park and prohibit dogs from the space — -then … go … right … ahead ! and the force be with you !

  73. I do accept that SL is a great community that loves dogs. We agree on that. Thank god, the dogs have the dog park dedicated completely for them. Thank god, the dogs have access to the entire 2+ miles of the path. All those dog owners and pet owners at the meeting last night who supported the dog ban are part of this great community that loves dogs. All those dog owners that really saw the importance of focusing on making the meadow best for the community. I knew Silver Lakers were a smart, visionary bunch!

    The SLRC fought to open the meadow to the public. Why are you trying to create controversy when there really is none? You will make people conclude that there is a small number of people who just aren’t happy with the meadow even existing and opening to the public and who will throw anything at it to spoil it for the rest of the community. As opposed to supporting a policy that a majority of the community supports, as seen here and at the meeting. It’s open. It’s a hit. Accept it. Move on. Several people at the meeting last night mentioned how they were also opposed to the meadow even opening, but how enthusiastic about it they are now. If you were one of them, come on over! Get in the meadow, take off your shoes, wiggle your toes, interpret a cloud, watch the ripples in the water. Finally, someplace where we can just plop down and relax at the Reservoir!

    I also agree with you that anger is bad for your health. How about yoga in the meadow?

    Here are those email links again. Thanks, Eastsider!


  74. Golly Gosh, its a small park people in a location that was originally meant to be strictly a RESERVOIR.

    If you have a dog:
    1) go run with it around the lake for 2 + mile
    2) go play with it at the dog park (the only few of its kind in this area)
    3) go visit the rest of L.A. with your dog (400 plus square mile city, and people are offended that < .1 miles is reserved for pedestrians)

    4) Chillax and enjoy the privileged community of Silver Lake

  75. P.S. some parts of L.A. don’t have it as good as Silver Lake, so take that into account.

  76. Ummmm, yah, i think the dog owners know what they’re talking about! I for one don’t own a dog but I take a shit pretty much wherever I want, I pay taxes! I’ve lived on the Eastside for alomost 8 months and remember when hipsters and breeders! If you don’t like dog shit and piss on everything you should move to Beverly hills, OOh la la! This is Silver Lake and our dogs make us VERY RELAXED! Why don’t you try wrap your heads around that! MMMMM. …Yeah. I don’t think SOOOOOO!

  77. By way of a bit of historical perspective, it’s funny how things flip. Way back in the last century when I lived in Encino before, during and after the installation of the dog park that now stands on Victory Boulevard in the Sepulveda Basin, there was an aggressively vocal contingent of residents and stakeholders during its planning stages who were veritably pop-eyed over the concept of such a prime and large slice of recreational space being devoted to a use by little more than the dog-owning segment of the population. They argued pretty aggressively that a dedicated dog park benefited the few to the detriment of the many.

    Now here in Silver Lake a space has been carved out to be of benefit to the many against the few in large part because both a dedicated dog park exists a half mile away AND there’s a dog-accessible path bordering the meadow. But regardless, we have commenters here who are as enraged as the aforementioned anti-dog parkers, and unblinkingly and in all seriousness place the meadow dog ban on the same level as one that would prohibit access to people because of certain physical attributes or the make of car they drive?

    That’s amazing.

  78. Kids ,kids,kids
    Can’t we all just get along ?
    How bout we share
    How an On/Off for the dogs by the month or months
    So we dont’t forget~ a color coded sign at the perimeter indicating who has use in that block of time ?

  79. I rarely run at the reservoir for several reasons, one being the dog shit. I have stepped in it every time. And the “meadow? It’s really just a nice patch of grass. And perhaps one that will stay shit-free. Not such a big deal for the runners, but it is a decent place for a picnic with the kids.

  80. Coydog, thanks again. Your last comment to Lauren regarding a “PRIVATE” park reminded me of something.

    Here’s a little more history on the meadow park. The SLRC (Silverlake Reservoir Conservancy) fought to open the meadow to the public. They also supported the creation of the pedestrian paths around the reservoir, giving pedestrians a place to walk other than the street.

    The group “Silver Lake Friends and Neighbors” which eventually morphed into “Save the Meadow” were opposed to the opening of the meadow to the public. At one point it was reported that Silver Lake Friends and Neighbors suggested that the park be open only to certain residents of Silver Lake, essentially creating a private park. They also opposed the creation of the pedestrian paths around the reservoir.

    The dispute between SLRC and SLFN/Save the Meadow was quite public and nasty.

    Now, this new committee of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has been formed: the Reservoir Complex Committee. It should be no surprise to anyone that these two factions were represented at the meeting.

    In my opinion, those who were in Friends and Neighbors/Save the Meadow generally will disagree with anything that the Conservancy does or suggests. Fortunately, at this inaugural meeting of the Reservoir Complex Committee, the conversation was not so contentious. But despite overwhelming support for the dog ban by dog owners and stakeholders, there was a small number of people who wanted to focus on the Advisory process which created suggestions that were not set in stone.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if people who never even wanted the meadow to open to the public, who wanted to create a private park, who wanted to exclude the public from the meadow, who fought the creation of the wildly successful pedestrian paths, are now complaining about exclusion of dogs?

    By the way, the creation of the dog park was and remains controversial. I wonder how many of those now fighting for dogs to be in the meadow were opposed to that, too?

    Here are those email links again. Thanks, Eastsider!


  81. The whole set of regulations for that space is just nazi. Who is in charge here?
    No sports??????
    What’s a park for, then? What is this counsel of passive agressive, self righteous, badly aged 1990’s hipsters dictating how public spaces should be used in our community.

    Call it Gestapo Meadow

  82. For years dogs have had their park in Silver Lake. Finally humans are being recognized as a species that deserves a park as well. Well done, Silver Lake!

  83. Yes, it is Gestapo meadow, and that was the plan. We are encouraged to see throngs of Arian master race youth marching in lockstep to the drumbeat of their SS fathers, learning military precision drill exercises such as kite flying, rolling in the grass, playing catch with the demanding parents, even napping on the grass. This has occurred as loyal adults have engaged in supportive activities including still meditation, reading, and yoga. Next: installation of SHOWERS and mass graves.

  84. why does no one respond to the FACT that there is ALREADY a legally mandated area by the Silver Lake Rec center that is OFF LIMITS to dogs — where there is a playground for children and a wonderful grassy knoll for picnic-ers and a soccer field and picnic tables available ???

    this is all just wildly amusing to me!

  85. @Coydog

    Hahaha, my post is ‘invalid’?? Okay teacher! I would say that comparing human rights to dog rights is probably a little less ‘valid’ of an argument, but I guess you’re just *right* no matter what, so why bother trying to make a logical argument, or point out how there are laws or policies (public vs. private) limiting entry to certain areas for certain reasons?

    “if you would like to open a PRIVATE grassy park and prohibit dogs from the space — -then … go … right … ahead ! and the force be with you !”

    Guess what Coydog, there already IS a grassy park where dogs are prohibited, and it’s called the Silver Lake Meadow! Since you have such a problem with it, why don’t you take your own advice and create a private dog park? There is nothing in California State Law OR the city municipal code that states that dogs have to be allowed in all public places, with the exception of service dogs. NOTHING. Why don’t you move to the countryside if you can’t deal with it? When you choose to adopt a dog, did you REALLY think that it would be allowed to go into any outdoor public space with you?? Why aren’t you campaigning to have dogs on the beach?

    Re. Above remark – no one is responding to that because dogs ARE in that area all the time, even though is isn’t allowed, and people are sick and frigging tired of not having a single green space to relax without dogs! Did it ever occur to you that some people are actually allergic to them? Do we really need to waste more tax payer money to enforce the dog laws in yet another area?? Jesus, dogs are cool but their owners can be a real pain!

  86. I don’t like kids. Sorry but it’s true . They make noise, they drool , they are sticky, you can’t have a meaningful conversation with them . I would rather have peace and quite. so let’s ban all kids below the age of 12 from this place so I can meditate.

  87. Coydog, I did respond to that.

    I’m encouraging all Silver Lakers to contact the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and Councilmen Garcetti and LaBonge to support the dog ban on the meadow and to request that the same dog ban at the grassy area near the Rec Center be applied to the meadow.

    Adolf, I agree that the comparisons to the Gestapo and Nazis are absurd.

    Here are those email links again. Thanks, Eastsider!


  88. A Giant Corporation

    Here’s the deal. I would like to dump toxic waste here – since I pay taxes (admittedly less due to loopholes) I have the right to. At least that is what some of you people are saying…

    I am glad to see that amorality is not limited to corporate sector. Dog owners often exhibit the same unbridled greed and willingness to trample on the weak as me and my cronies do.

  89. @A Human

    Children aren’t dogs.  Per psychologists meaningful communication with children starts quite early in life.  People of all ages drool.  Few people of any age dig up grass, lift their leg up/squat to piss or take a dump in the middle of a walk in public.  If a kid did that, a parent would be embarrassed.  When a dog does that, some dog owners here sound like think it’s part of their civil rights. Why meditate when it’s clear your mind is already clear of all thought and focused on the self?

    Write all the reasons you hated your childhood, write what you want to all the people who made you hate it.  Tears are okay.  Go out to the desert alone, cry some more.  Scream, let it all out. Then burn the letters in a metal bucket and say goodbye to that childhood.  Then come back to the meadow and we’ll all be waiting for you to give you a big hug.  Maybe a pile of kids hugging the new you. Then we’ll walk with you over to the dog park and the dogs can sniff your ass.

  90. HELLO HELLO, Speaking for my Dog Mr. Skippy – he just wants to walk on the PATH AROUND THE LAWN not run free in the meadow. He is not a Dog park kind of canine but he would enjoy walking with his master around the park. We have discussing this and he understand the meadow and not turning it into a dog park – the little guy just want to walk on his leash around the path. He reminded me that there is a WHOLE PARK at the end of the lake for family and dogs are not allowed. He gets it and he is only a dog. Why do these family feel entitled to have the Rec. Center / play yard and all of the meadow. WE JUST WANT TO WALK ON THE PATH.

  91. In terms of allowing dogs in some portion of the park (or the Rec Center-side park), things tend towards the lowest common denominator and the absolute baseline of behavior. While most owners are conscientious, it only takes a few unleashed dogs/careless owners to change things. This is the ‘tyranny of the commons.’ In theory the meadows could be a sanctuary with dogs allowed, but in practice these things typically go the other way.

    In truth, I’m really failing to understand the pro-dog POV. There is a dog park nearby, and there’s also a path circling the reservoir where dogs are allowed. Not to mention that dogs can be walked on any sidewalk. The Rec. Center Park is a free for all, and whatever rules aren’t enforced (or even enforceable). Is it too much to ask for one park that’s solely for humans?

    In the end, tax dollars often go to things some don’t use, whether dog park, human park, public school, halfway house. The question is, as a community, deciding what we have and what we need. I just don’t see how dog owners aren’t already served by the public spaces in Silverlake.

  92. @Wake Up S.L.

    While your up, why don’t you read. Your argument’s been answered many times by fellow dog owners. What SL should wake up to is that this is all being stirred up by the same folks that never wanted the space open. Hate the idea then, hate it now.  Just don’t like it. Gotta commend their passion of throwing all but the kitchen sink at it. That’s next tho with endangered gravel in the parking lot, farting hippies impacting air quality, and French tourists not tying their wool sweaters properly over their shoulders tantamount to sheep abuse.  But its a park for Christ’s sake, not a 12 story condo with street level marijuana dispensary adjacent to a boutique potato chip restaurant called “Mun Cheez”.  That’s going up behind Cha Cha. 

  93. But I WANNA bring my dog with me!! It isn’t FAIR!!! MOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!
    Somebody’s not letting me walk my dog everywhere I want!!!!!!!!!!

    sob sob, huff huff.

  94. I have two dogs that I walk daily. One pees and poops on walks, the other one never ever does. I akwats walk them both on leash and always clean up after Mr. Poopy takes a dump. That being said, I have no problem w/my dogs (any dogs) not being allowed in the meadow, it’s no big deal.

    As others have pointed out: 1) People can’t keep their damn dogs on leash – AS IS THE LAW – in Elysian Park and 2) Don’t clean up after their damn dogs (on leash or off leash) AS IS THE LAW – in Elysian Park…what makes anyone think people will follow the rules in the meadow? To believe that they will follow the rules in the meadow, is truly delusional.

  95. If @coydog is Jen Byrne, I’m pretty disappointed with the some of the comments made here: “your comment is invalid, thanks for playing”
    WTF does that mean? Not professional at all. I’m a dog owner and I think the person who is looked to as a leader for the dog parks and dog owners needs to step it up a bit and be a bit more pro.

  96. “…does anyone remember when the dog park had a lawn? it’s gone now from all of the dogs peeing and running on it.”

    The End.

  97. silverlake walker

    I am not offended by the signs. The grassy area by the Rec Center has no dog signs but that lawn is a mine field. I always cringe when I see the exercise folks stretching and doing push ups there – ew!
    If the meadow is trying to actually create a true dog pee and poop free area for folks – amen and good luck! i love my dogs and neighbor’s dogs too. I just see the huge amunt of pee and poop left on the grass and path..

  98. In case dog owners haven’t noticed…there are TWO dog parks right down the street! The reason dogs aren’t allowed in the Meadow is because its a place designated for family picnics, yoga, laying out, etc… Who wants to sit around in smelly dog poop and pee? There is a WHOLE 3 miles of space for dogs at the reservoir…a tiny patch of grass where they’re not allowed is not going to kill anyone.

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